Powerful Angel Invocation

As a professional intuitive, I have been giving a variety of readings to clients for years.  At first I offered tarot and clairvoyant readings and have since added different sorts of channeled readings as well.  It wasn’t until recently, however, that I actually became interested in working with angels within my own life and within the channeled readings I provided to my clients.  This interaction has changed the dynamic of my life and my readings almost completely.  Angelic energy is the strongest, most heightened vibration or frequency with which I’ve ever come into contact, and I encourage all people to make contact with their own angels. Angels can work in our lives on every level, providing us with the much needed information and positive guidance we need, when we need it the most.

In order to help you make contact with your angels, below I’ve provided an instructional (audio) video which will equip you with a highly powerful invocation used to summon and bring in your personal angels.  Please know that it works and when you do this invocation, something will happen.

Make sure to follow the instructions as closely to the letter as possible and then get ready to change the course of your life.


About Crystal

Crystal Anne Compton is a certified intuitive reader, writer, and teacher of metaphysics. Click here to order an intuitive reading.
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  4. richmond says:

    Can it be sent to me in my mail ,I mean the invocations because I can not get access to hearing it due our network problems in Ghana

  5. Crystal says:

    Hm, not sure. I am out of town right now but will check to see if I have the audio file on my computer somewhere. You can’t play youtube?

  6. Joe says:

    I was wondering which angels answer to this invocation? Can it be any angel, or perhaps only your guardian angel? Can this ever be over-used, or will angels always come when beckoned? I find this interesting, so I tried it yesterday. I think that it might have worked, but I need to keep testing this, hence my questions.

    I watched a couple of your youtube videos yesterday, and find you quite sincere. You seem very honest and radiate goodness. Your video on the Oiuja board was informative, and I believe your opinion on its use to be accurate. Thanks for the youtubes with their associated insights.

  7. Yasmine says:

    It says the Video is currently unavailable. Can you please email it to me?

  8. Sarah says:

    Please create a page on Google+

  9. Budi says:

    I did feel something a sùdden breeze…when i chant it,but iam not sure
    But it feels nice,i feel my mind suddenly lighter

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