Do Suicides Go To Hell?

Most major religions — Christianity, Islam, Judaism —  have harsh views regarding the souls of those who commit suicide, considering it to be a grievous sin.  People therefore tend to worry about loved ones who have committed suicide, concerned they are being eternally punished in the afterlife, or worse, that they are in hell.

Is this true?

Of course we all have our own beliefs regarding hell and the afterlife, and I am no different.  As a psychic medium, however, I can say that in my experience, suicides most assuredly do not go to hell. In fact, from what I have gleaned from “the other side,” there is no hell in the first place.

Hell makes absolutely no logical sense. Simply put, it stands to reason that a God who embodies Love in full perfection would never possess the inclination, ever, to banish his or her child to a life of eternal torment.  If you’re a parent you already sense the truth of this, because no matter how awful your child behaved, would you ever do that? Of course not.

As Jesus said himself, “If you, then…know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!” In other words, if it seems right for human parents to never banish their children, how much more true is that for God?

So no, people who commit suicide do not go to hell.  In fact, nobody goes to hell when they die.

But what about punishment?  Are suicides subjected to afterlife punishments because of their ill-thought actions?

The answer here is also no.

The purpose of life — all life, whether experienced in the flesh or not — is to progress and evolve. If we commit suicide we do in fact make a mistake, but we also learn from this mistake and take this knowledge into our next phase, whatever that may be. Perhaps we experience a sort of spiritual setback if we commit suicide — maybe this means we have more education to undertake, or have to live an identical life with identical challenges, therefore delaying the learning of lessons — but nobody is “punished” when they die.  Souls simply assess and then progress. It’s all just growth. Is suicide the right choice, ever? No. But do souls make wrong choices all the time and still learn from them?


So what does happen to someone who commits suicide?

There are a lot of potentialities, but it seems that many suicides fairly quickly see the error of their choice and decide to return to another incarnation to face the same challenges again, and this time see the life through. This typically means another life very similar to the one they chose to leave, which is the main reason suicide is so futile. Why quit the proverbial race when you’ve already completed so much of it?

So, do you know someone who has committed suicide?  If so, are you are worried about where they are, if they are being tormented, or if they are in hell? Because if you are — please know that the answer is: no, they are not being tormented.  They are not in hell, they are not in anguish.  

In fact they are free, for now, from the anguish they endured in their human body.  They are now in a new phase of progression and are continuing to learn. Perhaps they’ll return some day, perhaps not, yet irrespective, they are most assuredly not being punished.

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