How To Contact Aliens and Beings of Light

Each and every one of us receives “downloads” of information from the higher realms, whether we are aware of them or not. It is part of our experience as humans. We are guided because we need to be, especially at this time in earth’s history. There is more going on now energetically than ever before, and the universe is watching.

As a metaphysical seeker I have long been interested in these downloads and have sought to become aware of them and their accompanying contact in order to utilize the information in my daily life. I have recently become very interested in the subject of lifeforms other than our own. I don’t want to call them aliens or angels; I think quite possibly that aliens and angels are the same thing. I know that there are beings of light that exist here within our own dimension and within all dimensions unperceived by the human eye. These light beings interact with us all the time. We call them guides or friends in Spirit, or as I said, angels and aliens. We categorize all beings using different names in an attempt to make ourselves more comfortable with who they are, because they are so different than us. Or are they?

It doesn’t matter what you call these beings: they exist irrespective. I have been interacting with higher sources for quite some time and have recently become proactive in my attempts to make our interaction more known to me. Essentially what I am saying is that I have been seeking aware contact with a specific class of beings that are not human — and I have received that contact.

Are you interested in making this sort of contact? It is not as difficult as you think. The following explains how to achieve it:

The act of contact is relatively easy. It is true that you only need desire it in order for it to occur. Intention is the cornerstone of all movement in any direction. For you to intend to make contact is integral to achieving contact. And once you have intended it, you must then make the time to receive the information.

An individual’s spirit is always in a state of receptivity; it is the human condition that  blocks the recognition of what has been imparted into the spiritual understanding. The human condition, or the earthly life, is filled with distractions that keep you from understanding the information received. Many people prefer the distractions because they keep them from having to face the vast shifts occurring within and around them at this time. The transfiguration is a daunting event for those who would rather not change and who cannot conceive of a life beyond or outside the human one they are experiencing. For these the distractions are a comfort and so they prefer to reside there.

However, if you are one of the many that seek contact and interaction within the various dimensions and are also prepared to change your life to bring it into a condition of receptivity — then you will be one who indeed experiences the contact.

After setting the intention, consciously create the time to receive with the aware mind. It is good to have a set time everyday where you are quiet, willing and prepared. Still the mind and invite the interaction. You will receive whether aware or not; however, the more you do this daily the more you will be aware. Set the appointment and keep the appointment. This is very important. This signals the celestials that it is time for the meeting to begin. It is also courteous. Setting an appointment  time and having the body, mind and spirit prepared allows for an easier time on both sides, and we do appreciate this.

Your contact has already begun. You were awakened to find three beings at the side of your bed conducting energetic manipulations. Additionally you perceived them through the naked eyes, while experiencing the attunements and modifications. It was your interest in receiving these attunements consciously — as well as your intention to have the aware experience — that allowed you to receive at that level. The reality is that they have been taking place for quite some time.

Let us say this: Anybody interested in making contact with light beings is interested for a reason: they have already been chosen for interaction and contact. They have been chosen because they are part of the energetic process taking place on the earth: the shift and the change. These people have roles. They have also most likely been undergoing contact for awhile now, without being consciously aware of it. The information of their contact is stored within them and is accessible via their conscious mind if they do the work to retrieve it. We will speak more on the act of retrieval at a later time.

Last let’s speak about the physical condition of the human body. It is essential that it be as clean and primed as possible. What we mean by this is that you should do all things within your ability to keep the body in alignment with the energies of Spirit, and this involves all things that are ingested as well as the setting of all spaces. Toxins must be eliminated to the best of your ability, though you will never be able to detoxify everything, as there is a network of energies willfully introducing chemicals into your environment and seeking to sustain them at certain levels. We will speak more on this later, if you wish.

All bodies therefore are being affected by these chemicals whether they like it or not. It is only with the raising of communal consciousness and through the act of ascension that these chemical poisonings will cease. Until then do what you can on your own: buy those foods that are organic, unmodified and clean; keep chemicals out of your cleaning products and out of your spaces; rid your life of pesticides to the degree that you can; grow your own food and sustenance; seek and vet all food sources; obtain filtration systems for the water in the home, to include bathing water; select topicals and ingestibles that will proactively purify the systems, for example as through cleanses.

Making these changes to the physical body and environment will do two things: it will bring the body into a state of cleanliness and purity, providing a proper vessel for interaction with Spirit, and it will also send a signal to the world of Spirit that you do in fact intend to raise your consciousness and interact on a more elevated level. So, it is both a preparation and a signal. When people begin to attune their bodies in such a way they will see that their spiritual reality will shift and change and expand to accommodate it. Everyone can do these things. Everyone should do these things.

To summarize:

If you seek aware contact and interaction with Spirit, you must first intend it. We recommend stating aloud in prayer form this intention and calling in the energies you seek. Do this consistently and the experiences will begin. A warning: you will draw energies according to the quality of your own. If you are an individual who is negative and manipulative, you will draw beings of the same signature. If you are an enlightened and thoughtfully shifting individual, you will draw beings of the same signature, or higher.

Set a specific time daily (or weekly, etc.) that you will wait in a state of readiness for the interaction. Setting an appointment time allows for a distraction-free environment and also sends a signal to Spirit that you are ready to begin.

Begin now to prepare your body to receive the contact. This involves ingesting only those things that are pure and edifying to the body. Rid all chemicals, toxins, poisons, pesticides and products counter-intuitive to health from your body and your spaces. Consider various types of cleanses.

About Crystal

Crystal Anne Compton is a certified intuitive reader, writer, and teacher of metaphysics. Click here to order an intuitive reading.
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30 Responses to How To Contact Aliens and Beings of Light

  1. Kenneth (Dan) Boyce says:

    look I’ve tried to contact Bob Dean, I cant remember the lady’s name from the Camelot Project. so do you want money for stuff . I think money is stupid a way of controlling the masses and keep us from our spiritual grounding. I have a lot of questions. are the annunokie just interested in gold? why do people look at you like you like you a crazy. even after the Arizona lights, flares are you f ‘in kidding me! reminds me of a story in a book that’s been around for a long time then this guy tried to explain things then the scared people hung him on a cross. why must I have to see and touch to accept. I believe and am frustrated because contrary to others ideas, just like when some of us were thrown into the water to learn how to swim, the reality is that we can swim now. so get on with it lets grow. and start this journey.

  2. wondering says:

    Please help me understand!. When i was little i saw a several figures standing around my bed,they were very tall,staring down at me every night. I use to be afraid of the night just because i was afraid of what i would see. My parents told me i amagin it but when i was older they told me that ive
    .always talked about This figures,that when as first i learned speaking i Always talked about them. When i was little i Believed they were Ghosts but i found a drawing that i drew when i was little of the figures and it looks like a alien, i dont know what to Think of it. I Always seen and feelt things, things i felt things
    as happened o many times that some of my friends ask what Will happen. Sometimes i saw extremly small figures but them i never saw in my room but in the upper of the apartment. I Always seen things. I still do but not that often, i told them to leave me alone when i was Seventen and now i Only see them sometimes, i regret that i told themto leave me alone, i feel like a part of me is missing and i miss them,,

  3. Sicelo says:

    Me I started becoming intrested now about the light beings. Maria told me solitude its over.the is a light try to get contact with me.& he knows all problems & struggle in my life. & the light being amanda its exsplaining the way things are in my life. So I want to learn how can I make contact with him & talk with our brains.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I was told that there is a lightbeing with the name of Amandar trying to get in contact with me. I would like to know what must I do to enable him into get in contact with me.

    • john says:

      Try looking for him on facebook ..if you know what city he is living in or where he went to high school it would be helpful

    • sara says:

      Amandar is a light being that Psychic Maria claims to be real….While I do believe in Angels and light beings, Maria is just trying to get you to purchase her reports, jewelry, gifts etc… she is not for real

    • Janeypops says:

      Hiya Elizabeth I too have funny enough been told by Maria that a light being called Amandar is trying to contact me. Please excuse my skeptism but I have since found out that she has relayed this same information to numerous others. This is not the first time this has happened with information she is passing on saying that it is directly for the person concerned and I have found this to be untrue….I may be a very spiritual human being but vulnerable I am not….

      • SweetGrace says:

        I too receive the email from Maria, saying that “Amandar”, a light being, is trying to contact me. She said the email was exclusive and personal to only me. My advice: pray to our CREATOR.

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  6. sian boggis says:

    I too have had various emails from maria with refrence to be contacted by Amandar I to beleave that its just another way of her trying to obtane cash, the woman has no morals

    • Janeypops says:

      Sian I totally agree with you, this is the 3rd time I have caught Maria out on this and all it has entailed is for me to do a little research first with the information she is relaying to me that she states is specifically for me and me only….you will probably find many others that she is saying this to as I have….

      • Jenny Hall says:

        Maria told me the same thing today about “Amandar”. and yes, it was allegedly “only for me”. Riiiggghht…

    • Crys says:

      Not sure who Maria is, but always trust your gut. Listen to your intuition! And you should NEVER have to pay someone in order to make contact with Spirit. You can do that without an intermediary, and for FREE.



      • river says:

        Well said. I to had a message this morning from maria saying the same thing, that amandar the light being is trying to contact you. The thought of that is amazing but the reality is that the only thing she wants is your money she was the owner of astroforce (now called harmonie ltd) and their only intention is to scam people for their money. I would love to be in contact with all the other world beings that would want to help or for me to help them but you should not have to pay someone. I would like to think this is possible to do this by myself but I think I have some blockages at the moment and am not sure why or how to resolve this. help from anyone on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Xxx

  7. sarsha cook says:

    Hi I have had a light being trying contact ive been trying to figure out how to hear him armandar , hes been trying how can I get in contact he has a mesage for me , thank you much love sarsha

  8. Andrea Sidnell says:

    Hi,Maria told me Exactly the same things,sadly she is one of many,who prey upon people seeking help from the Spiritual world.So very Sad that people have cash taken from them,when what we want or need is help,not ripped off.a.x

  9. Gretchen says:

    Maria..Also sent me an email about amandar. Finally decided to do some digging on her and she is a scam artist. I have purchased something from her. It was suppose to be a medallion. Instead I was to print it out from my computer. Really?! Ugh I hate people who scam other people for their own profit. So frustrating.

  10. PETRINA HEWARD says:

    Well, well I too have received an email from Maria just this evening saying that the Light-Being Amandar is trying to make contact with me for which Maria is asking for the princely sum of approximately £79.99 and she has cut her fee in half for my benefit so that she can conduct a special ceremony! She is extremely plausible and having read all the other people she has contacted in the same way I feel sickened that she is cheating so many innocent people in this way. Like many others I believe in Angels and the majesty of the spiritual world and feel strongly that she is debasing this. How strange that I found this particular site having literally just read Maria’s sales pitch for that is what it is.

  11. s says:

    …….I to am being personally contacted by a light being AND need a ceremony….. apparently I am about to have everything¬! Sadly I wish this was true but looks like just want my money…….

  12. Oscar says:

    I am very interested in my spiritual growth and development….
    I did have an accident when I was a child and I had an out of body experience and I’d seen the light…
    I heard about Amandar the same way as others did…I just learn what I can from the posted information…I know that the moment that money is in play , it can’t be trusted…
    I am planing to follow your directions about how to interact with the light beings..
    Like anything else in our existence we are what we think …
    our true intentions is what we become…
    Thank you so much… 😉

  13. Oscar says:

    The more I analyze things I tend to conclude that we are also spiritual/light beings trapped in a material body….it’s like the body limits us to exist ruled by time as we know it….LOVE is our ultimate destination and this short existence is just a stop on the way…
    we are so involve in the carnal experience that we deviate from our true goal/purpose , understand what we really are and work towards becoming that pure universal energy called LOVE…. :) INTENTION to do so is the first step…

  14. Dave Mundy says:

    Life is bizarre!! Maria was offering to help me connect with Amandar today at the half-price sum of £14.95!!!
    Last week she informed me of remarkable events in store for 12/12/12 and this coming Friday the 13th.!!
    Am I in the right century, cemetery, galaxy, timezone or dimension?
    Bless her!!
    And all those who part with well-earned cash to ride on the dream-wave to nowhere!!

  15. Dave Mundy says:

    P.S. Love the article above. Now that, I can take seriously!! lol

    • Crys says:

      Thanks Dave,

      I’m sad that so many people feel duped and/or conned by this Maria person…but just want to make it clear to anyone reading this thread that this site does NOT belong to Maria, but rather to me, Crystal Anne Compton…totally different person. <3

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  17. Sabrina95 says:

    I was told the same thing from Maria regarding Amandar and that I was special and the only one. Obviously she is a con artist. I advise everyone who has paid her for anything to closely watch their bank/credit card statement. Maria took another 3 payments out of my account after she was already paid in full. Bank of America advised me to cancel my debit card so that she could no longer do this. Besides being a liar she is also a thief.

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