Where Does Your Spirit Go When In A Coma?

What happens to your spirit when you go into a coma?  Does it stay within the body or does it temporarily leave — or die — until the body resumes consciousness?  Is a coma state, spiritually speaking, the same state as the one induced when a person loses brain function?

There is a simple answer to this: coma patients are not spiritually dead — or outside of their body and in the light — whereas patients with no brain function have spirits that have left the body.

Do not be confused, however: death (or leaving the body for good) does not equal the stopping of life. Death is in fact the evolution of life, the progression of spirit from the physical body to the spiritual body, the latter being, for all intents and purposes, more liberating and freeing than the former.

I have personal experience here. I have been in a coma and can attest to the fact that coma patients are “in there”, can hear you and are experiencing their own reality — even though that reality may be altered somewhat (due to drugs, illness, etc.).

I was in a coma for approximately one week many years ago.  I suffered from a terrible infection that went septic (meaning all organs in my body were infected).  The doctors at the time didn’t know what was wrong and decided to conduct exploratory surgery when the pain became unbearable.  I not only had a near death experience at the time (which I will write about at some point), I also did not come out of the anesthesia.

What was it like while in a coma?

Honestly: very odd.

I was on massive doses of broad spectrum antibiotics and narcotics.  These drugs greatly altered my clarity and interpretation of events, but I nonetheless received (and was aware of)  information. I heard conversations. My husband at the time read to me every day and I heard that, too.

I did a strange thing with the stimuli, however — I weaved it all into a story. In my mind it wasn’t him I was hearing, but rather the voice of my brother.  We weren’t in Chicago at Northwestern Hospital, either—we were in Maui and I could actually hear the crashing of the ocean waves.  The nurses were not nurses, but rather handmaids and friends. The collective stimuli turned into a tale I ultimately jumped into, one that built into a reality, a kind of life.

The brain is truly a powerful force. The coma-life I created for myself stays with me to this day.

My coma-reality was absolutely a real reality (insofar as perception is reality). I felt love from those who visited. I heard them talk about my illness. Though distorted, I perceived everything and in my own way, I understood it.

My spirit was still in my body. Others experiencing coma-reality are also spiritually in their body. It is of great benefit therefore to visit these people, to talk to them, to touch them and to send them love.  They feel it. Their spirit receives it.  Their brain perceives and interprets it. All stimuli is used on some level and many times this stimuli prompts the comatose person to come back to earth-reality.

I consider my time in a coma as a tremendous learning experience. It has allowed me to assure many others that comatose patients are, as many suspect, “in there” or perceiving stimuli, therefore by no means gone.

Total loss of brain function, however, is a different thing entirely. When a patient loses brain function for a substantial amount of time they are, in fact, dead. This means their spirit is out of the body, though often the spirit stays with the body until life support ceases (that is, proximate to the body, though not in it). Mary Ann Winkowski, famed psychic medium and inspiration for the popular Ghost Whisperer television series, claims that she often sees these spirits next to the hospital bed and that they are literally begging to be released.  They want to be released for their own sake but also for the sake of the family grieving and holding onto them, because they want to be at peace and rest in the light.

Of course cessation of medical life support is a personal/family decision, but the spiritual state of the patient should be taken into consideration.  A person’s spirit, at all times, wants to move on and progress, whether within the earthly body or not.

There is one thing comatose and brain-dead patients have in common, however: they both need your prayers. Spiritual supplication and intervention really does help the loved one in question, no matter the path of their progression.


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Crystal Anne Compton is a certified intuitive reader, writer, and teacher of metaphysics. Click here to order an intuitive reading.
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12 Responses to Where Does Your Spirit Go When In A Coma?

  1. Ruth says:

    Hey thanks

  2. Crys says:

    Of course. :)

  3. Jill says:

    My daughter is in a minimally conscious state. She is not in a coma but is more vegetative and hardly responsive at all. I understand death to be a returning home, but she is neither dead nor alive. Where is she?

    • Crystal says:

      Hello Jill,

      If your daughter is in a persistent vegetative state then she is waiting to be free of her body. She is also almost totally in the astral, which is to say that she is moving and dwelling in Spirit, though she cannot wholly do this until the physical body passes. When the physical body passes the “silver cord” that connects the spirit to the body is severed and the spirit is released. Your daughter, while in the astral, will always return to her physical body and in that sense may be inhibited to some degree. I am not sure if the presence of the silver cord prohibits us from “traveling” to certain places or even to our final resting place. In other words, I’m not sure exactly where she might be in the astral and if she will go “further” or “higher” once the body passes.

      Do know that she is not in a purgatory or inter-between type of state; she is very alive spiritually. My impression is that people in vegetative states are often right by their physical body while in spirit, particularly when they are visited. So in this sense she does hear you, just as all people in Spirit hear us when we speak to or think of them. She likely wants to be released, but may be remaining because people are in pain. She may also need someone to facilitate her release. There are karmic lessons associated with this.

      What is her prognosis? Is there a chance she will come out of this?

      I am so sorry you are going through this. I cannot even imagine. I will pray for you and your daughter.


  4. Pradeep says:

    Hi Crys,

    Thank you so much. My father-in-law met with a road accident and has been in a vegetative state for the last 3 months. He opens his eyes for couple of hours in a day and he is on artificial feeding. I was thinking, the whole purpose of the soul taking birth in a human body is to gain experience and evolve. So when a person is in a vegetative state he does not appear to have the ability to experience or sense anything, that negates the whole purpose of taking birth. But there must be some karmic principles beyond the comprehension of human mind. Your article cleared some confusion.

    Thank you so much.

  5. Justin says:

    Wow this is amazing, lately i have been thinking about religion then in work i saw a leaflet for buddhism and it completely changed my perspective on everything. But its left me at a loss as to what I believe so I have been looking for a direction to head in if you could point the way :-)

  6. ana says:

    Sir my mother died in coma but before die she want to see her son marriage and also want to meet me but her both wish were not complete after died she contionusly see me and my brother in dream my husband also worried because in his dream she sit on his heart and very angry she told u promise me to take care my son and his marriage but u forget she also told me that she cannot take WC birth till her wish were not complete my father burn her cloth and after one month he become very ill doctor say no chance pleade suggest me she take revenge or it was happen by chace

  7. Alfred says:

    Hi, can i asked how many days usually the spirit live on the other side?
    When she or he come back to his/her body is there any way for them to remember about what they did when the were a spirit?

    • Crystal says:

      Hi Alfred,

      Time spent in the astral or on the other side depends on the illness affecting the body. I was in a coma for a little more than one week — others have been comatose for months and even years.

      I can only speak of my own experience, but yes I did remember where I was while in a coma, and what was happening to me. I have incorporated the lessons of that time into my present life. I will never forget what happened to me. Ever.

  8. What is karmic lessons, what book should i read?
    Thank You. Aracely.

    • Crystal says:

      Karma is essentially the idea that what you sow, you will inevitably reap. The Karma concept is often applied to reincarnation, meaning things we have done in previous lives are now coming back to haunt us (or bless us) in this life.

      I’m not super familiar with books on Karma because my personal opinions about it are fluid and ever-changing. I can however point you to the outstanding work of the late Dolores Cannon, and in particular her The Convoluted Universe books. She talks a lot about Karma in these, and what she asserts makes sense.

      Blessings to you. <3


  9. Nano says:

    Hi Crystal,
    I’m a 68 years old man with terminal cancer, I have cancer in my lung, trachea and liver, my doctor told me when the liver shut down I am going to be in coma probably for a few days, my question is, what is going to happen to my soul since I know I am not coming out of it, is my soul is going to be with my body until dead?, I am going to be able to stay between vibration after dead to help my family?.
    Thank you

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