Ten Things To Avoid When Communicating With Spirits

1. Avoid forgetting to psychically protect yourself.

Always make sure you open spirit communication with a prayer of protection, asking that God as well as all angels and guides stand with you to protect you. Ask to work with only those spirits or energies that are edifying, supportive and working in the Light. Express thanks and gratitude for this opportunity to communicate with spirit in a protected and safe environment. When finished with your prayer, make sure to do one of the many visualizations available to psychically protect yourself, such as envisioning yourself within a column of brilliant white Light which no negative energy can pierce or contaminate. Only those spirits and energies which are there to serve your highest purpose are allowed into the column of white Light. When your spirit communication is complete make sure to close with another prayer to seal off your space and close the session.

2. Avoid forgetting to clear and ground your energy before and after spirit communication.

Make sure to ground yourself and energetically clear the room before attempting to make contact with spirit. Grounding yourself involves visualizations in which you release all negative energy from your body while at the same time drawing down into your body divine energy from God. To clear a room or space, visualize that space as gradually filling with brilliant white divine Light. Make sure the light spills everywhere and covers all four corners of the space and then build the Light until the entire room is filled with it, side to side and top to bottom.

3. Avoid having the wrong intention.

Make sure you are attempting to communicate with spirit for the right reasons. If you want to make contact because you think it’s cool, have a fascination with death, want to frighten people or simply want to boast about it to others, you are doing it for the wrong reason. This wrong intention may attract malicious entities seeking to harass and frighten you. Therefore it is important to make sure your intention is pure and to communicate your intention in your prayers before and after the exercise. Pure intentions include seeking your higher self and higher energies who want to bless, build up and support you, as well as others.

4. Avoid drinking alcohol or taking drugs when communicating with spirits.

Substances open a back door to the spirit world whether we are trying to communicate with them or not. If we are under the influence of these substances when attempting spirit communication we allow all sorts of energies in, especially those attracted to the lower vibration attached to intoxication. Those spirits may be mischievous or even malicious and can cause us far more trouble than we ever anticipated.

5. Avoid spirit communication when feeling negative, imbalanced or unhappy.

We attract what we are, so when we are unhappy or negative when working with spirits we will attract those same kinds of energies to us. Learn to see your moods as actual frequencies; signals you emit at a certain vibration which in turn draw back to you energies and entities existing in the same frequency. If your frequency is that of love, you will attract loving entities back to you. Likewise, if your frequency is that of negativism, you will attract negative entities to you.

6. Avoid attempting to contact spirits with others who are negative, imbalanced or unhappy.

For the same reason you should not be negative when attempting spirit communication, make sure anyone with you also shares the same energy as you — an energy of positivism and love. Anyone proximate as you attempt to communicate with spirits can either contribute or contaminate the process based on their own energetic disposition. Be mindful of this.

7. Avoid contacting spirits when you are fatigued or exhausted.

Being overly tired makes you physically vulnerable and less in touch with what is going on. When we are fatigued or exhausted it is easier to misread energies and misunderstand messages. In other words, it is easier for us to do it wrong and to get it wrong. Be well rested and physically sound before attempting to work with spirits.

8. Avoid fear.

Do not attempt spirit communication if you are afraid of it. If you are curious but also afraid (even a little), spirit communication is not advised. If you are fearful on any level, make sure to read books and speak to others who can educate you about the process and make you more comfortable. Just as you must make sure you are positive and healthy when dealing with spirits, you must also drive out all fear, as harboring fear may attract entities that wish to play upon that fear.

9. Avoid working with unenlightened or non-evolved spirits.

It is better to work with high-level entities such as angels and spirit guides. Remember, earthbound spirits are simply people who are dead. People, no matter alive or dead, are limited by what they know and desire, just like you. An earthbound spirit (or one that dwells more closely to the earth plane than more enlightened spirits) may not know more than you, and they may also have a different intention than you. You will know an unenlightened or non-evolved spirit based on the rate at which they vibrate. Love vibrates at a high, joyful, delightful energy. Alternatively, negative spirits vibrate at a low, negative, fearful and uncomfortable energy. Learn to differentiate between these energies and take heed of them.

10. Avoid spirits who tell you to listen only to them.

Spirits working for your edification and betterment will never tell you to replace your judgment with theirs. They will never seek to tell you what to do or control you in any way. High-level spirits make suggestions, offer insight and present options. They want you to decide what choice is better for you and will never force that choice upon you or become upset when you do not follow their advice. Never work with any spirit or energy that attempts to control you or wants you to carry out tasks which are negative and do not feel right. This is a sure sign that you are dealing with a non-evolved spirit and this must always be avoided.

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Crystal Anne Compton is a certified intuitive reader, writer, and teacher of metaphysics. Click here to order an intuitive reading.
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71 Responses to Ten Things To Avoid When Communicating With Spirits

  1. Victoria says:

    Hi there, I have been experiencing voices, footsteps, and cold spots in my house. And I feel as though I’m constantly being watched. I want to know who is in my house. Any idea how I can contact them and find out?

    • Renee says:

      I am also experiencing footsteps, rapping, i actually watched an object move followed by a door opening, i would also like to know what the best way to contact them would be. My 6 month old daughter also plays and giggles with whom ever is in my house

      • Crys says:

        Hi Renee,

        There are a couple of articles that might interest you on the main page and in one I address Victoria’s question above.

        Before interacting with any spirits, please ask for Archangel Michael to come in and provide protection. I suspect what you have is a ghost (or ghosts), in other words the presence of discarnate spirits who want to get your attention. If you want to speak to ghosts, you literally just speak to them and see if they will respond. Wrap yourself in love and light first.

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  3. Marcia Hart says:

    I have had several run ins with something in my home. my daughter took a photo of me in my new coat .. when i viewed it later on her phone there where three orbs , one above my head, one at my left side and one on my stomach.. my fiancee says that he knows that he has had someone guarding and has always felt the presence. but my situation is different. when i am at home alone i feel the presence of others and i get sounds and bangs on the walls or doors. Just a few days ago i was cooking a bratworst in the microwave.. the sound of the cooking meat made a loud whistle and it seemed to irritate because i heard a sream from all around the room out of fear i stopped the microwave and the scream continued…. my cat ran out of the room and i was amazed that this had happened.. i yelled immidiately, why did you do that? you scared me…. since that day, i have had no sounds or banging … not evern feeling the presence… what did i do?

    • Crystal says:

      Hi Marcia,

      A lot of people think that the spirits in their home are there to antagonize or cause havoc. This is usually not the case. Many spirits do not want to harm you and definitely do not want to scare you. You told the spirit that it had scared you and now it has stopped materializing, because this was not its intention.

      You could make contact again fairly easily, if you wanted. First I would ask you what feeling typically accompanied the arrival of the spirit in the past — did you feel tense, anxious, angry, fearful or negative? These are some typical signs of “lower energy” astral entities or spirits. However, if you felt neutral, safe, protected, positive and simply curious, this would indicate the entity was not negative. Always check in with yourself to determine the vibration of any entity around you before attempting contact. As it says in 1 John 4:1: “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God….”

      Having said all that, one of the chief ways I know an entity is near me is through the spontaneous development of anxiety and OCD. These feel “negative”, but I have taught myself to detach from the anxiety and scan the entity itself, which often feels neutral. The anxiety is simply my physical prompt that something is near. So you need to know yourself in that way; you should be able to distinguish between psychic prompts and the quality of the entity.


      • Marcia Hart says:

        thank you for your response, i have so much to say on this matter .. this is my work computer and i really took a chance in sending this message but i would like to continue this conversation.. Could we talk via e-mail on my personal address? I actually work in a mental hospital so i fear this information in detected could lead to a termination. Please contact me at Marcia1sings@gmail.com. thank you so much!
        I appreciate your response.

        • Crystal says:

          Hi Marcia,

          I actually wrote you there earlier, and then copied my response here, to make sure you received it. Please feel free to respond via email; I am happy to help in whatever way I can.

          • Jossy Joseph says:

            Hello cystal i am very glad with your submission on spirit and spirit guide I must say is not far from what I knw so please can you send me guidlines on how to connect with my spirit guide?

            Love and Light
            Jossy Joseph

      • Melonie Rutland says:

        I have been battling with the decision of opening myself up to recieve and or channel messages from Spirit for many years. I typically “smell” things…things no one else does. In the past I have seen spirits in my room at night. I had my house “cleansed” and that took care of those for the time being, however, lately, I have been seeing them again. I know they are coming to me for a reason, but I am not sure what to do or how to begin. Reading the reply you sent, about how you always knows something is around because of your anxiety and OCD kick in out of no where….made something Click in my head. I get the exact same way but never put the 2 together. Little things that normally wouldn’t “bother” me suddenly seem intolerable. Last night, for expample, I was over filled with anxitety to the point no one could talk to me then last night, seen a man in my room. I could really use someones help and guidance to get me on the right path to deal with these visitors. I have come to the conclusion I am supposed to be helping them not running from them. Any and all help I would appreciate so much.

        Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope it makes sense.


        • Crystal says:

          Hi Melonie,

          First of all, you are a medium. Mediums have this ability in order to be of service to the living and the dead. Mediums are of service to the living by communicating messages and information from deceased loved ones to validate that they are in fact still alive. Mediums are of service to the dead because they can actually help them if they are in pain, and if need be escort them into the light, or into peace. If spirits are coming to you, this is most likely why. Mediums emit what I call a “peculiar light” and this light attracts spirits because they realize you can interact with them.

          I encourage you to read through the replies I have left all over the comment section of this post. There is a lot of information there. Most of all do not be afraid, because you were given this ability for a reason, and God doesn’t make mistakes. :) Fear is a magnetic energy, meaning it draws to it more energy that matches its signal. So banish the fear and call in your angels and guides and God and if you wish, attempt to communicate with the spirits who you are encountering.


          • Melonie Rutland says:

            Thanks so much for your reply. My next worry is how do I even begin this journey of communication?! How does one call upon their guides/Angels ect. I will for sure read through all the comments and am open for any and all help in beginning this journey. Again, thanks so much for your reply :)


  4. William Reel says:

    I’m going to investigate a theater on the paranormal and i was wondering if u could Email me some tips, I’d really appreciate it.

  5. Crystal says:

    Hi William, please see my most recent post on the main page. Good luck!

  6. Holly,rose and Jenny says:

    Hello, we went to our local park and we decided to see if there were any spirits around, as there was a church yard just next door to the park, so we asked if anyone was there and if they where then could they move something, and suddenly one of two swings started to rock back and forth but the other stayed still. And later on the zip wire was swinging round in circles and the wire was bent like someone was sat on it, and when we went near the swing it straightened and the swinging slowed down. Please tell us what this is??

  7. Alissa says:

    Hi Crystal-

    It seems as though I have a non-threatening spirit in the bedroom of the condo that my boyfriend and I bought a year ago. Our diplomas have been pushed crooked the same way, and the buttons on my kindle passcode were being pressed in the middle of the night. I’m guessing it is the spirit of his mother, but how would I know? And how can I figure out what she is trying to say?

    Any help or readings that might help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Thank you,

  8. Crystal says:

    Hi Alissa,

    I’m putting your question into my stack of questions to answer on this site. It’s a good one and I think others will benefit from it. Look for my answer in the next week or so!


  9. Angela says:

    Hi Crystal! I have a question for you:
    I have been receiving visitations in my dreams from 2 different loved ones that have crossed over. In those dreams I have exactly what you said in your video being lucid…and in fact speaking back and forth with them. The other loved one has sent a message once but most of the time doesn’t speak…but often still relays a message with no words. The interesting thing to me is that these messages are NEVER for me but for another loved one. I feel they are coming through me because their closer loved ones aren’t open to receiving their messages themselves. I am just curious as to your thoughts about this. Would you agree that is why they have chosen me to pass on their messages? I also have had a dream as if I were my autistic daughter…seeing the world as she does and traveling through her pathways in her brain. It gave me better insight to how she functions. I have been SO excited about these dreams and want to know how to open up even more to receiving any information through spirit…what advice to you have to do so? THANK YOU!

  10. Tammy says:

    I had a dream long time ago. My mother and sister where in it. They have passed away. This a few years before dad passed. But what puzzles me is what my mother said, she had to go now cause she is dead. I have not seen her or sister since that dream.

  11. Suky says:

    I don’t know if it’s a spirit? Demon? Or anything else but I’ve had opressions at night..one night I was feeling like something was dragging me down from my bed and I couldn’t tell if it was a dream..I remember seeing a black wall where it was dragging me. The scariest night was when I heard a voice saying hello but thought I was hearing things. I fell asleep and heard kids playing outside laughing at 5 in the morning and thought again maybe I was hearing things again. I tried falling asleep again and heard someone knocking at the window so I woke my brother and told him if he had heard. We waited and we heard the knocking again we didn’t check the window but waited til someone came out of our backyard but there was no one. I’ve now found out there is something in pictures where I can see a face like a ghost but not without a body. Can you please give me advice? I’d really wanna know what’s going on and I don’t wanna communicate with wrong entities that can cause us harm.

  12. Kim Davis says:

    Crystal, my husband and I were sleeping in bed when this banging started on the wall. We asked it to stop and we could communicate at a better time. The banging stopped.
    I was very scared after it made a deep breathing noise , but it did respect our request. Does this meantime wants to communicate with us?

  13. Alison says:

    Hi Crystal,

    I need some advice or help.
    I moved into a very old house apartment back at the end of December 2012.
    My first experience was the weekend I was moving some things into the apartment. I had forgot my purse upstairs, when I opened the door, I saw someone standing in front of me. It happened so fast, I wasn’t quite sure I saw what I thought I saw.
    When I had fully moved in, I felt as if I had lived there FOREVER. A feeling of comfort living there.
    Recently more things have started to happen. Shadows of feet under the door that leads to the basement happened once at 3am.
    Then a month later, I awake to my closet light turned on.
    Last week I heard a loud BANG! in the middle of the night, when I turned the lights on, everything on my bathroom shelf had fallen off (creams, make up etc), however the shelf was still intact, and no windows were open at the time.
    The following night the kitchen light turned on around 1am, and just last night the microwave started beeping at me. When I went out to see what was going on, the microwave digital area which shows the clock displayed an “A”, then immediately went back to 0:00. There was no power failure at the time.
    I’m not quite sure what to do. I don’t feel threatened, but it is disturbing my sleep.
    I asked my landlord if he has heard anyone else complain, and he said no, but he would do some research on the house for me.

    Any suggestions? Do you think I’m dealing with a spirit who is trying to contact me? I have been told by psychics that I am intuitive and need to pay attention to the signs.

    Please help.


    • Alison says:

      I also forgot to mention, I have voiced to leave me alone, and that I was tired and didn’t want to deal with this right now. I’m very nice about it when I do voice it, but when I do voice that I’d like to be left alone to go back to sleep, something will happen the next night.

  14. Chris says:


    My father passed away about a year and a half ago, and while I have never been one to want to contact the spirits, or even interested in the idea, having lost him, I find that I now want to know what is out there, and if he still exists in some other place. Can you contact a specific spirit, or if it is possible, do you just get whoever (whatever?) is available?


    • Crystal says:


      I interact with the spirits who approach me, as opposed to summoning one in order to interact with it. My main spiritual gifts involve clairvoyance and channeling, though I do routinely encounter spirits. I would suggest that you find a reputable medium in your area — not just a psychic, but a psychic medium. This website is a great resource:


      The benefit of a psychic medium is that they can directly communicate with your loved one who has past while at the same time affirming to you that life does go on after we die.

      The best thing to do in order to experience supernatural evidences, however, is to begin to cultivate a spiritual life of your own. Prayer, meditation, practicing bliss/high vibration and study are all imperative.

      Good luck!


  15. Asa Dyason says:

    Hello Crys , when I was younger my Nan said that I apparently saw a man in the kitchen and I had a conversation with him however my nan didn’t hear or see him,I do not remember this at all but this was when I was about 2 I can remember one event with a spirit when I was younger (I do not remember how old I was though) I remember hearing a voice and getting frightened so much but couldn’t do anything I also remember trying to escape the room and actually I was succesful despite strugglings to get to the locks , going back to the story with the man in the kitchen my nan called a medium to investigate and apparently he was a drunk man who didn’t know he was dead and then she helped him cross over and my nan said to me that she thought I was going to be a medium when I grow up , I am now 13 and I have just realised that I have had an event about 2 years ago that I had a dream that my dog was going to die , I used to wake up in the night crying but I doubted it would actually happen I think it was a month later that I was on holiday and received news that he was dead . At the time I didn’t think that it had anything to do with my dreams as I was heartbroken for about 5 months but I haven’t had any visits or signs since apart from when I said to my mum that I felt like I had another brother but he was ‘far away’ a couple of months later my dad mentioned that before I was born my mother suffered a misscariage about 4 years before they had me. Now I think things are adding up and I’m very curious into wanting to knowing more and Why I have had these events thank you and I’m very sorry that there is a lot to read and I have waffled on a bit but I will also want to know how to communicate with spirits (especially my dog) again like I did when I was little

    • Crystal says:

      Hi Asa,

      Please forgive the delay in my response.

      What you’ve described to me are very typical evidences of psychic ability and spiritual connection. Unfortunately the older we get the more these evidences tend to go away, unless we very deliberately set out to work with our abilities and deepen our spiritual connection. At 13 years old you are at an important age in that, if you wish, you can begin to develop yourself now and hold onto the abilities you so easily displayed and experienced as a child.

      In order to develop spiritually you must be disciplined with your practices. You should try to meditate every single day for as long as you can. You do not need to be sitting in a complicated position in order to meditate. You can lie on your bed and just relax and quiet the mind. Follow your breath on the inhale and on the exhale and let all thoughts spill out of your mind. Do this for at least five minutes a day, adding on more minutes as you get better at it. Meditation can be uncomfortable at first but it gets easier the more you do it.

      You should develop a prayer practice. You do not need to pray in a religious way if you don’t wish to, you simply need to begin actively communicating with the Divine. You can do this out loud as you go about your day but you should also set aside some time, typically before or after your meditation sessions, to speak directly to God and also your angels and guides. The more you do this the more they will guide you in your practice.

      As a teenager, it is important not to be tempted to do things which are considered spiritually unclean. I do not recommend that you drink alcohol or do recreational drugs. I recommend that you stop eating processed foods or foods with lots of chemicals and additives. These substances literally infect your body and when your body is clogged your spirituality is directly affected. These chemicals also contaminate and calcify your pineal gland, which is essential to psychic development. In order to have a dynamic spiritual life filled with evidences and phenomena, your pineal gland must be as pristine as possible. To the best of your ability lead a clean life, drinking lots of pure water (which is conductive and which will allow you to run larger amounts of spiritual energy) and eating a good amount of fruits and vegetables and healthy foods. If you can develop this sort of discipline at this stage in life you will be able to carry it forward into your adulthood, which is key.

      You must learn to practice love. Love is the closest approximation we humans experience that is most like the energetic signature of God. When we are feeling love — vibrating with the energy of love — we are quite literally experiencing the elevated and Divine energies, or the energy of God. When we live our lives experiencing love we attract to us the attributes and characteristics of God, which is to say we invite into our lives ALL GOOD THINGS, some of which are the spiritual gifts you speak. Gifts of prophecy (which you’ve already experienced), gifts of sight (you’ve experienced this), and much more. Be loving to all you encounter. Be helpful. In all that you do, do it in service to Spirit, and you will grow immensely, and in particular your abilities will grow.

      Do not dabble in the world of Spirit lightly. Do not go ghost chasing just for the fun of it. Do not partake in unclean activities and then attempt to communicate with spirits. Stay away from the Ouija board. If you wish to work with spirits, such as a medium would, bring this up in your prayer time and you will begin to see opportunities arise for you to do so. One of my great teachers once told me, “If you want to be a medium, BE a medium.” In other words, don’t just ask for it, but be one, act as one, conduct yourself as one. And then you will become one.

      God bless you! We need children who are lights in this world and who will help usher in a new era of spiritual connection and understanding.


  16. ankita says:

    i want to communicate with good spirits … how cqn i do dat…plz help me

    • Crystal says:

      Develop a spiritual practice that includes meditation and prayer. Reach out to your angels and ask them to intercede on your behalf and to show themselves to you. Practice high vibration techniques. During prayer, ask that the veils be lowered from your eyes so that you can see into the world of Spirit. Be clean in mind and body.

      All these things will allow you to develop spiritually and psychically.

  17. Jarrod says:

    Me and my older brother recently tried to contact the spirit world, we asked if anything is in the room with us if so to tap on the wall or make a noise, not even a second after that we continually heard slight taps on the walls, and that continued for a while, after the tapping stopped me & my brother felt like there was something evil in the room & I was stressing alot asking him to stop & the room felt completely different, Me & my brother felt asif something was trying to get into us, I know that bit sounds stupid but it honestly felt like something was trying to take over us, not long after all that I felt asif something was coming out of the air vents we have on the roof.

    I should also mention before we did all that We were trying out automatic writing (IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT IS GOOGLE IT) & my Older brother started to contact the spirits in a negative way by swearing at it & calling it names.


    Because we’ve experienced spirit stuff our whole life, seen stuff & heard stuff & so has our dad & our uncle.

    • Crys says:

      Hi Jarrod,

      Honestly I think you guys probably scared yourself a little. You asked for a spirit to respond and it potentially did — it simply did as you asked. Yes, asking for a response is an invitation of sorts, and any time you invite someone you also have to politely let them know when it’s time to leave. You most likely didn’t “close the circle” when you were finished. Worse yet, you allowed yourself to become afraid, which emits an energy or signature of sorts. If a negative spirit is in your space it will feed off your fear.

      First order of business, cut out the fear. Second, buy a sage stick at Whole Foods or your local metaphysical bookstore. Light the sage and let the smoke permeate your room and every area of the house. (If you sage just your room the spirit will move into another part of the house — even a closet. The spirit will end up in the one area you don’t sage, so sage it all.) Recite The Lord’s Prayer as you do it. In love, advise the spirit that it is no longer welcome in your home and must leave. Continue to recite The Lord’s Prayer. While you’re saging the entire house. This ought to work.

      Unless of course you want the spirit around. If you do, it will stay.

      Nothing in the darkness can withstand the light. Remember this always. To vanquish the darkness, occupy the light. What is the light? It is love. God is love. Be and emit love and all darkness flees. This is the most effective way to clear bad energy.


  18. Ali says:

    how i see spirit

  19. Jayne says:

    My eldest daughter is seeing orbs around our house so I have been doing some investigating and taking videos and pictures… I was amazed as to what I have seen through the lens of a camera…
    Bright, dull, round, feather looking things moving up, down, fast, slow right in front of my face…

    Is there a way I can communicate with them and possibly find out who they are..

    Thanking you


    • Crys says:

      The basic rule of thumb with orbs is that if they are not perfectly round and unblemished, they are likely spirits. Of course have a skeptical mind, but I have found this to be true. For example some orbs have what seem like smudges within the orbs, or even faces — this is a spirit. The feathery aspect you describe is very interesting, also. Because your daughter sees these with her naked eye (this is not uncommon in kids) and you are catching the with the camera, I wouldn’t be surprised if you do have spirits actively around you, or at least around your daughter. (In reality spirits are ALWAYS around us, but perhaps yours are trying to make themselves known.)

      For info on how to make contact, please check out the following article:


      Also, check out my Youtube page; there are videos about this there, too.


  20. myles says:

    i was extreamly drunk and drinking by myself in the middle of the cemetary the other night about midnight talking out loud to the spirits and sinse then a few weird things have happend in my house

  21. myles says:

    i was extreamly drunk the other night in the middle of a old cemetary and drinking in the cemetary talking shit out loud to the spirits and sinse then a few weird things have happend in my house like a door slamin itself and the cat dish flying though the air

    • Crys says:

      You need to cleanse the energy of your house. Buy a sage stick at Whole Foods and light it; let the smoke drift EVERYWHERE in your house. Sage causes lethargy in spirits, they also do not like it, so they will either leave or leave you alone.

      Also purchase some pure salt and place some in each corner of your house. While you’re doing this recite the Lord’s Prayer out loud and importantly, WITH REVERENCE. As you do this ritual picture bright white light in your house, everywhere.

      Last, call in Archangel Michael to assist you. If you can get statues of Saint Michael, place them at various places around your home. Wear a Michael medallion.

      Always remember, NO FEAR, NOT EVER. Fear is an energy that builds upon itself and attracts entities who are attracted to it. Ghosts won’t hurt you.

      Needless to say, don’t get drunk and yell at spirits. The energy of drunkenness and intoxication of any type is a STRONG energy that will very easily attract trickster spirits. There is an article on this site about drinking and attracting spirits. It’s just not a good idea.


  22. Mia Brown says:

    I’ve lost loved ones and it has sparked my interest in the paranormal so much more, that I have purchased a spirit box, and a digital recorder but not sure how to even go about contacting Spirit. I have not been able to locate any psychic medium local to help.I live in a small South Carolina town, and mediums aren’t common here. So I need advice what should I do about using the box
    or should I not use the spirit box alone. How do I locate a real psychic or medium or anyone to help me?

    Have A Blessed Night
    Yours truly

    • Crys says:

      Hi Mia,

      Here is a list of reputable psychic mediums in South Carolina:


      However, you don’t necessarily need the assistance of a psychic in this matter. You can conduct your explorations on your own, but you must always do so with a complete absence of fear and while employing adequate psychic or spiritual protection. You must open your spiritual session with a prayer and ask for protection from Archangel Michael and your friends in Spirit. Imagine yourself bathed in a column of protective white light — this works. Keep this column on you during all of your spiritual work…fill your entire space with it. When you are finished conducting your spiritual exploration — CLOSE THE SESSION. Any spirits who you contacted are to be asked to leave, and instruct them that they cannot contact you after the session is over. Unless of course you’re open to this, in which case I suggest setting business hours of sorts. Spirits who want to interact with you — GOOD spirits — will obey your instructions. Trickster spirits may not, but they hardly matter if you are protected and you sufficiently banish them.

      You might like to look into psychic development groups in your area, these are very helpful. Go to Meetup.com and put in your zip code and then look up “psychic”, “spiritual groups”, “spiritualism”, etc. You will see a lot of groups out there, people just like you who are interested in this. You should spend some time in a group…you will find that you make a great deal of good connections.

      Good luck!


  23. Ashley says:

    Hi im 17 and i went to my boyfriends house he just moved into and we noticed a few ites in the widow in the attick. We wondered what was up there and went up. After we moved a toy horse around they started hearing mimiking words such as “mommy” im a mother of a ten month old baby boy. They brought down a home made plaster thing not sure what it was as it was broken and when i touched it i got very strong emotions and it was almost like something was trying to push thoughts into my mind. I immidiatly threw the plaster ornament back in te attick incase something is attached to it and got very ill. I had to go outside and im afraid to go back. Im afraid i will feel those emotions. It really felt controling and like it wanted to scare me. My boyfriend wont believe me and continues tofool around with the attick. His roomates have burned sage and such and had a friends mom who is somewhat physic come in but she had to leave as she felt very ill after looking around. What do we do? Is it safe to have my son there?

    • Crys says:

      You are always safe. You are senior in your space. You control and command the energy you allow into your space, your mind, your body and around your child.

      I sense a good deal of fear in you. This is not good. Fear is a strong STRONG energy which builds upon itself and which attracts back to it energies and entities which are attracted to or exist within that same energy. If you go into this house and you are afraid, guess what? You will attract a spirit who feeds off that energy. Those types of spirits are tricksters and/or just plain not-good; you don’t want that.

      If you are afraid, avoid this situation. You are not ready to take yourself or your child there.

      In the interim, to get rid of the fear, you need to understand how things work spiritually. I would recommend spiritual study for you, also prayer and meditation. You are protected, you have friends in Spirit, you can call on Archangel Michael (and all angels, for that matter) to protect you at all times. Remember, in order for angels and the like to intercede on your behalf you must first give them the permission to do this. And so talk to your angels and friends in spirit and ask them for protection, for the divine light of God to shine upon you at all times. Take control of your fear.

      Memorize this scripture and recite it whenever you feel odd thoughts or are afraid:

      “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” — Isaiah 54:17

      Go to your local Catholic bookstore (whether you’re Catholic or not) and buy a medallion of Saint Michael. Wear this as a protective talisman. Michael truly protects in the name of God. If they have little figurines of Michael, purchase one and put it in your child’s room.

      You are more powerful than any lower entity. The way to banish all negative entities is by carrying a higher, stronger vibration. This is literally repugnant to lower energies. They cannot abide it and will ALWAYS flee. How to you achieve a higher vibration? Through spiritual practices, prayer, meditation, listening to high-vibration music, clearing the energy of your home, and practicing Bliss.

      Don’t be afraid. Nobody can invade your body unless you allow it. You have God and the angels on your side. Believe me, no lower energy can withstand that.


  24. En says:

    Hi Crystal, it’s me En. I had several dreams last week- twice, actually. In that dream, someone was raping me- someone I can’t see. And there were lots of hands that were holding both of my feet so that I can’t go or move away. The creepy thing was, it felt so real. I’m wondering what are your thoughts about this. Your response will be highly appreciated! Thank you so much :)

    • Crystal says:

      Hi En,

      My first thought would be not to worry. Dreams can be disturbing sometimes but that is all they are, dreams. Rape occurring in a dream is a kind of symbol, as well. It represents feeling powerless, humiliated, disgusted, among many other things. Here’s an interesting page on rape symbolism:


      Having said that, if these dreams persist, let me know. Some people claim to suffer spiritual attack in the form of rape — this is extremely rare but not unheard of. I wouldn’t jump to this conclusion at all, but again, if it persists, let me know.

      Oh! And before you sleep, direct yourself. Out loud, say what you wish to dream about. If you have a question you want answered, prompt yourself to answer the question in dreamstate, etc. If you want to experience astral projection or lucid dreaming, tell yourself you will experience this. If you want to meet your spirit guide, tell yourself that you will be doing so during dreaming. Self prompting is an effective way to guide your own experiences while sleeping.


  25. Carolina says:

    Hi Crystal,

    I don’t know where to begin. Ever since I was about five or six I’ve been able to feel the presence of energy besides that of my own and others. In fact, when I was six until I was about nine or ten I would see a large floating ball of energy over my bed that would expand and contract. It’d come floating in, spin around expand and contract; I’d play with it by sticking my hands up in the air and the. It would disappear. Then my family moved to an older home where my bed would vibrate and I’d awake every night at around 2 to 3 am. Mind you, I’ve always woken up in the middle of the night. This past year I had to move in with my mom for some time as a result of a surgery I needed. My mom lives in an apartment that is just full of energy. I’d go to sleep and wake up suddenly with panic in the night and feel like someone was in the corner trying to talk to me but I’d never respond because I didn’t know how and wasn’t sure if I was just crazy. After a while, I’d wake up with the sensation that someone was choking me where I couldn’t breathe and was in a complete state of panic. At the time my daughter who was only four months old was co-sleeping with me in a twin bed when something choked me and I awoke in panic. My hand was on my daughters chest and she also began to cry but something helped me move in time so as not to hurt her. Now, eight months later I’m living my husband and am again feeling something that wants to communicate. I have anxiety and eczema which is mostly triggered now a days by the fact that I can’t get a good nights rest and am emotionally bombarded 24/7. It’s affecting my home life and my health. Please help me understand what is going on. Thank you for your time in advance.

    • Crystal says:

      Hi Carolina,

      These are my initial thoughts:

      The ball of energy you experienced and with which you interacted as a child is a good thing. You were a child then, your pineal gland was freshly formed and like all children you were able to interact in the world of Spirit effortlessly. However, as you got older, your pineal gland started to calcify and this connection was somewhat cut off. The energetic ball, I am convinced, is still there — you simply cannot see it anymore. If you started visualizing this ball and working with it I believe you would have more experiences. This energetic ball is one of three things that I can figure: 1) your own spirit or higher self, 2) the energy of your spiritual connection with the Divine, or 3) an angel or a guide. All of these are good things, and only you know the answer as to what this ball actually is/was.

      Fast forward to the present time. What you’re now experiencing has nothing to do with that energetic ball. You are now experiencing signs of mediumship, or, more specifically, an ability to interact with spirits and ghosts. This is happening at night because your guard is down. It is likely that during the day these energies/spirits are around you, but you do not interact with them. At night however they can interact with you, so they do.

      Shaking your bed is an attention-getting ploy on their part. Choking you is the same kind of thing, just bumped up several notches, and it’s WRONG. Spirits are not allowed to do this to us. We must set up healthy boundaries. We do this by practicing psychic protection.

      I’d recommend you do a search for “psychic protection techniques” and read through various sites. Find a technique that works for you and then practice protection every day and night. Besides that, I would like you to recite the Lord’s Prayer before you go to sleep. I would also like you to reach out to Archangel Michael (if you read through some of my replies on this post, you’ll see I recommend Michael all the time — he is powerful) and ask him to protect your home, your baby, your husband, and you, all in the name of God. Remember, unless and until we give angels permission, they do not consistently intercede on our behalf. Reach out to Michael and the other angels assigned to you, and ask for their assistance in this.

      Go to Whole Foods and get a sage stick. Sage your entire house while reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

      You need your shields UP. These spirits are crossing the line and they need to be put back in their place. They are not allowed to do this. They are only doing it because you haven’t said they cannot. Remember, you are senior in your space. You can absolutely work with these spirits if you wish, but you must set firm “business hours”, meaning they can come to you during certain times and not at other times. Sleep time should be off limits.

      Remember to fill your space and your mind with beautiful things that bring you pleasure and cause a higher vibration in you. Colors, music, fragrances, foods, gemstones, art, all of this. Be comfortable in your home and in your body. If your vibration is high in these spaces, no negative entities will be able to withstand the energy. Negative entities are literally repulsed by the higher vibrations.

      Last and very importantly, DO NOT BE AFRAID. You’ll see me saying this a lot, too. Fear is an energy that replicates and draws more fearful (/negative) energy back to it, usually in the form of additional energetic disturbances you do not want. You have nothing to be afraid of. You control your space, your life, your home. You have the power of God on your side…use it.

      Please let me know if anything else happens or if you have more questions. God bless you.


  26. Caitlin says:

    I just ran across this article when looking up thimgs
    that are happening in my new home! Well New to me anyway lol when my husband myself and our children first moved in we had no issues. As time went on we all noticed things. Some from our children. One being a picture I took! I was going bck through my phon and saw a face in the door way. t was White with no body but was smiling a creepy type smile. Lookin in the bedroom from the hallway.
    A second picture was pf a man with a bow tie. Ive always been sensitive even as a child
    I would just like to know your imput on how I let these energies know that i mean no harm and how do I know they mean no harm to me?

    Thanks! my personal email is cayjones94@gmail.com pls feel free to email me!!

  27. Ivan says:

    Hi Crystal,

    Since I was perhaps 13 or 14 (I’m 22 now), I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night for seemingly no reason, and see a dark silhouette of a woman standing next to my bed, staring in my direction. The figure sort of blends in with the dark, I think it might actually be darker than the darkness, but it is always the same female silhouette. When I wake up and turn to look to the side of my bed and see her, so far I have always felt very scared and usually cover my head with my sheets and go back to sleep a few minutes later. This has happened maybe around 10 or 15 times since I was in my early teens, as far as I can remember, the last time it happened was probably around 2 years ago. Also, I have seen this female silhouette whilst sleeping in different bedrooms of the house. When I was younger, I didnt believe in the paranormal so I always thought I was just imagining whatever this is, but I have for the past year taken an interest in the spiritual and would be very interested to find out what this female silhouette is.
    I am in Europe now visiting my father (otherwise I live in New Zealand, where this started) and a month ago I think I may have seen this entity again after waking up from a dream at night, however I am not entirely sure as this time she was further away from the bed and rather than trying to get a better look if she really was there, I became scared and grabbed my tablet which was next to me on the bed and shone light in the direction I thought I saw her. Haha.

    What do you think this entity is and should I attempt to communicate if I see it again, instead of hiding under my sheets or turning on the light?

    Thanks. :)

    • Crystal says:

      There are a couple of things it could be. Your reaction of deep fear may be telling; this is a common reaction when we come into contact with negative entities. However it could also be due to the fact that you don’t yet have the understanding necessary to deal with this spirit is and know why it is there. In other words, we fear what we do not know.

      The best way to tell the caliber or character of a spirit is to correctly, and with neutrality, read its energy. If you can bypass your fear and set it aside, how does this entity feel to you? If you feel negativity then this is something to heed. If you feel neutrality or positivity this is also something to heed.

      However, there are beings called “shadow people” who do sound like what you’re describing. They tend not to be positive. Here is a good article on shadow people:


      Do a Google search and you will find many articles on these entities, encounters with whom are apparently on the rise.

      The main thing to remember is that you are senior in your space — you should not fear. The light within you will always dominate the energy within them, particularly if it is negative. To feel more safe and secure, conduct those practices that build light in yourself and in your space. By this I mean prayer, meditation, acts of kindness and service, spiritual study and my favorite, The Bliss Discipline. Build and strengthen your spiritual life, which is the source of your Light, and this will create a solid barrier of protection between you and negative entities.

      Additionally, I put up a video on the blog recently on Talismen. Please watch it and set out soon to find a talisman to use for yourself.

      I hope I have helped.


  28. Mae says:

    Hey Crystal. I have a few questions. First of all, I’d just like to say that I’m only 14. Is it too late for me to be able to cleanse myself of poisons and open up myself up spiritually? If it’s not, how can I do that? I am not necessarily fascinated with death, I am just intrigued by the spiritual world. My friends and I watch TV shows like Ghost Adventures, and I’ve been wondering if what happens in those shows are real? Like, it it true how a spirit needs to feed off energy or use certain devices in order to communicate? Also, I’ve been curious about the afterlife. Is there a big difference between spirits who are trapped on earth, and those who have moved on into the Light? And how do we know that? How have people gathered information on the spiritual world? I had a dream last night. Of course given the circumstances, it was confusing and mixed in with scenes from movies I recently watched and books I recently read. But the main point of my dream, was that I died along with a lot of other people at my school. We didn’t know we were dead at first, but we soon realized it when others– who were alive– couldn’t see us, yet we could see, touch, and communicate with each other. We didn’t even have an opportunity to move into Light or even darkness. We were just suddenly ghosts wandering around amongst the living. Did that dream mean something? And this is the last thing, I promise. My brother’s friend, who was also like a brother to me, committed suicide recently. It was expected and tragic. I miss him so much. Is there a way to communicate with a certain/specific spirit, so that I can be able to talk to him and help us both find closure? I’m sorry for the ton of questions, but I’d really appreciate it if you would help answer at least some of them. Thank you.

    With Love,

    • Mae says:

      Sorry, I meant ‘unexpected’ and tragic, not ‘expected’

    • Crystal says:

      Hi Mae,

      First off, you are definitely not too young to clear the toxicity from your body and in particular to clean your pineal gland. In fact you’re in a great position to do that — much better than someone in their 30s, 40s, and beyond. All ages can clean the pineal, however … it will just be easier for you. This is good news!

      The best way to clean the body is to take up a high vibration way of life, which involves eating and drinking those foods and substances which are cleansing, detoxifying and “light-bringing.” Check out my YouTube where I talk about High Vibration living quite a lot, and also where I have one or two videos on the pineal gland:


      As for shows like Ghost Adventures, two things: First off, I don’t usually like those shows, because all the “investigators” tend to do is agitate the spirits at haunted sites without offering any sort of real help. Zak Bagans strikes me as fairly ego driven and not very sensitive when it comes to the very real plight of personalities who may or may not be trapped between “worlds”. Second, irrespective of my reservations, the phenomena these types of programs show CAN be real. Now, I think some of the shows probably fake a bit of what they get, but that doesn’t change the fact that the type of paranormal phenomena they get (via video, EVP, divination, etc.) is very real. I experience this type of phenomena a lot in my life. You can too, with a clean pineal, a strong alignment with Source energy and an open and activated Third Eye.

      You also asked about spirits trapped on earth vs. spirits who have crossed into the light. I have a video coming up on this very subject in the next couple of weeks (subscribe to my YouTube feed so you can see it). In short, yes, there’s a difference. Spirits trapped on the earth plane are there because they are confused, traumatized, reluctant to cross into the light or just plain unwilling to go because they are scared of what they’ll face. These types of spirits are “lower vibration” than the ones who have crossed into the Light. Those who have crossed have assimilated all their earth experiences and have a higher understanding and awareness. Earthbound spirits are typically closed off to that kind of awareness, therefore interacting with them is pretty futile.

      With regards to interacting with those spirits, and whether we should, and how we get our information on the afterlife…be careful there. Playing with things like Ouija boards usually allows earthbounds to come in first and start messing with you, as opposed to beings you might really like to talk to, such as angels, guides, masters, etc. This is why I advise against using Ouija boards or messing around in “paranormal investigations” unless you know what you are doing and how to do it. There have been many books about the afterlife, etc. — I would suggest you go on YouTube (or Netflix) and look up a movie called “The Afterlife Investigations” as it offers pretty compelling evidence of the afterlife, as well as who offers it up and why.

      If you want to grow spiritually and interact with higher energies (which can be beings such as angels, guides, etc.), start by living a high vibration life and also by incorporating practices and disciplines which open up your channel with God or Source. Things like meditation, prayer and study are important. This will help click you into alignment, and once you are in alignment, all sorts of evidences and manifestations will begin to show up in your life.

      Ok, regarding your dream — the only way to know if it was important or meaningful or even predictive is to check in with your intuition. Nobody can really tell you what YOUR dream means, but you. It sounds like a symbolic dream, really, and probably a result of your interest for the paranormal. Once you begin to connect to Source and grow spiritually you will find that you will have many more dreams, and that certain dreams take on a specific quality. Vision dreams feel different than random brain dreams, etc.

      Last, you mentioned a friend committing suicide. First off, I am so sorry to hear this. Second off, you can talk to this person and he will hear you. They are always near when we think of them, because where they are time is not linear, and they can assign aspects of themselves to different situations simultaneously. If you want to talk to him, or tell him that you miss him and care about him, etc., then just say it out loud. Include him in your day, and he will hear you. Now, I will caution against trying to get HIM to interact with YOU, because he may not be up for that right now. After we die we enter into a sort of “rest” period where we recuperate and replenish our energies. Depending on how troubled our life, this may take awhile. You will know your friend is no longer “resting” and is active on the other side when he comes to you in a visitation dream. I have a YouTube video about visitation dreams and how they are different than regular dreams, please check that out too.

      Whew, that was a lot of questions! I hope I answered them all. I wish you well, Mae, and I am so pleased that you are concerned with your health and vitality, your spiritual connection and your awareness of God and the afterlife! Good for you. It takes some people their whole LIVES to get to where you are now.


  29. chantell says:

    Hi. Ive been experiancing some freak stuff since i moved into a private rental property. It was my landlords mum and dads house who have passed away. I hear loud banging and my 2 year old son has been waking up during the night laughing and talking but when i go in the room theres nothing there. Then when i was asleep i was woken up by what felt like something poked me forcefully in the head. I know i could have dreamed it but i woke my husband and had a mark on my forehead. The last few weeks has become unbareable. My plates that where on the bench in kitchen where smashed on the floor i heard the crashing sound came down to investigate. Then there was loud bangs on the wall. I asked if there was anyone there and if there was could they do it again and there was 3 loud bangs. But my safety gates top and bottom of stairs keep been opened. It scares me as ive a 2 year old and 1 year old in jouinor beds and worried incase they fall down stairs. We have had objects been moved wardrobe doors in my bedroom keep been opened and my dog refuses to go up stairs. Alot of my landlords parents clothes, orniments photo albums and things arë still in the house which i have stored in a large cupboard. I was wondering do you think it could bë his parents or a bad spirit? Ive tried communicating by asking questions. I have orbs and shadows on video. When i 1st moved into the house it did feel alittle weird but i put it down to it been a strange place after a few months things started to bë moved and toys going off during the night. Iam moving out of the house next month as iam worried incase it psycologicialy damages my son as it seems to have a strong connection with him. Could this bë the case and can you give me any advice thanks

    • Crystal says:

      Hi Chantell,

      First of all, do not be afraid. Perfect love casts out all fear. The darkness cannot comprehend the light. I say these things to people over and over again because they are true. Also, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. You are senior in your space. You command the energy of your space, so believe that, KNOW that, and then set about clearing it.

      First, I would suggest simply talking to the spirit. Tell them that you do not want them to move any of your items or to disturb your kids. Tell them specifically to stop messing with the security gates. A non-malicious (usually earthbound) spirit will respect your wishes. A malicious entity or negative energy will not. This will be one way you can differentiate between the two. If the phenomena stops after you’ve asked, then good. You should be fine until you leave. If it does not stop, you need to conduct an energetic clearing.

      Here is a link to an audio lesson on how to conduct your own energetic clearing. Please listen to it and follow the instructions to the letter. Remember, light overcomes darkness; love overcomes hate. Occupy the higher vibrations of love and light and just by virtue of BEING those high vibrations, you will clear every space you encounter, anywhere.



      • chantell says:

        Thanks so much for ur help. My safety gates have remained closed altho things still get moved around which doesnt bother me to much its just a bit of a pain when i go to get something and it isnt there. All i did was ask them and asked how they would feel if it was someone doing it to their grandson. I feel alot more comfortable in my home now. Altho i did see liz (my landlords mum) at my bedroom window watching me and my kids playing on the trampoline today she was smiling. I really do feel so much happier and that a gray cloud has been lifted from my home

        • Crystal says:

          Good! I am so happy to hear this. So many of us just don’t realize that “ghosts” are just people who are dead — and if we treat them with respect, they will respond in kind.


  30. eumaeimi says:

    Hi Crystal…
    I had something strange feeling for the past 2 days… honestly I had problems at present and I feel low, imbalanced and unhappy since this monday. I’ve gone a walk last monday to the grocery store and found some part of trees are swaying and some parts are still, I smiled and said to myself that’s weird and said hello to them on my thoughts,because i felt quite happy seeing swaying leaves while others are still. Then as i see a 1 strange tree there, seems unusual feeling arrived to me. As i arrived at home i felt dizzy, so low and felt all negative vibes are now around me, i felt like my ears, back and my head are almost going to blow or going to come out or something, makes me want to sleep but afraid. I tend to control it and kept busy. I utter a prayer, then in a few hours or 2 I felt ok, i tried to calm down and read some articles, specially with about astral travelling, I don’t want to fall asleep when I felt that kind of strange i can’t explain. I’m afraid some entities may took advantages of me. But before it happens I remembered i spoken to spirit unconsciously to get rid of my youngest Son because he always got sick without a trace, i felt burdensome to see him uncomfortable. Then the next day my Son’s fever & huge rashes are gone and dried out surprisingly that fast.

    As I read your blog before speaking to them (spirits or other entities) I must seek the guidance of our angels and higher entities most especially God first, and because I don’t know all about that, I did not done that.

    I don’t know if it has something with what i spoken to them or the tree that had my attention. I don’t know how to deal with this negative entities, they tend to frighten me and control my feelings, even at my workstation I feel them. But one thing I’m sure, I still have my guardian speaking beside me, and helping me out. Did I attract a negative entity and how can i managed to overcome my fear?, I’m a Lucid Dreamer and tend to Astral Travel without knowing, I sometimes foresee my future like a deja vu and some dreams with an interpretations. A friend told me, i had a gift from above. Use it properly. He guides me but it seems I still can’t understand.

  31. Ash says:

    Hello crystal,

    In every home I have lived in, there have been strange paranormal activities taking place. First, things went missing and fell on us from the shower. Next, my baby brother ( 1 at the time ) cried and said a mean man was following him and wanted to hurt him. I asked it to leave us alone, and it did… The next home we moved to, I had a nightmare in which a faceless tall black figure wearing a brown trench coat and top hat followed me up a staircase. In the dream, I was trying to open a door, and it seemed as if the “Shadow Man” didn’t want me to. Strangely, a few weeks later, my stepbrother told me about his nightmare, which was EXACTLY like mine. After that, things flew across the room, the TV turned on and off, I heard noises outside my window, we heard growling noises, saw a detailed scary face seemingly DRAWN on my wall, we saw a tall white figure staring at us, and strangest of all, actually communicated with a spirit calling itself John in our car radio. We communicated with it through beeps indicating answers yes or no. It also switched to different songs making the message “My names John, I’ve had a real good life.” The experience was just too detailed to be coincidental… we moved again, and my step dad saw a white figure strikingly similar to the figure me and my step brother saw. I want to know how to safely communicate with it, being that it obviously want attention. Also, does the presence seem demonic or human? I’m only 14 and I’d like to know more about this presence that is following us. Please let me know what you think ASAP, as the occurrences have became more intense over time.

    Thank you.

  32. Ash says:

    My personal email is acd0830@ncmcs.net, in case anyone has advice on the matter.

    • Crystal says:

      Hi Ash,

      I sent a long reply to your email address but it was rejected. Write me again with a working email address and I will send reply again. peace!

  33. chris says:

    Crystal I have afew things I would like to share with you through email smokieace803@gmail.com I have felt over the years that I have this gift but some think im crazy but my mother tells me I have a gift to see things and so has afew churchs. I want to know more on this type of stuff. So please I have so much to tell.

  34. Rob says:

    Hi Crystal,

    I am in my early forties and believe that I may be a “sensitive” and think this may have been the case since I was a young child. I’ve always had an innate sense if something dark was near. In the past year I have been able to repeatedly visit the same realm in my dreams. It’s almost a city scape best I can describe. My dreams are neither euphoric or bad. But there is a sense of allure to them. I should also mention that I have lost three loved ones over the past five years. My father to suicide, then a tiger I raised from cub and loved dearly like a child for 15 years, then my sister to cancer most recently at way too young of age, only 46. I feel my senses have increased with the passing of these loved ones who meant everything to me. My question is how can I find out if I am truly sensitive and gain a better understanding of what my capabilities and boundaries are? Thanks, Rob

    • Crystal says:

      I believe we were all born with natural psychic abilities. It sounds to me like you are pinpointing your strongest ability — you have a few, but we tend to identify with our strongest abilities more than the others.

      In any event, look for like minded people in your area. Hanging out with people on your level or higher is a wonderful way to learn a lot of new things, fast.

      If you’re not already meditating, start. The more you meditate — the more your abilities grow. Period. It is one of the most important things to do.

      Pray. Just talk to God/the Universe/Source as you would anybody — talk about what is on your mind, and in specific ask for very clear guidance you can recognize and understand to come through as to what you should do next.

      Along those lines, call in your angels and guides. These are friends in Spirit who truly do exist, yet we must first call them, then give them permission to work on our behalf, and then task them. They will help bring what you need to you.

      Study. All sorts of books are out there. Really, you should check out my You Tube page. I just put up a video about some of my favorite metaphysical books, and another went up today about angels and guides. I have videos on visitation dreams and a couple of cool ones on meditation. Here’s my channel:


      When you get there, do a search of all my videos (there are a lot) for a “powerful angel invocation.” This invocation works, and discusses protocol for interacting with our friends in Spirit.

      Last, you must clean up the body. The more filled with muck and mire, or weight down, or out of alignment, the harder it is for you to run the higher energies. If you smoke, quit. If you drink, moderate. If you don’t eat healthily, start making some changes. I am coaching a group Detox event this October which you should check out. People who go through this detox report expanded spiritual awareness — some of it pretty dramatic. Link:


      Most of all though, put the intention out there that you want your abilities to grow and you would like opportunities to come your way that will facilitate that. Your earnest intention, communicated to Spirit, gets everything in motion.


  35. mike may says:

    as far as spirits are concerned, i am sure that people that pass away are still with us and i would love to be able to communicate with them. i mean them and me, back and forth communicating, not just me talking to them. your ‘methods’ seem to always lean to a religious outlook on the subject, some of the family members i have lost,(mostly female) were religious, i am not, if someone wants to worship and idolize a holy image, fine, just do not try to convince me. as for paranormal investigation of haunted or active areas, i still haven’t come to a conclusion. i mean i heard the spirits will use the energy from the investigators equipment to manifest or express themselves, well if that is the case, why not leave the lights on to see what manifests? and also, with the technology today, how are we able to digitally hear a spirit, but the broadcasts of, say 1971, radio and television programs have the energy to still be circling in the area.
    so if i haven’t burned your eyes with my comments, is it and how can i have a family chat with a loved one from beyond? i thank you for the site, it’s interesting to see that others communicate or are visited with something from beyond.

    • Crys says:

      Hi Mike,

      Not sure if you were wanting to sound dismissive with regard to my “methods”, but let me say that they are just that…*my* methods. I really think it is the intent underpinning whatever protocol or ritual is involved, that matters.

      For me I do have an affinity for mystical Christianity and tend to lean toward symbols and context relating to that when working with Spirit. However, this system is simply a vehicle I use to get to where I need to go. By the same token, a Buddhist can use his or her own system, just as an agnostic can. What I recommend to others on this site comes from personal experience only, and remedies I offer are only offered because I know that they work for me. Of course, if someone doesn’t have the same frame of reference or if they have an aversion to my perspective on things, they would have to use a different protocol.

      Let me be clear: you do not have to be religious to make spirit contact. I am not a religious person in the least. My fondness for symbolism and my contextualization of energy forms is not a religion…again, this is my vehicle. So I do believe you can achieve your own personal contact with your loved ones, using your own vehicle, fueled by the purity of your intention.

      To me, religion is separate from God or Source Energy. If you connect the two, even subconsciously, then I am not sure whatever I offer by way of guidance will work for you. Because irrespective of my personal bents — or the bents of others — there IS in fact a Source, or a Creator, and contacting this Creator and SUSTAINING that contact is integral to manifesting ALL spiritual evidences. Period. So, if you want to start seeing things in your life of a spiritual nature, you need to first be okay with getting into closer contact with Source or God. You also need to work very specifically on your vibration. The higher the vibration, the closer you are in signature to Source. The closer you are to Source, the more you automatically manifest and populate your life with spiritual evidences.

      This video I made explains this process a little more deeply:


      Aloha and good luck,

  36. mike may says:

    thank you for the response, i apologize if the tone of my initial comments sounded as an attack. i have no pc manners, so to speak, and so i type sentences that sometimes punctuate as an attitude. that being said, i was just trying to find a way to personally get in touch with lost family members. i can tell when they are near, but i feel as if i still disappoint them, i’m a suidical veteran residing in a veterans home. the reason i moved here originally was to comfort my mother and sister’s fear of my safety. planning suicide and preparing is not the hard part, it’s the family you are leaving behind that makes the act difficult. i never wanted to go through the hurt and suffering of losing my family, but it has happened anyway, of the 5 in my family ther is only my younger brother and i left. that’s the point of my searching for a “method”(sorry) to contact and converse with them among others. watching the paranormal shows, i never understand asking for a sign, any noise they hear they believe is a sign. and the most famous words on these shows are “what was that?”, which is the same question everybody asks when they hear a noise in the dark. i thank you again for your guidance and wish you well in your ventures.

    • Crys says:

      Hi Mike,

      I totally agree with you regarding these paranormal shows. I find them for the most part absurd. They talk over each other, startle loudly, and I have yet to see some real evidence of contact. So I would put that sort of thing out of your mind entirely. It’s a waste of time.

      What I am going to say next you will have to take with a grain of salt. This is based on my experience and what has come through to me as a result of my work.

      Any time you intentionally direct a thought or statement to a deceased loved one, it emits a sort of signal. They get the signal on the other end and they come to you. This happens pretty much every single time. They always come. Whether you see them or not, be assured they are there. You mention feeling them around you — trust this. Also, anytime you are in deep grief and if this grief is centered on them, or if you are feeling very deeply for them in some way, this also emits a signal. They return to comfort you and to also let you know that they are there.

      Given your situation, this feels like a matter of trust. You hesitate to open, because…is it even real? Yet you feel and sense and know they are there, which begs all sorts of (cool) questions. The only way to answer those questions for yourself is to let your guard down and get out of your own way. Who cares what the facts or proofs are? Something is happening. Pay attention.

      It is always good to question, but there is a time and a place to simply trust. This may be where you are.

      Your loved ones are not disappointed in you. So many people carry the weight of this around and distribute it throughout their lives. The first thing deceased loved ones say when they come through is that they love you no matter what, and then they tell you that they are okay. Your path is yours to walk and this really has nothing to do with them. On the other side, they understand this concept completely. It’s we who struggle with it.

      One word about suicide: don’t. Nobody can tell you anything, however, that you haven’t thought through yourself, but from a strictly spiritual perspective (framed in my experience) suicide is futile. There is no judgment in the afterlife — it’s not like suicides go to hell, because there is no hell — but you are strongly predisposed to repeating this life in another form, and almost immediately. That which you intentionally shed, you wear again, and soon. So think about that.

      To expand and open yourself to phenomena, you must first open you heart, your mind…and talk. This means, well, to pray. Talk to your friends in Spirit. I have had personal encounters with angels and so I believe in them. I have also had encounters with guides, and so I believe in them too. From what I know of it, we all have these emissaries, and we must talk to them. We must also give them express permission to work in our lives, on our behalf. Otherwise they work in a subtle fashion only, or when we are on the brink of catastrophe. If you want spiritual help that is active and understandable, you ought to acknowledge your friends in Spirit, give them permission to intercede on your behalf, and then give them a task. When first attempting this sort of communication, ask them to send you a message through your environment. A name, a theme, whatever it is. Angels will typically do this, if your heart is right.

      It would behoove you to study metaphysics if you haven’t already. At the very least it can be wildly interesting (though roughly 90% of it is rubbish), and the bits that stick — which are the eternal truths — do help with the quality of life.

      I sense you’re the type that would rebuff the following statement: but I wish you love, I wish you understanding, I wish you healing. I also wish that you would begin to see evidences and even miracles around you, to persuade you in the right direction. Please look for the patterns. The sequences. The synchronicities. The numbers. Watch your periphery and pay attention to your dreams. This is where Spirit is trying to speak with you.


  37. Chey says:

    Hi Crystal, I would like your advice on an entity in my friends home.
    I have been able to see and contact spirits of my own family (I’ve lost family members consecutively every year since 2007) and my dad passed away three years ago. I went to where he died and felt this immediate pressure – he committed suicide in my grandmothers bathroom – and i fell to my knees. Now i’ve been knowing my friend Molly for a few years now, and i’ve been coming to her house for the past year. I’ve always felt that same pressure – just not as intense – in certain areas in her home. Her mother had previous family member (3) who have died in this house. But they see 4 apparitions – one of them being a little girl who i unknown. But the other 3 are identified as Molly’s great-great grandparents and cousins. They all died in the early 1900’s. Anyway, tonight, Molly’s little sister Katie was preforming her dance routine for us when she saw this immediate white glare and felt as if “something passed through her” and started crying and panicking. I’ve been doing some research and have come to the conclusion that she accidentally opened a physical spirit portal within her body – only temporary – because of her anxiety – her anxiety being caused from not perfecting her dance routine before her class.
    I have also seen apparitions in Molly’s household as well. I have been trying to contact them kindly – to put Molly and her family at peace about what is going on in their house. I assured them that there were not dark spirits because they are harassing them or harming them – and that if they were dark spirits they would have done their damage a long time ago – this is a family home that has been passed down generation to generation – so her family has always lived here.
    If you could please help me get into contact with these spirits i would really appreciate it – because i have no fear of them – i can sense that they are light. Please get back to me as soon as you can. Also, anything but a Ouija board would be helpful – this family is very terrified of Ouija boards. Thanks you

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