How To Clear Bad Energy (Or Spirits) From Your Home

Does something feel off in your home, or in a certain room in your house? Do you feel a sense of fear, dread, heaviness or oppression in certain hot (or cold) spots within your living space? Maybe you just feel that there is someone else there, someone you cannot see and someone you don’t want to see?

This is not unusual, and the good news is that this type of energy/entity can usually be cleared relatively easily.

Before I go into how to energetically clear a home (or space, or person), I’d like to address one critical thing: clearing through domination.

It seems to me that many of the shows on television today, as well as movies and books, promote an aggrandized and rather diabolical view of the paranormal. This has produced an emergence of a certain breed of spiritual/energy practitioner, one that comes into a space to clear it through sheer spiritual “dominance”. For example, I have heard of people literally screaming at spirits to vacate a premises, a notion I find somewhat absurd and most importantly, non-productive. Dominance and intimidation are in and of themselves hard, negative energies. Negative energy, like any energy we emit, will only draw back to it more of the same, and even feed into whatever negative energy you are attempting to clear. Intimidation, therefore, has the potential to completely backfire because the entity being “driven out” becomes agitated or even angered by the dominance asserted.

I have thoughts on the nature of evil energy which I won’t go into at length at this time. Suffice it to say I acknowledge that there are many different types of dimensional energies or frequencies — some of which vibrate in a signature closely resembling God’s while others vibrate in complete opposition to that same frequency. The latter you might call “evil spirits” or “demons” if you wish; I don’t think labels particularly matter. I’ll simply agree for now that these energies do in fact exist and at times can invade spaces, homes and even people.

Which brings us to the clearing out of such energies. Again, it truly is simple, particularly if you keep in mind the notion of frequencies or vibrations. In fact, the following biblical scripture sums it up quite well:

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. — John 1:5 (ESV)

This simple principle is all we need to remember when dealing with unwelcome energy. You see, light exists as an actual frequency or vibration. To take that a step further: love is a form of that light, and love vibrates at a very specific frequency within that light. This frequency is very high, the highest we can encounter in our human form. And where there is this love (or light) frequency,darkness cannot dwell, pure and simple. The lower frequencies simply cannot tolerate the higher, stronger frequency of light. In the presence of it, it flees.

Another scripture:

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. 1 John 4:18 (ESV)

Fear occupies a certain frequency, as does hatred, anger, bitterness, jealousy, etc. Basically, the less a being is illumined or enlightened, the more dissimilar in frequency to love/light it is. And since these lower vibration entities cannot withstand the high frequency of the light (or love), all that is required to clear a space is to infuse it with love.

Yes. That’s all it takes. Let love shine! But how, you might ask?

I’ll share a few things that work particularly well for me. First, in my experience, The Lord’s Prayer, when recited with full intention and with the words infused with pure love, is extremely powerful for space clearing. For whatever reason, and irrespective of a person’s particular spiritual orientation, reciting this prayer absolutely works. Again, you have to infuse the prayer with love and positive intention — that is, fill each word with the vibration of light and love. You cannot just recite it like a mindless mantra. The prayer must be active, or vibrating.

(Curiously, reciting The Lord’s Prayer in another language is also extremely effective. Coming from Hawaii, I am familiar with the Hawaiian version of The Lord’s Prayer and say it often. It is especially powerful.)

Along the same lines, singing hymns is extremely effective as well. Again, the intention must be set and all words must be infused with the vibration of love. Sing loudly, purely, strongly. Own those words and as you project them out, picture the words as actual vessels delivering liquid light into the space you are clearing. Keep singing until the low vibrations vacate and the high vibrations come in to replace them.

If you do not want to sing, that’s perfectly fine, you can simply play high vibration music. Certain pieces work better than others. Essentially what you are looking to play are songs of love, of goodness, of God. These are the kinds of songs that spread goosebumps over your entire body because they are so wonderful and powerful. (Personally, I have found Singh Kaur’s version of The Lord’s Prayer to pack a particularly strong love-punch.) Once you’ve selected your music, turn it up and let it flow everywhere; into you, around you, let it fill up the entire space. Do this as many times as it takes to regain a positive and light balance. It should not take long.

Remember: all you really need IS love. It clears and restores EVERYTHING. It is the most powerful tool you have and it works every time. Then, once your space is cleared, make sure not to pollute it from there on out; keep your space clutter free, light, clean and always populated with the energy of light and love (in the form of music, words, crystals, pictures, aromas or anything that has a high frequency).

 Singh Kaur’s The Lord’s Prayer

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Crystal Anne Compton is a certified intuitive reader, writer, and teacher of metaphysics. Click here to order an intuitive reading.
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15 Responses to How To Clear Bad Energy (Or Spirits) From Your Home

  1. hi can you write me back we have alot of bad vibes in are house we sometimes see spiders but not there not there and see shadows i don’t know what going on .

    • charlene says:

      omg are you serious, the spider thing, I thought I was going crazy! If its still happening to you or it stopped please let me know what you did!

  2. Ashley says:

    what should I do? we have many spirits in our house and one of them is extremely violent. It has a tendency to attack me and my sister? I don’t really have anyone else to ask…

    • Melanie says:

      It is May 2014 are you still having problems with spirits in your house specifically violent ones I can help but I need more information

  3. phyliciah says:

    Yea I just moved into my apartment and Ive never felt a like the vibes in this apartment very sad vibes not angry but sad. I can be an empath at times and I hate it because Im more susceptible to stuff like this. A very dreary awful disturbing feeling ansd vibe.

  4. Crys says:


    Have you saged your house?


  5. Haley says:

    Hi, um, we (my father and I) moved into our house two years ago. I had a dream a few months in that someone was murdered in our bathroom, it was a violent dream, and the last time I had such a dream was at least 3 years ago. One woman killed another in the bathroom – I didn’t think anything of it. But strange things happen in the bathroom now. I was grabbing something when I felt VERY bad, dangerous vibes. I knew I would get hurt if I left, so I shut and locked the door. I heard things moving in the living room, but I was home alone. I was in that bathroom for 2 hours before my dad came home. This has happened multiple times, always at 4 or 5 in the afternoon or the early morning hours. There are always strange noises and doors opening, but I play that off because this is an old house. The things I have tried seem to put the vibes at bay, but they always come back. I’m 15 and my dad doesn’t buy ANY of it, so this battle is all me. I don’t know what to do.

    • Crys says:

      Hi there,

      Tell me what you have tried to get rid of this energy?

      In order to clear a space and even yourself, there are a few things you can do. First, go to your local Whole Foods Market or metaphysical store and buy some burning sage. It comes in a bundle and is usually wrapped in string. When home, burn the sage in the affected areas. This makes all spirits lethargic and most spirits leave. However, the spirits may come back – the effect of sage lasts two to three weeks. However, with continued use of sage burning over the course of a few months the spirits will get the hint and leave altogether. Also, burning sage throughout the house keeps other spirits from entering the home, as well.

      The other thing to do is to rid yourself of all fear. Fear is an energy, and it is replicative. This means that it can build upon itself, making the situation worse. Fear transmits a signal of sorts, drawing back to it conditions, circumstances, energy and entities of a matching signature. The fear signature is a decidedly negative one. So, when dealing with a spirit situation, never be fearful or you will attract back fearful circumstances. Besides, there is nothing to fear anyway. “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” – Isaiah 54:17

      The most important thing for you to do is to raise your personal vibration. The lower vibrations, containing all the lower entities and energies, are positively repulsed by higher, lighter and loving vibrations. The quality of these higher vibrations will literally cause all lower energy to scatter. If you are experiencing unwanted spiritual activity, try one or all of the following things:

      **Clean your house and all personal spaces (bedroom, car, office, etc.). Disorganization emits a disorganized energy, which creates a space for negative energy. Clean everything well; throw out all of the things you do not need, and let the fresh air flow through your space.

      **Populate your space with items that delight you. Delight, when felt in our body, is of an extremely high vibration, and so when you look at items that delight you, you actually raise your vibration, repelling all negative energies. Items can be things like specific colors, gemstones, candles, scents, artwork, spiritual renderings (for example, a statue of Saint Michael – always helpful!).

      **Play, sing along to and move along with beautiful, high vibration music. Have that music be as uplifting to you as possible and have it permeate your entire space. As you enjoy the music and especially as you sing along to or or tone with it, your vibration will rise, repulsing any negative energies.

      **Pray. Study spiritually meaningful texts. Feel and express gratitude. Meditate. All of these increase your vibration.

      **Get a talisman. A talisman is essentially something you carry with you or wear that provides protection. My most common recommended talisman is a medallion of Saint Michael. These can be found in Catholic book stores and can be worn around the neck on a chain, or put into your pocket. The key here is to always engage the talisman/medallion when you are praying, singing, thinking, meditating, etc. This imbues the talisman with real power via your intention and spiritual practice, and this real power helps to protect you.

      **Practice psychic protection. There are many articles on the web on this subject, as well as many, many books. Do your research and find a technique that works for you. Personally, I find the recitation of The Lord’s Prayer to be extremely protective. Also, envisioning a glowing white bubble of protective power surrounding me at all times, through which nothing negative is allowed, is also effective. After creating/visualizing that bubble, I put yet another bubble around it – so, a double bubble. Another common psychic protection technique is to envision yourself within a column of white, divine light, originating from God. Spread this light everywhere in your home via visualization.

      I hope this has helped you. Remember, you are senior in your space. You are in control of whom and what can enter into your space, and if you do not want them there, you have every right to ask them to leave.


    • dylan says:

      You could try placing crystals around the house (dont ask why) tell me if it works

  6. Bella says:

    hi, is there anything special I can do to protect young children? for some reason you hear a lot of stories of them being targeted. why is this? can positive spirits do any damage, and with the positive is there negative hanging around as well? our house isn’t too bad, I try my best to fill it with love and light, but there is always the odd tiff or fight with my partner. previous housemates have attempted suicide and had depression in this house. does that energy stay long? don’t want anything to just walk in though! thanks in advance!

  7. Jim Wellman says:

    I’m building a boat that I plan to sail myself. I’m thinking about putting a Vintage St. Christopher medal within the fiber glass at the bow of the boat (St. Christopher is patron Saint of mariners and travelers).

    This is the question… By using a vintage medal would I be risking negative energy being associated with the medal from it’s past history? **This is going on a boat I’m going to be sailing so that’s kinda a big deal.

    Also recommendations on clearing the negative energy from the medal if think it’s necessary?

  8. Kathy says:

    I care for my mom 24/7 whom is seriously ill. She is at home with a trachea and air machines, humidifier for her breathing. I had for the past few days suffered from really bad headaches. I felt nauseated and heavy. Well this past Thursday I was laying in the bed by the machines reading a book. There are no fans but something was standing next to me I could feel it. It blew in my face moving my bangs and in a deep voice heard “DON HURT!”I felt sick to my stomach, couldn’t feel or move my legs. They had goose bumps. Then my mom’s air machine slowly came to a stop, kitchen light flickered and went off, my reading lamp flickered then went off. My cell phone started calling people which I didn’t know. But I did grab it and texted my husband to get over here. Seconds before he came through the door., the kitchen light and machine came on. I was in tears because my legs hurt. He kept trying to help me. I kept repeating, I mean no harm please go to the light. Within 20 minutes my headache slowly disappeared and I could feel my legs. We have help that comes and goes so we have a security camera. You see the lights going on and off and orbs. Please help me figure out what this was. It a as a negative energy and I don’t know why

  9. reynaa says:

    Has this worked for any of you, I ask cuz I been stayin at my grandmothes and her house has bad energy..I can feel it as crazy it as that sounds even to me..I know I feel something bad and its scary.. and I feel like it its effects everyone is the house. My grandmother was a sweet kind she stay in the house and hates everything and everyone… my brother was a sweet kind man and LOVED HIS LIFE, but then living there changed it all…he hung himself.. the house is like huge energy of evil ..u hear thing and u think ur crazy where no1 believs you..the door unlock all night…water turns black for no reason…needing answers

    • Crys says:


      I would call out an energy clearer of some sort — someone to come in and bless the house and move any unwanted energies or spirits out. Also, you should be actively smudging your ENTIRE house, at least every 2 – 3 weeks.


  10. reynaa says:

    Who would contact to do it ,I haven no idea where to begin

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