How To Raise A Spiritual/Psychic Child

When my daughter was three years old she began talking to a person she apparently saw in one corner of the dining room ceiling. Seeing her one day at the table chit chatting with this invisible person, I naturally asked her who in the world she was talking to. She quickly said “Uncle Dennis”.

Well, my father’s name was Dennis, and he had died the year before she was born. Because she was only three I hadn’t yet talked to her about my father, so you can understand my surprise when she brought up his name. I then asked her to describe the person she was seeing in the ceiling and she described my father just as he was before death.

I could have at that point dismissed this as the ramblings of a sweet toddler with a vivid imagination, but being psychic myself, I had a pretty good idea exactly what was going on. I knew my daughter was “close to the veil” (through birth) and therefore could interface with Spirit fairly easily. I also knew that I had done nothing up until then to dissuade her of this type of thing, and when she began talking about it that day I sat rapt, listening to every word.

This moment motivated me to keep her connected to Spirit in whatever way I could, and I have done that all of her life. She will be 18 this year, and is just as “clicked in” (if not moreso) as I am. She is another spiritual light in this world, which is something we so desperately need — which is why we should know how precisely to deal with and encourage a spiritual — or psychic — child.

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The secret to your life on planet earth, made easy.

I want to try and make this as simple as possible. The following is the secret to your life, and while it may sound outlandish and mythologized, it is also absolutely, unequivocally, TRUE.

God is Creator and Creation. You are also that creation, and you contain within you the energy of the Creator that made you. You have God in you.

The energy of God within you is LIGHT. You live on this earth at this time to learn how to fill yourself with more LIGHT in order to align yourself more closely to God. That is it; there is no more. This quest for LIGHT takes many shapes and forms, yes, but it is as simple as that.

As you find ways to fill yourself with LIGHT, you grow the God energy in you. As it grows, you not only become like God (Jesus said, “ye are all gods”, and this is precisely what he meant), you also become GOD-MAGNETIC.

In truth, you are always magnetic. You are made of energy and energy will always exist within and build upon itself according to its baseline signature. If you want to be a negative blight upon this planet, you will do so MAGNETICALLY and draw all sorts of energetic forms and patterns back to you that will keep you in that negative energy and even build that negative energy. But you will never not ever be happy living this way.

You also will not be GOD-MAGNETIC.

When you are GOD-MAGNETIC you draw/attract according to your LIGHT. LIGHT energy is the STRONGEST and PUREST in the UNIVERSE. When you are filled with pure LIGHT you easily and effortlessly attract MIRACLES to yourself and to those with the good fortune to be in your proximity. Every day, in every way, you draw new and wondrous information, people, relationships, truths, events, objects, energies, structures, etc.

Because to be GOD-MAGNETIC means you are CREATING in purity. Out of nothing something will come; out of darkness light will shine; out of negativity good will flow. Being GOD-MAGNETIC affords you the power of TRANSMUTATION and TRANSCENDENCE.

To create in purity — which requires real and strong alignment with the Source energy that created you — is the key to living a happy, purposeful, and positive life. Does this mean you’ll be rich? Maybe, maybe not…depending on what you’re supposed to be creating in THIS life, in THIS dimension, at THIS time. Does this mean you will be free from illness or suffering? Maybe, maybe not…depending on what you’re supposed to be creating in THIS life, in THIS dimension, at THIS time.

Ultimately whatever you create when you are GOD-MAGNETIC will be GOOD. Very, very GOOD, because GOD IS GOOD, and irrespective of your physicality, your ability, your faculties, your propensities — YOU WILL FEEL AND BE GOOD, BECAUSE YOU WILL BE LIGHT! You will be happy.

This is the goal of your whole life, to be GOD-MAGNETIC, to be HAPPY, to fill yourself with LIGHT and then to LET THAT LIGHT SHINE BEFORE MEN. Stop amassing, stop controlling, stop calculating, stop hoarding! This is not spiritual. This is ego-minded and small. Instead, step into the expansion of Creation, take the key that lives within you and put it into the lock of the universe and watch as ALL energies and ALL principles and ALL laws open up to you and you become THE MAGICIAN OF YOUR LIFE.

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The Bliss Discipline Explained

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Getting The Law of Attraction To Work For You

Below is the companion video to my last post about why the Law of Attraction might not be working for you. Understand this one key principle and you will magnetize your entire life, causing the Law of Attraction to work effortlessly for your benefit and edification.

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Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working

People are enamored with the law of attraction. It is a system that they find potentially accessible, meaning it’s a program that they can work that might bring them things that they want. There is no judgment around this. We all want good things, and for our lives to be comfortable. This is human nature.

Yet the law of attraction isn’t a system so much as it is an immutable truth. It isn’t something we conjure up in order to scale a thing, like scaffolding on the side of a building. It is instead something that is happening literally all of the time, no matter what we are doing or where we are.

We are constantly creating. Remember that.

People become disappointed and even angry when the system they’ve bought into — that is, the popular idea of the law of attraction — does not work as they have been told it should. They create vision boards, recite affirmations, and conduct visualizations, all ritualistically. It should work. But why isn’t it working?

Here is the real Secret, and I will say it again: we are constantly creating. The law of attraction works separate and apart from you and regardless of your awareness of its usefulness. In order to start attracting things you desire you must learn to consciously create, but this act isn’t about vision boards or specific outcomes, but rather a state of being. Yes, in order to magnetize your life and attract what you want, you must first BE what you are called to be. You must inhabit the higher vibration of all good things. Until you do this you will draw only in bits and pieces, and never in a fully realized way.

To draw what you desire, work on the inner being. Dig out the good things and the bad things, the ugly and beautiful, the dark and the light. Inspect it all. Find the dissonance, root it out, make it harmonious. Edify the harmonious and call it into even fuller being. Find the distortion within yourself and work your way through it, to clarity. It is only when you are aware and working toward being whole (does this work ever end? That really is the question) that you will start truly magnetizing on the Master Level. You will become a Magician.

And the irony? When you are the Magician you will at the same time care very little about what you magnetically draw back to you. It will not be about the trappings but rather the state of being that brought the things. It will be about the inner harmony, the vibration of the soul as it sings its way back to Source, back to God. When you are doing this kind of singing you will not care what you are driving, you will not care what you are wearing. You will only care about the unity of self with Source. When you are there, feeling that — you are free.

What does this all mean? Be kind. Be love. Seek God. Be charitable. Look up. Contemplate the eternal things. Determine how you can experience joy and then do those things MORE. Be of service to yourself and others. Increase your light. Give without caring what you receive in return. Forgive. Bless yourself. Laugh. 

Doing these things will magnetize your life because they demand that you occupy a higher vibration, and it is the signal of that vibration that draws back to you all manner of good things. Therefore do these things, and build your light, and you will have all that you want and need.

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Let Us Be Free

People tend to become “more spiritual” though various forms of adversity, struggle, suffering and grief. All these so-called negative emotions actually shine much needed light on our inner processes and help us to become more clear about who we truly are, where we are going and what waits for us at the end of this earthly life journey.

Suffering is not always visited upon us. Sometimes we visit suffering upon others. I myself am guilty of having made others suffer, of hurting them and causing them to undergo radical and sweeping life changes. Me. I did that. It is hard admitting this, but it is nonetheless true. It is also true that most of you out there have probably done the same thing.

Alas, this is life.

The one thing I can say about having deeply hurt others is that in turn it hurt me deeply as well, and also caused intense and pervasive introspection and subsequent change within me. In other words, hurting others ultimately changed me for the better. Others hurting me also ultimately changed me for the better. These were all just types of lessons, and sometimes the lessons cut especially deeply, don’t they?

Our focus should not be on the hurt (nor who delivered it), but rather on the fact that the hurt itself was a powerful teacher, and that through that teaching light was able to shine more clearly into us, into who we are as spiritual beings. By knowing why we hurt others, it helps us not to hurt anyone else in the future. By feeling the pain of being hurt by others, it helps us to never want to do that to someone else. There is light in the center of all pain. And where there is light, there most assuredly is God.

Do not beat yourself up for all the things you’ve done wrong. I have done many things wrong as well, so much so that I could spend all of my years reliving each moment and condemning myself with each sin, if I wanted to. But that’s not why I’m here on this planet. I am here instead to pick myself up and to move valiantly on, to integrate all lessons — whether borne of joy or pain — and become the best Me that I can be. I am working hard every day to do this.

And so with that I wish all those whom I have hurt much joy, much peace, much light. I send you this energetic message of my love, in the form of these words, which I could not communicate effectively back then because I myself was broken, lost, and unknowing. I hope through my interactions with you — even the interactions that hurt — that you have become a better person, a being of real love on this planet, a blessing to yourself and to others. Please forgive me, as I have forgiven you and as I have also forgiven myself.

Let us be free. Let us live in love.



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Jesus: An Example of a Truly High Vibration Life

When Jesus was in his ministry he told his followers and listeners that they would ultimately be able to do all the things that he could do, and even more. He even went so far to call them all gods, or, in other words, the gods of their lives.

This is very important for us to hear and understand. Jesus Christ was arguably one of the most (if not the most) enlightened humans to ever walk the planet. His vibration was higher than everybody else, because he spent his life literally occupying and expressing the energy of his father — which is Source energy. By simply receiving, sustaining and expressing Source energy he was able to change literally everything and everybody around him, just by BEING.

The following video goes more deeply into Jesus Christ’s high vibration nature and makes the connection between the life he lived and the life we now are called to live.

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My Channeling Process, and How You Can Channel Too

Some people think being a professional intuitive or channel is something mysterious that they themselves could never do. They think all real psychics have some kind of “gift” that other people for some reason do not have, which makes the psychic individually special, above others and essentially “un-relatable”.

I’m here to tell you that that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Real practicing intuitives (or healers, or empaths, or channels, etc.) aren’t any different than you, they are simply in sustained possession of something that you at present have access to but are not fully utilizing.

The video below explains precisely what that thing is, and how you can have it in your life too, thus inviting more and more spiritual evidences into your own life.


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Divorce: A Symptom of Shift?

As the shift continues to progress (it’s only just begun!) more and more people will find themselves moving into and out of relationships. I want to address some of the relationships we will find ourselves moving out of. Some of these will be extremely long-standing and meaningful. I’m talking friendships, partnerships, love relationships and yes, even marriages.

Divorce and the term “ascension” don’t seem to go together, do they? One is easy to judge as bad while the other we easily judge as good. Yet I want you to remove all judgment when looking at life change and spiritual growth. When we judge change we make it harder to embrace it and allow it to transform us. Instead, we need to realize that change is natural — hence the world shift — and that during this time many of us will go through incredible life transformations, with marriage and divorce being just a couple of these.

As many of you know, I myself am no stranger to divorce. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in all of the meaningful relationships I’ve had. I spent a lot of time judging myself and feeling emotions such as regret and guilt around things that had happened. These turned out to be rather useless and negative emotions, and I had to do a lot of work to put these transitions into the proper context.

Watch the video below to get a better understanding as to why so many of us are going through this change in particular, and how we should not only view it, but approach and move through it, as well.

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Please Stay Connected To Me

I have begun posting a good deal of content on my YouTube channel. If you’re not yet subscribed, I encourage you to do so, as I’ll be putting up videos on a variety of spiritual and metaphysical matters: angels, high vibration nutrition, healing past trauma, dream journaling, The Bliss Discipline and so much more. There is a wealth of information there, so if you’re not subscribed yet, please do so.

Also, as my video below explains, it’s getting harder and harder for me to access your letters and respond in a truly timely basis. One of the best ways to interact with me throughout the day is by liking and checking my Facebook page, where I spend a good amount of time and try to post often.

Lots of great things are happening around and to me, so please stay connected so that we can take this journey together!


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Who is The Observer?

Have you heard of The Observer? Have you encountered him or her? In the following video I discuss the nature of this spiritual friend and what role he or she plays in our lives.


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Eating a more “high vibration” diet — which is to say a diet rich in foods teeming with pure, strong energy — helps us to more completely click into alignment with Source energy and helps us to enlighten and ascend. Watch the following video to discover one extremely high vibration food in particular, and how you can use it in your life every day to live more high vibration!

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#1 Key To Enlightenment

Everyone wants it: the key to advancement, to enlightenment, to ascension. How do we move forward and take the next literal and metaphorical leap in our journey? The answer is both amazingly simple and incredibly powerful. And it’s within us all.



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Perfect as we are.

Q:  I feel I should be doing more, that I am wasting my life. I wonder if I’m squandering my years, failing to live up to my potential. How can I be more disciplined? How can I do better and give more? 

A: One way of knowing you are a Lightworker is that you experience a deep sense of urgency when you are not directly working within your purpose. It is as if your life is passing you by and you are letting yourself and others down. Experiencing this feeling should reassure you of exactly who and what you are (a Lightworker) but not overwhelm and change how you are (a human).

It really is very easy. Be love. In the morning, come into contact with Love. Do this via meditation, prayer, chanting, toning — whatever really does it for you. Access the wellspring of Love (which is God) and hold it in your heart, keeping it with you all day. As you proceed throughout your day, allow that Love to express itself organically in whatever way it chooses. Maybe it’s a compliment to your coworker. Maybe you hold the door for someone. Maybe you get out into nature and let God minister to you. Simple, easy things. Yet these things will literally change the space inside you, and this change will go on to affect the space around you. Master Love — the being, growing and expressing of it — and you will have done all you were ever required to do.

When we master Love, Spirit sees that we are available and willing. It then matches the Love and brings with it new opportunities. An organization of sorts ultimately occurs, and this organization can be a career, a system, a movement, an energy. Yet the foundation of this organization is always Love and your constant connection to it.

I used to worry a lot that I wasn’t doing enough. This would lead to ideas of failure, of not living a full and inspired life, or a life equal to my potential. One day years ago on a flight from London to Chicago I had the good fortune to sit next to a beautiful and dynamic Iranian hairstylist. As we were talking she explained how she had left Iran alone, opened a business in Texas which was now thriving, and met and befriended many important people. She wasn’t boasting, just talking. She was effortlessly independent and powerful.

I was of course impressed. I told her how I wished I had accomplished more; that I was “just” a stay at home mom who hadn’t done half what she had done. Her eyes got wistful and she said that she would trade my life for hers in a moment. She had no husband, no mate and could not have a child. She wished to be like me, and I wished to be like her, yet all along we were both perfect just as we were.

I have never forgotten that woman.

Then just last month I received a wonderful astrological reading where I was told quite simply that the only thing required of me was to enjoy life. Enjoy life? What? How selfish! And yet he said it was my biggest lesson: to enjoy food, people, material things, beauty, life — all in a truly deep and spiritual way. I did not need to endlessly focus on producing, giving, servicing. My lesson all along was to simply love this life in the fullest way possible. I was floored! And…relieved.

Nothing was required of me, just my agreement to fully be here.

And so I pass that along to you. Love your life just as it is and yourself, just as you are. Make simple, beautiful adjustments that benefit not only you but others. Of course meditate, of course pray, of course get out into the divine energy of nature. Of course talk to God and your guides. Do all of these things from the paradigm of full acceptance of self.

You do not need to be more. You are not becoming. You already are and always have been. I am. We are. Perfect as we are.



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Thoughtform Entities

aapoltergeistI’m in an interesting area of my channeling. I’m presently focused on a topic The Guides refer to as The Ethereals.  These are all the spiritual beings with whom we most come into contact, to include interdimensionals, angels, ghosts, ascended masters, etc.

I was fascinated when The Guides wanted to add a new section to The Ethereals discussing a group of beings called Thoughtform Entities. Probably like most of you, I wasn’t exactly sure what these entities were, though I had heard a little here and there about them. I had no clue how they actually factored into our lives, until now.

(The channeling, by the way, is still coming, and I am learning many new and unusual things. Soon the channeling on The Ethereals will be available on this site, along with a large amount of other channeled information on a variety of topics. So much of it is new and fascinating information; I cannot wait to put it up!)

From what I gather at this point, Thoughtform Entities are entities that we actually create ourselves. They take form as a result of the quality and strength of our energy and/or intention. Once they take form they are able to evolve, developing sophisticated and individual personalities and even a sense of purpose.

Interestingly, we can create these entities either passively or intentionally.

Poltergeists are one example of passively created Thoughtform Entities. Poltergeists take form in response to the energies within a person, and very commonly in response to the raging hormones of pubescent teenage girls. Poltergeist phenomena presents as separate from us but actually originates within us; as soon as we balance and gain control, the phenomena dissipates. That is, unless the poltergeist is given the opportunity to evolve into a distinct and intelligent entity.

Other Thoughtform Entities are created intentionally, for example in order to conduct specific tasks. Some spell-workers create protective entities to watch over people, places or things. Others create Thoughtform Entities for purposes of psychic battle. The Guides call these types of entities prayer creations, or entities which are brought into existence by the focused will of an individual or group. (For what it’s worth, it is never recommended to willfully create a Thoughtform Entity for the purpose of negativity. If negativity is the entity’s base energy, it will ultimately impact everyone with that energy, and most especially the individual who created it.)

Thoughtform Entities are apparently everywhere, most of which exist within various stages of the initial creation phase. It appears we ultimately “give birth” to these entities in times when we experience and express deep, focused and strong energy. If this energy is sustained it will feed the Thoughtform Entity, who then begins to develop a more sophisticated essence or personality. However, if we, during the initial phases of creation, cease to feed the entity, it will, in most cases, dissolve.

Thought not always. More on this soon.



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Spiritual Eating

Fresh vegetable juices on wooden table, on green backgroundIf you want to grow spiritually or enlighten, food is a wonderful place to start. The rule of thumb here is to be mindful of the life or energy ratio within all the foods you consume. The closer to its life your food is, the more elevated or ascended energy it will impart to your bodily systems.

(Please know I am not speaking about the consumption of meats, but rather plant based foods and liquids. Because of the way animals are commercially treated and slaughtered you can be reasonably assured that their meat will be tainted with not only the chemicals used in their life and death but also the energy they endured throughout their lives. That energy is transferred directly into your system. So, if you eat meat, please make sure it is organic, grass-fed and grass-finished (if it’s beef) and that the animals themselves were treated humanely and with kindness throughout their life and death. Check out ethical local farms; more and more are popping up everywhere.)

As many of you know, I grow a lot of my own food. Not all of it, but a good amount. I grow what I want to eat and nothing more, and I try to use the entire plant, if possible. If I’m harvesting a carrot I don’t simply eat the carrot but I puree the carrot tops and freeze them for smoothies to make at a later time. I eat the leaf and stem of my kale and collard plants. And when I harvest, I talk to my plants and thank them. I use only what I need, and I bless my food.

I am lucky that I can go out and pick what I need and immediately consume it. This insures that I am taking in elevated earth and life energy — energies very similar to Source energy.  The more of this type of energy I consume, the more it will augment and raise my own signature. This directly aids spiritual growth, enlightenment and Ascension.

I realize that not everyone has a huge yard or can grow a large garden. Still, most of us can at least grow some of our food, even if it’s just potted herbs in a window or tomato plants on the balcony. You can grow some part of your essential spiritual foods and consume them immediately upon harvesting, like I do. This guarantees that their energy will be as clean, pure and strong as possible upon consumption. All other foods should be organic and purchased in-season and locally sourced, if at all possible. Even if you can’t buy organic, choosing raw fruits and vegetables over processed foods and meats is infinitely better. There are degrees to everything. Do the best you can, without judgment.

If you are interested in eating spiritually, you might also like to consider juicing. Take fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and juice them, removing all of the fiber. Pure juice, like pure water, is a conductive, which means it literally runs energy throughout your body. Your body also won’t have to work so hard to digest juice, allowing it to divert its energy to other necessary activities, such as healing and the raising of its energies.

If you don’t want to lose the fiber from those veggies and fruits, that’s perfectly okay. Make a smoothie instead, incorporating pure juice and plants. Throw in some chia and flax seeds and some kefir, too, if you’re so inclined. Your body will cherish and utilize the nourishment and the beautiful life energy you take in. You will heal yourself while at the same time increasing your spiritual and psychic abilities.

Holistic health is a major cornerstone of spiritual growth. When we honor our bodies as well as plants, animals and the planet itself, we are working within very sacred energies. When we remove processed foods and the things we know cause damage to our systems, we simultaneously bless our systems and allow them to advance.

The following is a small list of some particularly spiritual (and healthy!) foods and herbs/spices. Eat them liberally and enjoy!

  • Amaranth
  • Cacao/Chocolate
  • Cayenne
  • Cilantro
  • Coconut (flesh, milk, water, oil)
  • Cruciferous vegetables (kale, collards, cabbage, etc.)
  • Dark/colorful fruits (blueberry, cherry, raspberry, etc.)
  • Lemon
  • Melons
  • Parsley
  • Turmeric



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Q & A: Do we incarnate in groups?

aacollectiveQ: Hi, Crystal, you are so nice! I meet your work on YouTube and I really appreciated your video on Archangel Lineage (I told you on Facebook, too), and I felt that I have to communicate with you…The question is this: are there groups of souls now on Earth linked together, in order to work together for the Light? Do we have to find these connections with other people? And how? I hope to hear your answers soon, Best wishes – Alessandro

A: Hello Alessandro!

First of all, thank you! Second, the answer to your question is yes. There are definitely groups of people linked together on the planet right now, though there are a couple of variations to consider.

First, each and every one of us incarnates with a soul group. This group of people tends to incarnate with us life after life. We switch roles with them; sometimes they are our lovers, while in other lives they may be our best friends, and still in other lives they may play the role of our enemy to teach us valuable lessons. Typically parents and children are always part of your soul group. Also, you never have to go looking for members of this group — you contracted with them before incarnating to experience this life together. You always find yourselves no matter what.

Second, our planet is undergoing a very curious energetic shift at this time, along with all of her inhabitants. As a result we have intentionally incarnated here with groups of souls who share similar skill sets and a certain capacity for various types of understanding. We do specific work with these people, sometimes without ever meeting them. It is the quality of the collective energy of the group that does the work and brings about the transformation or change. By deepening your connection to Spirit you also deepen your connection to this group and further the work of the collective. Examples of these types of groups include all manner of lightworkers, i.e. healers, teachers, visionaries, philosophers, scientists, progressives, to name just a few.

The more you enlighten the more you will find these people. You will also slough off many people who no longer share your path or purpose. This is part of life.

I hope I have helped!



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Q & A: How To See The Bad As Good

aablissQ: How does one process negative experiences that drag you down into something one can learn from. i often feel i make little progress when a setback in life throws me into a negative tail spin quite easily and i end up feeling frustrated with my inability to rise above the negative. — Merton A.

A: Ohhhh yes. I understand this question deeply and personally.

My ultimate theory is that there should be no judgment on the bad, because in the grand scheme of things it is as good as the good — we just experience it differently in our body and our energy. To experience the bad as good, one has to endeavor first to remain in connection to/with Spirit, which is the Source of all contentment. This may seem like a platitude, but it is actually true and real in application, and can be achieved through the Discipline of Bliss.

What is the Discipline of Bliss? It is the spiritual idea that requires that we do not focus on the mundane or negative things in our life, but rather on bringing the higher energies into our life, in order to then CHANGE our life. This requires that we begin now identifying those things that bring us real happiness and contentment….joy. BLISS. And they don’t have to be hugely spectacular things. They can be as simple as gardening, singing, hikes, etc.

To start, make a short list of at least ten things that make you TRULY feel happy in your heart of hearts — and keep that list posted where you can see it. Then, starting immediately — DO THOSE THINGS MORE. Every day, do at least one of those things, and if you can, more if not all of those things. No matter what, do those things. That discipline is as important as prayer and meditation, in my opinion.

Why so important? Because like all things, it comes down to energy. The literal energetic signature of our joy is a byproduct of our tapping into Source energy. In other words, when we feel joy, we are literally accessing the divine. Further, when we allow ourselves to remain in that energy — the energy of bliss — we allow that energy to grow. The energy is a replicative one, and what I mean by that is that it will actually draw back to it more energy just like it, presenting within our lives as new conditions and circumstances, thereby growing more energy. Therefore, the more we put ourselves into the energy of joy, the more we will experience joyful circumstances.

Remember, any time our human energy comes into contact with elevated or divine energy, our energetic signature changes. This is guaranteed. The dominant energetic signature ALWAYS modifies the lesser, causing the lesser to rise or adjust to the stronger signature. Divine energy is the most dominant energy available to us. So, it stands to reason that if we immerse ourselves in the higher energies (by being in joy as often as possible) we also change ourselves — not just our perceptions (which would allow you to see the bad as good), but also the very conditions of our life — the people we meet, the food we eat, our fortunes, our insights, our health, our abundance — all of it.

Mainly, at least for the purposes of answering your question, remaining in the higher energies will allow us to access the wellspring of higher understanding. God’s perception of our troubles is far different than our own, as we stand here in them. To access God’s (or Spirit’s) perception is to almost immediately change your own.

That is the answer.



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Sun Gazing and the Pineal Gland

Did you know that the pineal gland, located in the center of the brain, is the mysterious key to unlocking the power of your spiritual and psychic abilities? There are many things you can do keep your pineal gland active, pure and receiving/transmitting, and one of those things is Sun Gazing. The following video describes this practice, as well as why you ought to be Sun Gazing, too.

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Movie Review: American Ghost Hunter by Chad Calek

aaghost hunterLike honestly, when have I ever blogged a movie review? I haven’t. It’s not usually what I do. But I just finished watching the “documentary” American Ghost Hunter, and I simply cannot hold my tongue.

I wanted to like it, I really did. But just as Paranormal State‘s production tends to be overblown and cringe-worthily over-dramatic — replete with “scary music” and jittery camera cinematography — so too was director Chad Calek’s American Ghost Hunter overwhelmed by his apparent need to come across as gritty, modern, edgy and oh-so-meaningful.

On these and most all other levels, it failed. The only thing it ended up being was…terribly sad. This is mainly because Chad willingly exploited his mother’s mental and emotional issues for the sake of making his movie. Instead of documenting psychiatric analysis or the root of her mental issues, he jumped right to wanting to exorcise her. Because that makes great films, right? Well, sometimes. This time? Not so much.

Let’s back up a bit.

The entire premise of this film is that Chad Calek suspects his mother is possessed by a spirit or demon following literal years of odd paranormal activity seemingly focused on or around her, and which has expressed outwardly toward the rest of her family in a series of bizarre and scary paranormal events.  Only problem is, none of it is scary. We see strange bouts of anger (which of course never happens to moms, right?), roaming shadowy figures and claimed malicious phenomena directed at everybody involved. We also see Chad deeply struggle (via endless shots of him just standing there, brooding, staring into the camera) and bemoan, while he and Ryan Buell (the latter of which I actually intuitively believe is a genuine and generous person) go through a series of overdone ghost investigations, with Chad perpetually blown out and crying or staring into the camera darkly.

And that’s about all we see. From the campy slow-mo shots which lead to absolutely no persuasive phenomena or paranormal substance, to the endless house-settling knocks which are immediately proclaimed to be ghosts, this movie fails entirely on nearly every pertinent level. The only aspect with real potential revolves around Ryan Buell, who has claimed for years that he suffered demonic attacks as a child. The film’s trailer baits you into thinking we’ll finally hear the full story, but do we? Well of course not. All we get is Chad opining about Ryan in this or that manner in that slow staccato voice which…is…supposed…to…be…ominous. Yawn.

Calek’s idea of documentary production apparently completely relies on super-way-cool soundtracks of bands he probably digs coupled with trendy shaky camera work and a whole lot of nothing evidential or substantive or provoking. And just like so many other self-proclaimed “paranormal investigators”, these guys seem to love to barge into allegedly haunted locations, going out of their way to provoke various and sundry spirits and OMGDEMONS, and then, after getting all the floorboard cracks and pipe scrapings they can, promptly bail. Do they try to help the spirits, try to assist them in crossing over? Do they sage, pray, bring in a lightworker medium who can change the energy? Why of course not! That’s not nearly as exciting as watching Chad…watch the camera.

Look, I’m sorry if Chad Calek really did have a tortured and bad-phenomena-filled life. That would of course suck. But the answer to his past issues isn’t to now exploit his clearly troubled mother (oh, the lingering “possessed” shots where she is staring into the camera — I really hated him for those) and then to later lament having been made to incite her to react. Because sure, you were forced! You never wanted to exploit your mom and then make this movie and sell it to unsuspecting whomevers for $12 a pop (and for 24 hours only)!

I call bullshit. I am also pretty offended on behalf of all the sincere people out there who really ARE trying to do good spiritual work, to help people with their problems and clear their homes, to help lost souls get clear and cross, who approach their mission with love and a spirit of service. And the shame of it is, I think Ryan Buell actually does want to do all that. I honestly have no idea why he’s mixed up with this Calek guy, who just wants to make stupid shows or documentaries and of course, a whole lot of money. But that’s not my call.

In summation, this movie is a great disappointment and represents everything that is truly wrong with “paranormal investigators/investigations”.

Do not pay for it.

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Can We Mistake Angels for Aliens?

Throughout history entire civilizations have attributed their progress to gods, deities and angels — but was that what really happened? Did an angel actually appear to give them new information, technology or enlightenment, or was it an interdimensional being instead? The video below addresses this question and discusses the key difference between angels and aliens.

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Q & A: Feeling Chills

Victoiran GhostQ: Crystal, i have been feeling chills not just in my home but when i have thoughts of loved ones who have passed, i don’t know how to interpret this but i have an overwhelming feeling of presence. how can i determine if this is a family member or just imagination? Thank you, Andy W.

A: Hi Andy,

Feeling chills or getting goosebumps is definitely a sign that spiritual activity is taking place. Often it is a direct sign that a spirit is close or even touching you. Other signs of a spirit being present are electric rushes in the body, the feeling that your scalp is constricting, flashing lights seen by the naked eye, and unreasonable fear, panic and anxiety.

Chills and goosebumps are also Spirit’s way of providing both validation and confirmation. For example, when I am employing my clairvoyance or intuition but am not sure precisely what I am perceiving, I will often ask a specific question and get a response in the form of chills. When this happens I know I am on the right track or that I’ve made a direct hit.

Interestingly, I am also able to identify different guides or spirit friends based on the physical sensations they give me when they appear. A lot of this comes in the form of electrical rushes and the very chills you are describing; they simply happen in particular parts of my body or in a specific manner. My recommendation to you is to start tracking your chills, documenting where, when and how they are occurring.  Ask  the spirits to be specific with their unique physical prompts so that you can more easily recognize them. This will help you do just that when they come again in the future.

Spirit will also use chills as a way of tapping you on the shoulder and saying, “Hey, pay attention to this.” Anytime you feel the type of chills you are describing, make sure to stop for a moment and pay careful attention to your environment and what is happening. It may be that there is something afoot that you need to notice or understand.

My guess is that the chills you are experiencing are in fact related to spirit presence, and mostly because your intuition is telling you this. As for discovering who the spirits might be, your first clue is that a lot of your chills occur when you are thinking of a particular person in spirit. This would indicate to me that you are either establishing a connection with this spirit or that your interest in them has caused them to appear in your space.

There are a variety of things you can try in order to identify a spirit, though first and foremost I always recommend addressing the spirit directly and asking it to reveal its purpose or need. If they really do want to interact with you they will attempt to answer you in some way or another.

The other thing you need to do is to be very consistent in your meditation practice. Meditation is the cornerstone of all psychic understanding and perceiving. The more time you spend in meditation, the more you will intuitively understand what is happening and who precisely is around you, and why.

I would recommend reading another Q & A article on spirit communication for a more in-depth discussion on how and why to make contact.

The reality is that we share this dimension with a vast amount of beings of differing vibration, rendering them practically invisible to most of us — but they are always there. Many of them do not perceive us due to the disparity in our vibrations, but at the same time many of them do (just as some of us here are able to see them). It simply makes sense that we would bump into these beings once in awhile, or that they’d find their way into our space and even into our homes. You happen to be quite intuitive and you not only sense their presence you physically feel it, too. This is no reason for alarm. If you’re curious, interact with the sensation and see what you find out.

I hope I have helped!



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Q & A: Seeing Lights

thirdeyeQ: Hi crystal my name is Valarie but you can call me Val, I’ve been seeing little lights floating all the time i see them more after i finish praying or sometimes while i’m reading the bible or meditating i see them more intensely please give me your honest feed back . i also lost a lot of my love ones . my latest lost in 2006 my children father was killed when i was 7 months pregnant. please help. — Valarie

 A: Hi Valarie,

The good news is that this is actually very common, especially among spiritually inclined people.  Personally this happens to me all the time, and has been going on for decades.

When I see lights they are either white, gold or blue. In my experience and based on my interaction within the world of Spirit, when I see a blue light what I am witnessing is my third eye literally opening. Like you, this happens most when I am deep into spiritual texts or after meditation and contemplation. Also, when I am going through a particularly intensive spiritual time (for example after days and even weeks of channeling or when working consistently on my own personal and spiritual issues) I will see the blue light sometimes dozens of times during the course of a day. It helps to remember that the third eye is always active during these types of circumstances and ever aids us in spiritual understanding and perception.

On the other hand, when I see white or gold lights it usually indicates that a spirit is occupying the space where the dot can be seen. I would guess that this is what is happening with you, as well, especially since you mentioned having lost a lot of loved ones. (I am very sorry for this.) If the lights you see are gold or white, this very well could mean that they are around you at the precise moment you are seeing them. Be encouraged by this. Our friends in Spirit are always near — angels, guides and yes, even our lost loved ones, who visit us often.

My best advice to you is to employ a trick I learned while honing my own intuitive skills. I was taught to ask the phenomena specifically what it was and why it was there. In my experience, an answer would always come. In your case, when you see the lights, ask them what they are and what they are here to tell you. The answer may not come immediately but I do believe it will come.

I hope I have helped!




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Q & A: How Do I Prepare For A Paranormal Investigation?

a paranormal-investigationQuestion: I’m going to investigate a theater on the paranormal and i was wondering if u could email me some tips, I’d really appreciate it. (Email address withheld)

Answer: I haven’t done much ghost hunting, truth be told. However, the time or two I have gone on paranormal investigations I found that I was definitely attractive to the spirits there. At one locale a spirit was so attracted to me that it followed me home, causing me some subsequent discomfort. You should know this is fairly common.

For this reason I would recommend that you practice psychic protection. There are various ways to do this — and hopefully you are already doing this — but at the very least wear or carry a talisman or medallion, such as a medallion of Michael the Archangel. Always cover yourself in light.  Also say the Lord’s Prayer — irrespective of your religious inclinations, this prayer is very powerful and protective. Last, when you leave the investigation site, make sure to audibly tell the spirits that they cannot go with you.

My main problem with ghost hunting is that it often does nothing to help the spirits. Granted, it’s interesting for the humans — often we receive direct confirmation of life after death which is both thrilling and valuable. However, most of the spirits found at haunted locations have not crossed over, or are earthbound. Discarnate human spirits should not be earthbound. If they are it’s either because they’re too confused or lost to cross or they simply do not want to. The former requires compassion and action on the part of the investigator and the latter requires complete understanding and avoidance.

The latter spirit — the one not wanting to cross — is likely to be mischievous, discontent or downright angry. These are the types that will leave daunting messages via EVP or who will attempt to frighten or attack you while you are there. They too will sometimes follow you home — which, believe me, you do not want. However, most prefer to stay where they are because for whatever reason, they feel safe or powerful at their chosen locale.

The confused and lost spirits are more likely to follow you home. People who are even remotely spiritual are emitting a light that spirits in the astral recognize. Lost spirits will definitely recognize this light, and if they need help, they may want to follow you. You must tell them not to do this. Better yet, read up on how to actually help spirits cross to the other side and then facilitate this while you are there (click here for a great book on this subject). Remember, these spirits are not sideshows or curiosities. They are people who are dead and who need your compassion and help.

As it turns out, a lot of paranormal investigations end up making things worse for the spirits occupying these places — as well as for the places themselves. Investigators commonly activate and agitate spirits in order to get responses.  After doing this and collecting their desired data, they just … leave. To me, this borders on cruel, and is definitely unfair. Please keep this in mind when doing any type of ghost hunting.

In short, my advice to you is: medallion/talisman, Lord’s prayer, benevolence/love, a willingness to assist and then remembering to instruct the spirits not to follow you.

Good luck.



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The Silver Cord

astral travel

Yes, remember your Creator now while you are young, before the silver cord of life snaps and the golden bowl is broken. — Ecclesiastes 12:6

The silver cord is an energetic umbilicus connecting both the physical and spiritual bodies. It stays in tact for the duration of a person’s physical life. Upon death the silver cord severs and the spirit is released to travel onward within the world of Spirit.

Every night each one of us leaves our physical body and travels within the astral levels, with the silver cord firmly grounding us to our bodies. Many people who have experienced astral projection or lucid dreaming claim to have clearly seen this cord, describing it as long and bright. Experienced astral projectors deliberately use this cord to quickly return to the body at the conclusion of their astral travels.

The silver cord can be located in a variety of places on the human body, usually coinciding with the major chakras. Most commonly cited locations include the solar plexus and crown area of the head. One can train themselves to determine their own silver cord location by retaining and sustaining awareness during the act of falling asleep. The separation of the spirit from the physical body is typically heralded by pronounced physical sensations such as rushes of electricity and a loud rumbling, locomotive-type sound within the head and body. If one maintains awareness during this process they can typically observe the “exit point” of the spirit, which would be the location of the silver cord.

The silver cord is a literal energetic pathway through which we can experience the celestial, travel inter-dimensionally, and access the higher levels of Spirit. As long as the cord is unbroken we are assured that nothing will happen to the physical body while we are away. If something does stimulate the physical body during our travels, the spirit immediately returns to the body and the individual rouses. This becomes a nuisance to most experienced projectors, who typically take great pains to ensure they are undisturbed while undergoing OBEs. Any stimulation of the physical body usually means the cessation of the astral experience, unless a person can train themselves to withstand the physical sensations.


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A transformation is taking place on the planet and within every human being.  We are shifting out of the third density physical body and into the next phase light body, which is the energetic body most commonly referred to as the spirit or the soul. This light body runs through and around us, though it is not contained entirely within the physical body, because it cannot be.  A body can only dwell within a density which matches its vibration. The vibration of the next phase light body matches the vibration of the higher third and fourth densities, which is where it therefore must reside.  When we shift into the next phase light body, we will effectively shift out of this body and into the high third and fourth densities.

This process is called Ascension.

Each density requires a matching vibratory light body.  For this reason we in fact have many light bodies, all of which exist within the various ascending densities.  These light bodies are vehicles allowing allow us to ascend to and experience these realities.  They contain an umbilicus connecting us to and guiding us back to Source. Source, for the purpose of this work, should be considered Creator energy, or that which one might call God. You are asked to consider Source as the singular point of origination.

You are also asked to consider yourself in terms of proximity to Source and your specific third density vibration.  All beings carry within them Source energy to varying degrees depending on proximity, and proximity is determined by creation phase. Beings created directly from Source carry a much stronger, ascendant energy which resembles the signature of Source energy. These beings are those we would call the first born of Source, consisting of the class of creatures known as archangels and angels.  Out of these initial beings many other beings were created in successive phases.

We in third density came into being after multiple creation phases, forcing distance between ourselves and Source. As a result our vibration is dissimilar and far denser. This disparity can only be remedied by raising our vibration to accommodate the higher dimensions and to close the gap between ourselves  and our Creator. The end result of this Ascension process is complete reunification with Source.

Returning to Source is the goal and natural compulsion of all beings no matter their proximity or phase, and regardless of whether they are aware of it or not. Many here in third density reality have ignored this compulsion.  This is no longer comfortably possible.

Our vibration is rising whether we know it or not. Evolution is upon us but it is not physical, it is spiritual. We must change or become obsolete. The planet too is evolving and ascending. We are irrevocably connected to this earth, and when she changes, we must also change.

Our chakras are turning on. Spontaneous Kundalini awakening is becoming commonplace as our third eye and crown chakras surge with new energy and burst open. Our abilities are growing. Our senses are strengthening. We are experiencing a deep longing for greater connection to and relationship with Source. We are changing. We are moving into our next phase light body.

We are Ascending.

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Me and you, this is God

Looking on the landscape of my life, the choices I have made, the movements toward or away from something, I see that it’s all made me who I am right now, this woman in this place with this life, these thoughts, these ideas and these beliefs.

These for the most part make up who I am, yet I feel incomplete in the telling of it, like there are huge, grand portions of my being that go unexpressed. I make heart noises, interpreted as words or actions, I spread them around, I try to make things mean other things, I try to find meaning in all things.  It’s this weird life, we are this weird species here on this weird planet earth, cut off, grasping, intuiting just colors and shapes and half sentences, these souls looking for one another and attempting — often in vain — to look beyond ourselves, to the eternal. Some days this feels like a particularly painful folly.

Other days it feels meaningful somehow, like this is a destination path and I can only see three steps in either direction, heading somewhere, allegedly doing something. The huge fear, of course, is the idea that I have never done much of anything or been much of anyone to anybody, not in any real and lasting way, and this way of thinking is a horror, it’s abstract and it’s terribly terrible, but we all have these thoughts, don’t we? We are humans, we are cut off from 94% of all of everything. We have this measly 6%, this glorious and mysterious 6%, we hold on so hard to that 6%, we define everything based upon it, yet deep down we ALL know that we ALL know nothing.

Faith hurts sometimes. The mystery of God is a slap in the face. This endless, ENDLESS life, the three steps in any direction going nowhere (everywhere?), the people we do or do not affect, the lives we do or do not live in the fullest — this is us, this is here, this is earth, this is me and you, this is God, this is the whole bloody concept, the gentle and horrible experiment that we are, the painful sting of being petri dish people. It’s scornful and beautiful being stardust. It’s hard being me. Yet I love being me. And I love you, too. 

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The book is coming along. I am in the third section, which assembles foods according to vibratory score and chakra center relation, as well as includes several valuable recipes to help individuals eat according to vibration.

I am posting information on this way of eating and some of the content from my book at my sister site, Ascension Eating. Please visit me there for more articles and information.

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas! May 2013 be wonderful for all of you.



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Ascension Eating: High Vibration Fruit Salad

This article is taken from my other blog devoted strictly to spiritual nutrition and Ascension:

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High Vibration Fruit Salad

The fruits in this system have been scored based on their vibration. The scores have been compiled through spiritual and energetic sources (namely the Guides) as well as research.

All fruits, for the record, are extremely good for you and much higher in vibration than red meats, all meats, most oils, many grains, beans and legumes, and certainly all processed and refined/modified foods (chips, candy, soda, etc.). Yet even within the fruit classifications there are some fruits that are significantly higher in vibration than others. If one is interested in eating thoughtfully in order to raise vibration and facilitate enlightenment, stocking your shelves and creating recipes with high vibration fruits and foods is a good way to start.

Please remember that all fruits should be eaten on their own. If we mix fruits with carbohydrates or protein they go to the “back of the line” in the digestive process and end up fermenting and rotting in our guts. Fruits are best eaten in the morning or as snacks at least two hours after a meal.

Do not drink water when eating any meal. If you must have water have it fifteen minutes before your meal or a half hour afterward.

Always remember to eat your meals in a pleasing environment and with an optimistic, peaceful frame of mind. Always bless your food, expressing real gratitude, before eating.

The following is a high vibration salad containing four of the most high vibration fruits. It’s easy to make and helps click your spirit into alignment with Source. Please remember to always buy local and organic, whenever possible. The less the food is handled, modified or sprayed, the better it is assimilated by you, both physically and spiritually.

What you’ll need:

    • Papaya
    • Pineapple
    • Watermelon (yellowflesh, seedless or regular) or honeydew (regular flesh or orange flesh)
    • The juice of lemon or lime
    • Raw honey

Cut the fruit into chunks according to your tastes, making sure there are equal parts of all fruits present. Slice lemon or lime and trickle juice over salad. Add honey per your tastes. Mix well and eat immediately or refrigerate. Do not refrigerate for too long, however, as the closer you eat the food to the time of picking, the more earth energy is contained within the food. Remember, earth energy strongly contains and resembles Source energy, so the more earth energy we have within us the more we align with Spirit.

This is literally sunshine in a bowl: very nutritious and very high vibration. Eat this following prayer, meditation or any spiritual practice for enhanced spiritual connectivity.


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Channeled: Unstoppable Ascension

The next year will be another of great change. There are forces everywhere assigned to  everyone, rising up to meet the needs of the higher consciousness. Fear is rampant, but fear is the dominant energy of the lower forms that seek to control and manipulate in a way counter to Source. Fear is useless to those who seek the Light, and holds no power.

The good news is that the lower energies (or darkness) cannot and shall not prevail, but the Light shall. The DNA changes, the resonance changes, the frequencies and the speeding up of time do lend themselves to immediate manifestation –this is happening now! Tell them that this is happening now so all who have eyes to see may avail themselves of the shifting occurring at this time!

Do not hold to formations of the lower world for they are snares to keep you from  participating in what is occurring at this time. These other matters are of no consequence. Only the things of Spirit matter, and the energies and the formation of new frequencies, and the teaching of others to aspire and then connect with these frequencies. For to approach  these things is to initiate  evolution, and to inhabit these energies is to move into the next phase light body.

Each day is a new and good day in this march toward progression and ascension, this momentum that cannot be altered or stopped. It is happening now, each person is at the fore of the matter, each person carries within them the sun to light the way, it is only a matter of doing, of going, of listening, of attuning, of being, and we must all do this, and you, at this time and in this form, now more than ever is this transition upon you. It is upon you!

You are well and it is good. All is happening within a higher framework where hidden participants who dwell in the name of good fortune and the divine do work diligently to bring about the results you desire. This is good news!

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Your Career Doesn’t Matter

The idea of a career is an illusion. It is not the physical manipulations that bene fit the life, but the energetic ones. Imagine yourself rising just above the energies of your dimension, as if rising through a cloud. Above the cloud lie the universal energies, far lighter, stronger and more vast. These are the energies that you must learn to manipulate. Here lies your ability to manipulate the energy of love, money, health and so much more. If you seek to arrange these forces in your life for the better, learn to ascend to that level. It is a master level. The ability to manipulate this level has been yours all the while. 

People have attachments to their physical work, yet unless the physical work is a conduit of some sort for the spiritual purpose, it’s really rather worthless. It is better to make less doing something spiritually edifying than to make more doing something that does not feed the soul. If you do not know what the spiritual purpose is that should inform the life’s work, rise above into the universal energies, which lie just above your own, and work within them.

Yet how do you do this? That is the question.

Through committing yourself to the spiritual disciplines. Only you can determine what these are for you. Only you know what places you in a space of connectivity and alignment. Whatever these things are for you, you must do them more. When you are clicked into alignment with Spirit you can feel it in your body; it is a joyful ringing or humming that occurs, as if the spirit itself sings out. When you feel this within the body while attempting to identify a personal spiritual discipline, know you have in fact found one. Continue to do this. There are many disciplines and practices. Those that bring you bliss and connection are the ones that work.

It is when you are in that state of connectivity via spiritual disciplines and practices that you are actually in the higher universal energies where all things in the physical world can be manipulated and worked upon. Here in this realm you will be given the answers to what you seek, you will be put upon the right road and led to your life’s purpose. You will be given information on how to develop spiritually through the physical experience, such as the things you must do with your body to make it more accommodating to the spirit. Here you will be drawn to the energies of abundance and manifestation. Yet if you do not dwell in these energies and become a master, you will forever only have your earthly “career” which in the end, will not be satisfying for the soul. 

Teach your children how to identify their own happiness. Teach them to be aware when they feel the sense in their body of the spirit singing. Teach them to follow that sense at all times because this is their spiritual beacon and their internal homing device. Instead of grooming them to be doctors or engineers, teach them how to follow the promptings of their spirit. If you do this they will inevitably be led to the “career” that is higher than that; it will be physical work they do to bene fit the spiritual purpose. This is what all should be doing. This is what all should be seeking.

Money will come when you work within the proper energies with the proper intention. If only people realized that all they had to do was strengthen and deepen their connection to God, they would see that they would have all they needed and even wanted, for their want would be in proportion to their spirit and their need would be in accordance, as well. It is true that if you seek first the kingdom of God that all good things will be added to you.

This “kingdom of God” is the place of these higher universal energies, which you are now called to master. 

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How To Contact Aliens and Beings of Light

Each and every one of us receives “downloads” of information from the higher realms, whether we are aware of them or not. It is part of our experience as humans. We are guided because we need to be, especially at this time in earth’s history. There is more going on now energetically than ever before, and the universe is watching.

As a metaphysical seeker I have long been interested in these downloads and have sought to become aware of them and their accompanying contact in order to utilize the information in my daily life. I have recently become very interested in the subject of lifeforms other than our own. I don’t want to call them aliens or angels; I think quite possibly that aliens and angels are the same thing. I know that there are beings of light that exist here within our own dimension and within all dimensions unperceived by the human eye. These light beings interact with us all the time. We call them guides or friends in Spirit, or as I said, angels and aliens. We categorize all beings using different names in an attempt to make ourselves more comfortable with who they are, because they are so different than us. Or are they?

It doesn’t matter what you call these beings: they exist irrespective. I have been interacting with higher sources for quite some time and have recently become proactive in my attempts to make our interaction more known to me. Essentially what I am saying is that I have been seeking aware contact with a specific class of beings that are not human — and I have received that contact.

Are you interested in making this sort of contact? It is not as difficult as you think. The following explains how to achieve it:

The act of contact is relatively easy. It is true that you only need desire it in order for it to occur. Intention is the cornerstone of all movement in any direction. For you to intend to make contact is integral to achieving contact. And once you have intended it, you must then make the time to receive the information.

An individual’s spirit is always in a state of receptivity; it is the human condition that  blocks the recognition of what has been imparted into the spiritual understanding. The human condition, or the earthly life, is filled with distractions that keep you from understanding the information received. Many people prefer the distractions because they keep them from having to face the vast shifts occurring within and around them at this time. The transfiguration is a daunting event for those who would rather not change and who cannot conceive of a life beyond or outside the human one they are experiencing. For these the distractions are a comfort and so they prefer to reside there.

However, if you are one of the many that seek contact and interaction within the various dimensions and are also prepared to change your life to bring it into a condition of receptivity — then you will be one who indeed experiences the contact.

After setting the intention, consciously create the time to receive with the aware mind. It is good to have a set time everyday where you are quiet, willing and prepared. Still the mind and invite the interaction. You will receive whether aware or not; however, the more you do this daily the more you will be aware. Set the appointment and keep the appointment. This is very important. This signals the celestials that it is time for the meeting to begin. It is also courteous. Setting an appointment  time and having the body, mind and spirit prepared allows for an easier time on both sides, and we do appreciate this.

Your contact has already begun. You were awakened to find three beings at the side of your bed conducting energetic manipulations. Additionally you perceived them through the naked eyes, while experiencing the attunements and modifications. It was your interest in receiving these attunements consciously — as well as your intention to have the aware experience — that allowed you to receive at that level. The reality is that they have been taking place for quite some time.

Let us say this: Anybody interested in making contact with light beings is interested for a reason: they have already been chosen for interaction and contact. They have been chosen because they are part of the energetic process taking place on the earth: the shift and the change. These people have roles. They have also most likely been undergoing contact for awhile now, without being consciously aware of it. The information of their contact is stored within them and is accessible via their conscious mind if they do the work to retrieve it. We will speak more on the act of retrieval at a later time.

Last let’s speak about the physical condition of the human body. It is essential that it be as clean and primed as possible. What we mean by this is that you should do all things within your ability to keep the body in alignment with the energies of Spirit, and this involves all things that are ingested as well as the setting of all spaces. Toxins must be eliminated to the best of your ability, though you will never be able to detoxify everything, as there is a network of energies willfully introducing chemicals into your environment and seeking to sustain them at certain levels. We will speak more on this later, if you wish.

All bodies therefore are being affected by these chemicals whether they like it or not. It is only with the raising of communal consciousness and through the act of ascension that these chemical poisonings will cease. Until then do what you can on your own: buy those foods that are organic, unmodified and clean; keep chemicals out of your cleaning products and out of your spaces; rid your life of pesticides to the degree that you can; grow your own food and sustenance; seek and vet all food sources; obtain filtration systems for the water in the home, to include bathing water; select topicals and ingestibles that will proactively purify the systems, for example as through cleanses.

Making these changes to the physical body and environment will do two things: it will bring the body into a state of cleanliness and purity, providing a proper vessel for interaction with Spirit, and it will also send a signal to the world of Spirit that you do in fact intend to raise your consciousness and interact on a more elevated level. So, it is both a preparation and a signal. When people begin to attune their bodies in such a way they will see that their spiritual reality will shift and change and expand to accommodate it. Everyone can do these things. Everyone should do these things.

To summarize:

If you seek aware contact and interaction with Spirit, you must first intend it. We recommend stating aloud in prayer form this intention and calling in the energies you seek. Do this consistently and the experiences will begin. A warning: you will draw energies according to the quality of your own. If you are an individual who is negative and manipulative, you will draw beings of the same signature. If you are an enlightened and thoughtfully shifting individual, you will draw beings of the same signature, or higher.

Set a specific time daily (or weekly, etc.) that you will wait in a state of readiness for the interaction. Setting an appointment time allows for a distraction-free environment and also sends a signal to Spirit that you are ready to begin.

Begin now to prepare your body to receive the contact. This involves ingesting only those things that are pure and edifying to the body. Rid all chemicals, toxins, poisons, pesticides and products counter-intuitive to health from your body and your spaces. Consider various types of cleanses.

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David Wilcock: Occupy Yourself! Personal Spiritual Development

I regard David Wilcock as a profound resource for enlightenment information. He is a consciousness researcher and author of the New York Times Best Selling The Source Field Investigations.

In the following video he gives us some helpful tips to develop ourselves spiritually. Some of it may seem a bit basic for those more developed in metaphysics, but it is still worth watching. I encourage you to do so!

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Q & A: A spirit in the house, a missing person and discovering what kind of psychic you are

(Some portions of this letter have been edited or removed for purposes of privacy.)

“My whole life I have been feeling the other side. I’ll go someplace, and if there is any kind of spirit there, I always get a “Hey, I’m here! And you can feel me!” I have had many countless times in my life that they come to me and communicate with me.

I moved into my house 2 yrs ago, and right away, I was rushed with an adult male. He is here, all the time, it is almost like he is living here, but he has no physical body to see. … He died of [---], but I have learned that he prepared for his (Crossing Over?) way in advance. I have been given gifts by him, handmade rings, a small box that was full of rough cut diamonds, huge opal, moon stone, and tigers eye. … I have found his books here over time, all of them about Reincarnation and Immortality. He has long hand written notes about free will and the immortal soul.

…He is not the only one around me. The other is a woman who is missing from very bad events. I actually got involved on accident, but was pulled to the area of her remains, and I have found [some evidence].  I have [this evidence] still, she does come to me, but I think I am failing her in some lack of fine tuning [of] whatever this is inside of me. … I am within 100 ft of her [remains]. It is on private property and the police can not get a warrant with out something solid. I sneak in and out of there, I know she is right there…

What am I??? And please tell me, Where do I begin???? Please could you tell me, and I don’t know why, but I feel like it is very strong what ever this “GIFT” is that I was born with. I do have [children]; all of [them ] are full of what I have in me, and they all seem to be a little different in ability. I want to nurture them.” — F. M.

Well, F.M., this is all very interesting. I’ll try to give you as much information as possible, while asking a question or two of my own, as I am fascinated.


What are you?

Most importantly, you are asking what you are. I assume because you referenced your “gift” that you know by this point that you are psychic. The reality is that we are all psychic, though some, like you, have a much deeper connection to their abilities. You are able to access them much more freely and manifest different phenomena simply by allowing yourself to be who you are. This is wonderful and I want you to develop this further.

You are not simply psychic, however. In fact you are most certainly a psychic medium. Psychic mediums are able to interact with the dead as well as many other levels of the Spirit world.  Some famous psychic mediums are John Edward, Maryann Winkowski, Lisa Williams, James van Praagh, Theresa Caputo and Hans Christian King.

Psychics tend to possess the basic “clairs”, that is, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and so on. You however possess some or all of these clairs, but additionally you have the mediumistic abilities to communicate with the dead. Many believe that all mediums are psychic, but that not all psychics are mediums. I believe this is true, as well.

Before talking about your abilities and how to develop them within yourself and your children, let’s talk about other parts of your letter.


Dealing With A “Good” Ghost

First, the male ghost in your house. I would say that based on your description he is likely benevolent and is in fact interested in having you develop your abilities further. This is why he is leading you to books or letters around the home on various types of enlightened topics. He is correct to do this; in order to expand in your abilities you will need to commit yourself to various types of study and/or discipline. (I will address this further at the end of my answer.) He is also presenting himself to your children, and according to your letter they seem to be having a favorable and/or neutral response to him. He seems helpful and the type of “ghost” a lot of people would love to have in their home. The reality is, though, that there will always be ghosts in your homes. Because you are a medium, and discarnate spirits will always recognize this.

With regard to your relationship with this man in spirit, I would say proceed with an open mind. I would like to remind you and everyone else, however, that you (and your family) are always in charge of your own space. If there comes a time when his visits are intrusive or if they are keeping you up at night and/or disturbing you, you simply need to erect boundaries and strictly enforce them. Which leads to my first question: Have you honed the ability to “turn off” your psychic receiver yet? In other words, can you open yourself up to the Spirit world but at the same time close yourself off when you do not want to be disturbed? Please let me know. If you have not learned to do this yet, I will help.

Another question: you mentioned receiving gifts from this male spirit. How so? Did he lead you to these gifts or did they materialize from out of nowhere? Many people will think the idea of spontaneous materialization is a bunch of rubbish, but that is hardly the truth. The Society for Psychical Research has documented case after case where this has not only been claimed but has been sufficiently proven, as well. For interesting reading involving spirit communication with materializations, I recommend researching The Scole Experiment. It is a fascinating, well documented and highly examined example of this sort of thing.

Your male ghost appears to be a friend, and this is good. This relationship may change as time passes; he may begin to facilitate more experiences for you, or he may simply impart what he wishes and then leave. No matter what, always send this spirit love and always maintain as high a vibration in your body and home as is possible. Doing these things will insure your interaction with the Spirit world is edifying, enlightening and rewarding.


Dealing With A Traumatized Ghost

Now, about the missing woman who has reached out to you. This isn’t uncommon; this happens to my own child from time to time. A ghost will perceive what I call her “peculiar light” and reach out to make contact. This can be startling, as often the ghost will present his or herself as they were at the time of their death, which can be gruesome. My child has learned that when they appear she should not be afraid, as she is in charge of her own space and her own psychic receiver. Being trained away from fear, she now simply asks them what it is they need, and how she might help. She will usually tell me about these spirits and I will then advise them that they have a certain period of time to get their message across, but then they must leave. I don’t want my child harassed by wandering spirits, as you can imagine. However, my child is of the age now that she can direct the spirits on her own and interact with them on whatever level she sees fit, as long as it is healthy and there are boundaries. This is what I advise for you and your children, as well.

When a traumatized spirit presents to you, help him or her if you wish. You clearly do wish this, as you are getting involved in this woman’s case on your own time. I am glad you have informed the police and have provided them with the location as well as this new evidence. However, I do not recommend secretively stealing away to the location of this woman’s remains as it is somewhat common for perpetrators to return to their victim’s burial or disposal site. The last thing I would want is to have you in any danger. I know you will proceed as you see fit, but please be careful.

There are also other things you can do. Like so many psychic mediums who work for the police and the families of missing persons, you can direct your psychic abilities to this missing woman more proactively to open up broader contact. When you have done this you can ask her specific questions, for example the name of the person who caused her harm and a physical description. Ask the spirit where the murder was committed and how it was committed. Gather whatever information you can and provide it to the police. A word of caution here as well, however: many times the psychic informer becomes a person of interest to the detectives investigating the case. This is happening less and less as psychic phenomena is more greatly accepted and appreciated, but please know your risks when working with the police. Maryann Winkowski, who I mentioned above and who has worked quite extensively with the police, would be a good person to research and at some point, perhaps even emulate.


Always Include Your Guides/Angels/Friends in Spirit

With regard to both spirits, here’s what I recommend most of all: strengthen your interaction with your personal spirit guides and various other friends in Spirit. These guides and friends will help protect you and ground your sessions with discarnate entities. Additionally, a psychic medium like you would do well to draw or identify a gatekeeper spirit, or something called a “spirit control”. A gatekeeper spirit is essentially a spirit who runs interference between you and the Spirit world, such as Arthur Ford’s spirit control Fletcher or Edgar Cayce’s sometimes intermediary, Michael. I envision these facilitator spirits as holding out a lamplight so that we can see into the world of Spirit more clearly. They will also organize and moderate the spirits who are coming to you for help. The gatekeeper spirit can bring the right ones to you at the right time, and one at a time, so as not to overwhelm you. To find out if you have a gatekeeper spirit, simply ask your spirit guides to present him or her to you. They typically will do this for you. (I will be writing a post about how to more intimately work with your spirit guides; please look for that coming up.)


Protecting Yourself When Working With Discarnate Spirits

F.M., you need to be practicing psychic protection if you are not already. This involves creating an energetic shield or bubble of sorts around you as you do your work or really, as you live your life, day to day. Nothing negative is allowed through that shield or bubble; only positive information can travel both ways. For more information on psychic protection, check out this link. For a free .pdf of the classic book Psychic Self Defense by Dion Fortune, click here.

To start, however, I would suggest some sort of talisman or amulet. This can be something as simple as a crystal gemstone or a medallion depicting your favorite angel or saint. When you’ve identified this amulet make sure to touch it a lot; we transfer energy when we touch things, as well as allow energy to be transferred to us. The more you touch and interact with you amulet as you pray, do spiritual work and ask for protection and guidance, the more effective it will be.


Developing Your Psychic Abilities

The first thing to do in order to develop your abilities is to meditate. This is absolutely cardinal rule number one for anyone wanting to develop spiritually. People who think they have no psychic abilities whatsoever will suddenly manifest them after taking up a meditation practice. If you are not meditating every day, you need to be.

Next, you must develop certain spiritual disciplines. Spiritual disciplines are simply rituals or routines that put you into direct contact with the world of Spirit. These disciplines are unique to everybody so you must discover and develop them yourself. For me, getting out into nature is extremely spiritually restorative and stimulative. Also I do something called toning, which involves singing and toning along to specific chords and frequencies in order to bring my energetic bodies into balance. Prayer is another form of spiritual discipline. You will have to discover for yourself which activities “click you into alignment” with Spirit; I suggest making a list of these things and then dedicating yourself to doing them regularly, no matter what.

Last, you must study. I would suggest starting with some of the classics, such as works by and on Edgar Cayce, who was quite possibly the most ethical and outstanding psychic in American history. Additionally, all works by author Colin Wilson and D. Scott Rogo are recommended; these men are and were tremendous researchers and present a plethora of information and documented evidence that will help you become acquainted with general metaphysics. In particular I like Wilson’s book The Occult and Rogo’s book Leaving The Body. Books on the mediums Emmanuel Swedenborg and William Stainton Moses (for example, Moses’ Spirit Teachings) might be of interest to you. Both men were highly regarded in the fields of both science and religion before spontaneously developing mediumistic abilities. Their stories are fascinating and relatable for both mediums and devotees of the paranormal alike.

Spiritual classics such as Autobiography of a Yogi, Kundalini, and various books by Osho will help you learn more about meditation and why it is so critical to the development of our   abilities. Additionally, CDs put out by Hemi-Sync incorporate binaural beats and brain entrainment technology, making them particularly potent when used in meditation. I also happen to personally respond to the music/work of Jonathan Goldman, and would recommend that you look into him.

The book What Dreams May Come is one of my absolute favorites. While fictional, it is a fairly sound depiction of the after-world from the perspective of the dead protagonist. Beautiful and hauntingly written, I recommend this book to nearly everyone interested in “the other side”. Again, the book…not the movie.

Other general metaphysical classics worth exploring:

This is just a short list of study material. I suspect if you pick up at least a handful of these books and read them you will soon set off on your own unique path of study. The key here is an open mind and the intention to learn and expand. With this, you are primed to grow!

For more information on general spiritual development, I also recommend some of my other articles from this site:


Raising Psychic Kids

Last, I want to address the matter of your children.

Please know that all people close to the event of birth or death are more able to perceive the celestial realms. Children have just come from “the other side” and are therefore far more familiar and comfortable with it than most adults. It is extremely common for children to see spirits, have dreams, talk to light beings and even talk to themselves. The younger they are the more normal it is to them.

My best advice on raising a psychic child is twofold: first, let them believe and second, keep them healthy.

When I say let them believe I mean that it is imperative that parents stop telling their children that their abilities are acts of imagination or worse yet, stupid or evil. Kids need to know that their ability to perceive and interact with the world of Spirit is entirely normal and should in fact be encouraged and protected. They are not crazy, silly or delusional. What they are is clicked into alignment, which is something we should all want to be. And so support your kids, tell them that you believe them and ask them to tell you what is happening to them. If they are afraid, comfort them and practice psychic protection with them. If they are excited, hear them out. In short, let them believe!

Second, keep your children healthy. Not just physically healthy but spiritually, too.

The pineal gland is called the seat of the soul and it is everyone’s psychic center. It is a small pine cone shaped gland located in the center of the head, or more specifically within the vertebrate brain. When the pineal gland is healthy we are more easily able to move through the Spirit world and receive divine inspiration. When it is unhealthy our “main line” to the other side is virtually cut off. Did you know that as children (up until the age of 18) we all had healthy pineal glands, but by the age of 40 they are nearly dead? Calcified, toxic and hardened, by 40 the literal energetic life force is depleted from this gland. This is bad. This can also be reversed.

The pineal gland slowly dies over our 20s and 30s due to our way of life as well as the chemicals we are subject to without even knowing it. Fluroride in water, aluminum in deodorant, heavy metals and pesticides. The list goes on and on. As a parent to psychic children you must make it your priority to go completely clean and organic within your own home, to rid your spaces and bodies of chemicals and to only ingest those things that are nurturing and edifying for the body. In this day and age that’s a tall order indeed, but the more you do this the more you and your children will thrive spiritually. For your children, it will mean they will have healthier pineal glands longer, which will strengthen their spiritual connection.

Additionally, it’s never too young to teach your children how to meditate. If only every parent could engender in their children the ability to quiet their mind and be peaceful! The world would be such a better place. I had my own child learn a specific martial art which taught this to her and helped her streamline her energy. There are also books and DVDs that will help teach your child this invaluable spiritual tool.


I hope this has helped you. Please contact me if you have any other questions or concerns. I will definitely do what I can to help.

Most of all, F.M., know that you are all right. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you in the least. You are not weird or different or strange. In fact many people would quickly give up a great deal just to have a portion of the abilities you possess. Your goal now is to develop and refine these abilities so that you can be of service not only to yourself, but to others. And that is the nature and purpose of all spiritual gifts: to allow us to act as a conduit for the higher good and to live a life of service and love. That is the reason we are all here.



Please submit any questions for Crystal here. Answers may take a few weeks to be published. Also, unless otherwise specified by you, know that  your question may be used publicly in the future to help others, such as within a post like this. Thanks! 

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Q & A: Contacting Spirits

Q: “Hi there, I have been experiencing voices, footsteps, and cold spots in my house. And I feel as though I’m constantly being watched. I want to know who is in my house. Any idea how I can contact them and find out?” — Victoria

A: Hi Victoria,

There are many ways to make contact with a spirit, especially one that is active and attempting to get your attention. The question is, do you really want to make contact? My general rule of thumb is: if they are not overly bothering you, do not overly bother with them. Spirits are everywhere, in each place and around absolutely everybody. Seeing them, or indications of them, is incredibly common.

If this is happening more so than usual, it may simply mean that your psychic senses are opening or developing. This is a good thing. The more psychically open you are, the more you will be aware of many things in the celestial, including the spiritual activity around you or in your home. So ask yourself, have you been working to develop your abilities? Have you been involved in more spiritual pursuits than normal? Has your interest in the world of Spirit piqued of late? Have you been reading books, joining groups, talking to people about the paranormal? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it is likely you are experiencing this phenomena because you yourself are opening and changing, and not because circumstances in your home are.

However, if it’s not due to your spiritual development, but rather an actual spirit in your home trying to get your attention, and if you’re sure you want to respond — what do you do?

First, before you even start, ridding yourself of all fear is absolutely essential. Never ever do any spiritual work if you are afraid or anxious. These are negative energies and the more you emit them into a space or situation, the more you build the negative energy around you. If the spirit itself is negative, your fear will strengthen and embolden him. Therefore release all fear. Remember, no weapons formed against you shall prosper. Believe it!

Besides ridding yourself of fear, you need to make sure your environment — particularly the area in which you do your spiritual work — is set up sufficiently to hold a higher vibration. This involves making sure the space is clean, fresh, quiet, uncluttered, and organized, and that there are high vibration elements all around, such as artwork, gemstones, candles, spiritually significant items or artifacts, and also spiritually uplifting music.

Remember, light always scatters darkness, and this is because the vibration of light is higher and stronger than that of the dark. Darkness of all types, to include negative energy, entities, residual energies and the like, absolutely cannot stand being in the presence of the stronger, purer vibration of light. If this spirit in your home is negative or bothersome in any way, you do not want to interact with him. If you and your space are sufficiently high vibration, you will not have to worry about it. He’ll go and these phenomena will stop. This is what you want. 

Once you have done these things, and you still want to work with the spirit, there are a few things you can do.

First, I’ll tell you what I do when a spirit comes into my house — and believe me, it happens a lot (both to me and my child). If a spirit is attempting to get my attention, and after making sure I am free of fear and in a high vibration environment, I give that spirit a window of time. I state that window out loud. I tell them they have approximately one hour (or whatever amount of time I’m willing to give them) to get their information to me. I tell them that once that time has passed, I will energetically clear my home. Which means they will have to leave, period.

Because I (and my child) are psychic, the spirit will usually communicate in that time frame and we will perceive it. I realize not everybody can do this, at least not that quickly. I would suggest that you use a window more suitable to your time and abilities, telling the spirit you are willing to listen but that he needs to make his communication clear, strong and unmistakable. Tell him that he only has a certain time to do it, and then you are clearing your home. (For detailed information on how to clear your home, listen to my audio lesson on the subject.) The spirit may attempt this communication in a variety of ways, depending on his development. You may hear raps, voices, noises; the spirit may interact with your electronics, causing lights to flash on or off, or television sets, or computers, etc.; the spirit may also materialize or move objects. Pay attention to everything, and do not be afraid. These are the typical methods spirits have at their disposal. Most times they are not trying to scare us — they are simply doing what they can in order to interact with us.

There are other things you can do, as well. These depend on your level of psychic development, so pick which methods work best for you, and also — always practice psychic protection before (and when) working with spirits. Click here to learn more about psychic protection. Also, for a list of things not to do, please read my article Ten things To Avoid When Communicating With Spirits.

The following are six common ways to make contact with a spirit:

1. Meditate with intention. This involves dedicating your meditation time to the contact of this spirit. You can state your intention out loud before starting. Make sure to say a prayer of protection before starting. As always, meditate in a quiet, high vibration area where you know you will not be disturbed. Meditate for at least twenty minutes at a time. Quiet all thoughts; follow your breathing. At some point begin to mentally ask questions of the spirit, remaining in a meditative state all the while. Listen closely for the answers. If your clairaudience is not sufficiently developed it may take you awhile to hear anything, but if you keep meditating, something will come. Also, pay attention to all images you see while your eyes are closed. Clairvoyant information is received through images, and this may be one way the spirit will communicate with you.

2. Talk out loud to the spirit, especially when he is around. Ask him to make himself known, either through materializations (raps, sounds, movement of objects, manipulation of electronics) or direct communication. If there is a specific way you would like him to communicate with you, state that, and see if he can.

3. Use a pendulum. A pendulum is a divinatory instrument which responds to both you and the environment directly. If there is a spirit around, the pendulum can tell you. (You simply ask the pendulum, while holding it correctly, “Is there a spirit around me at this time?” And go from there.) The pendulum can even lead you to the specific area in your house where your spirit is. It can help you determine names, identifying characteristics, spirit questions, spirit answers and much more. Click here to learn how to correctly use a pendulum.

4. Use dowsing rods. Dowsing rods are very similar to pendulums. Typically used to find water beneath the land, dowsing rods are also powerful tools for divination when used correctly. Anything the pendulum can do, dowsing rods can do, too. Click here to learn about dowsing rods and other dowsing methods.

5. Use EVP. EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena and typically involves using a sensitive recording device to capture spirit noises or voices. The person (you) will usually ask a series of questions, allowing several seconds between each question for the spirit to respond. Recorders are helpful because we often do not hear spirits through natural hearing. Recorders can be played back at unique settings so that all noises are heard, and sometimes interesting things can be discovered. Click here to read a good article on how to record your own EVP. And last;

6. Contact a reputable intuitive. Someone like Maryann Winkowski would be able to come into your home, tell you who and where the spirit is and what their intentions might be. She would also be able to clear your home of this spirit, and send them into the light, which is where they should be. (Maryann Winkowski is obviously famous and very busy, but someone like Maryann in your area who does this work might be very helpful.)

These are just some of the ways to make spirit contact, though there are many others. (Let me be sure to say,  however, that you should NEVER use a Ouija board, no matter what you have read or heard. The Ouija board is not a toy and I do not believe it is safe.) There are also many, many books out there that can give you more information, if you are interested in learning more.

Last but not least, remember to ALWAYS call in your guides, angels and friends in Spirit to assist you before working with spirits of any sort. In fact, I would personally recommend that you learn to work with your angels and guides before attempting to contact mundane and potentially chaotic spirits who most likely won’t have much to offer you in terms of information or enlightenment.

I hope I’ve been able to help, Victoria. Please let me know if there is anything else you need, or if there are new developments. Thank you!



Please submit any questions for Crystal here. Answers may take a few weeks to be published. Also, unless otherwise specified by you, know that  your question may be used publicly in the future to help others, such as within a post like this. Thanks! 


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Q & A: Spiders, Shadows and Bad Vibrations

Q:  ”hi can you write me back we have alot of bad vibes in are house we sometimes see spiders but not there not there and see shadows. i don’t know what going on.” – Lorraine T.

A: Hi Lorraine,

I think a couple of different things may be going on.

First, I think we should employ Occam’s Razor where the spiders are concerned. In other words, the simplest answer is most likely the true and correct one, and the simplest answer here is that there are, in fact, spiders in your house.

Which of course is fairly normal. If there are a lot of them or if you’re seeing them all the time and this seems anomalous to you, call out a pest company to see if they can determine the source of the problem. Now, if they come out and say they have found no spiders whatsoever, that would be interesting. You’d then have to come up with a new theory, but I do not think it has to be a supernatural one. I don’t think the spiders necessarily relate to the other things you have mentioned.

As for the shadows, it’s very common for people to see them in their home. They see them moving outside the corners of their eyes, atop staircases, in corners of rooms and also in corners of ceilings. The shadows may be dark but they can also be flashes of white or gold light, or movements within the air. In my experience, and certainly within my houses, this activity has always connoted spiritual activity.

When I see flashes, shadows or movements in the air, I know there is a spirit afoot. It is typically a normal, mundane spirit, which we would call ghosts, or else spirits that have crossed into the light but are now coming back for a visit, either of the home or the occupants. These sightings are usually benign in nature. They happen all the time to almost everybody. Spirits are around us all, everywhere. I learned long ago not to be afraid, because while some mischievous spirits can play games with and even alarm you, I do not believe they can affect you greatly, unless you allow them to.

So, unless you feel the spirits are trying to connect with you directly, to tell or ask you something, I would not be overly concerned. If they are not mischievous and if they generally just mill about, don’t worry. This too is perfectly normal. However, if you feel they are trying to contact you directly, please write me again, and I will address that specifically.

Last, you mentioned bad vibrations. Hm. It would be curious to know if you see the spiders, shadows and experience the bad vibrations all at the same time, or whether these are separate incidents spread out over hours or even days. I would suspect the latter. However, if you feel a sudden surge of negativity or if your vibratory signature steps-down to a fear level without reason, that is something to notice. It may mean there is a negative spiritual energy around you at the time, such as a negative astral entity or a confused/chaotic ghost.

If that is the case, do not worry. The best way to clear negative energy is by changing YOUR energy, which involves raising your vibration. Essentially that means not succumbing to fear and instead infusing your body, mind, spirit and SPACE with a lot of loving, happy, joyful energy.

Because you see, the darkness cannot withstand the light. Light holds the stronger, higher signature, and this signature scatters the dark. Therefore, if we and our spaces radiate love and joy, darkness has no choice but to flee. Getting scared is the worst thing to do, because it feeds the negative energy and makes it stronger. Plus there’s no need to be scared. Simply elevate your own energy and the negative will go away.

I go into much more detail in an audio lesson on energetic clearing, which can be accessed here.

One final thought: you might like to consult someone who does energy clearings. They will come into your home, bless and clear the space, and also identify if there are spirits there or anomalous energies there, and why. You can usually find one in your area that is fairly affordable, and their work really can help. This is something to consider if your own energetic clearing doesn’t seem to be working.

I hope I have been able to help.



Please submit any questions for Crystal here. Answers may take a few weeks to be published. Also, unless otherwise specified by you, know that  your question may be used publicly in the future to help others, such as within a post like this. Thanks! 


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Metaphysical Questions: Come one, come all

If you have any questions of a spiritual, mystical, paranormal or metaphysical nature, feel free to contact me. You can use personal examples, but try not to be too detailed, as the answers will apply to everybody. I will answer all questions in the form of an article or blog post which will include your first name and possibly the first initial of your last name. You will be informed when the post will be published.

I will also take the same kind of questions directly to my guides. The answers given will be their answers, as channeled by me. If you would like your question to be answered by the guides, please specify that in your initial contact.

No personally specific questions, please. For detailed information on you or your life, please order a reading. They’re affordable. :)

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High Vibration Eating: Sample Menu

There are many things we can do concerning the physical body to aid in the process of shift or ascension, such as meditation, prayer, spiritual disciplines, chakra work and psychic development.

Of particular importance, however, is nutrition and the vibratory quality of substances ingested. If we eat “high vibration” foods we necessarily raise our own vibratory signature, which is key.

The following is a video explaining a day in the life of my personal high vibration eating plan.



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The Next Phase Light Body

What is a light body?

We hear the term bandied around in metaphysical circles, but many of us have no idea what it actually means. Essentially, every human has in addition to their physical body, a body made up of pure light or energy, which is their spiritual body. When someone leaves this earth and goes to the next life, they slip into their light body in order to do so. What some people don’t realize is that they do not have to die in order to experience and exist within this light body, here and now.

For example, when a person has an OBE (out of body experience), they do so while fully occupying their light body. An OBE is basically an experience of being out of the body while the physical body remains in tact and alive. This happens to some people spontaneously; Robert Monroe, for example, famed founder of The Monroe Institute, began having a series of spontaneous OBEs in middle age and had absolutely no idea why. Others actively seek out these experiences, such Astral Dynamics author Robert Bruce, who purposefully sets out to travel within the astral and has had many amazing experiences as a result.

There are other ways to occupy your light body while physically alive: deep meditation, fervent prayer, all sleepstates, lucid dreaming and willful intention, to name but a few.

What is even more curious is that many believe we have more than one light body. (Here, here.) It is contended that as we evolve from one state of being to the next, we step into a new vehicle — or energetic body — in order to do so. In other words, we don’t retain the first spiritual body we pop into after we pass or have transcendent experiences. Instead, we occupy a series of bodies as we illumine or enlighten and get closer to Source. The bodies, as the soul progresses, change to suit and accommodate the elevated vibrations of the soul.

In terms of my work and experience, it is my opinion that the concept of multiple light bodies is a correct one. The next phase light body, therefore, is simply the most proximate body we inhabit after slipping out of this physical one (however we manage to do so). The interesting thing is that when still within the physical body and while simultaneously dwelling in the next phase light body, we can build that light body to such a degree so as to negate it entirely upon slipping out of the physical body for good. In other words, we can occupy the next phase light body here and now, while also strengthening it to the point that we slough it off and occupy the next, and the next, and the next, until our physical body is gone and we simply slip into the most accommodating light body —  or progressive spiritual state.

The more you align with Spirit the stronger and brighter your light body, no matter your level of spiritual attainment. Additionally, the more you consciously dwell and work within it, the more you will bring remnant light into your physical life, transforming your entire physical life in accordance to the laws of Spirit and your level of illumination.  For example, you will be more intuitive, understanding, loving and dynamic. You will manifest quickly and on every level. There will be an influx of paranormal experiences ranging from visions to materializations to  markedly strengthened psychic abilities. And much more.

It is presupposed that any reader of this article wants to advance, progress and enlighten. If working with the light body while in the human body enables us to do that, we ought to be doing more of that. Therefore strengthen your meditative practices. Look into OBEs and the state of lucid dreaming and then attempt these states. Pray more to Spirit; become receptive to Spirit. Dream purposefully. Visualize transcendence; visualize the light body brightening and strengthening. Open yourself at all times to the promptings of Spirit. Study sound metaphysical and spiritual texts for broader understanding.

Begin with these things, and soon Spirit itself will prompt you as to how to personaly ascend to an even higher (or brighter) degree.

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Dream Visitations

As some of you know, my mother passed away almost three weeks ago. While we knew she was sick, we actually thought she had a lot more time: months, not days. Her passing was quite a shock and I’m still processing through it as I’m sure I will be for months and even years to come.

Because of my work in this field I knew that my mother’s first contact with me would most likely be via a dream visitation. I also knew that I couldn’t force the contact, even though she and I had made a pact that she would come through soon, strong and often. Still, I was expecting her first visitation to take months.  It took only two and a half weeks.

Directly after my mother passed I dreamt of her often; odd, somewhat chaotic dreams which I knew were not visitations, but rather me processing through her passing. When she actually visited, however, it was easy to recognize and understand what was happening, because the quality of a visitation dream is so much more profound than a mundane dream.

The following video explains a bit more in depth what a dream visitation is and feels like, and what you can expect if you are waiting to hear from a loved one who has passed.

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Symptoms of Ascension

We will all experience a variety of changes, or symptoms, as the energies shift within ourselves and on the planet. Some of these symptoms are positive, and some negative. All of the symptoms will occur whether we are ready for them or not.

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Questions on Death or Life After Death?

Be a part of a comprehensive project in which the Guides answer your inquiries on everything from the death experience itself to what we will encounter on the other side once we pass.

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High Vibration Eating To Facilitate The Shift

The foods we eat are essential to deepening our spirituality. Even more germane is the fact that mindful intake of high vibration food and drink can actually facilitate and make easier our spiritual shift or ascension. The following video discusses this in more detail.

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Archangel Metatron and The Shift

Who is the Archangel Metatron and why is he so interested in humanity and the planet at this time? Discover Metatron’s origins and how (and why) you can participate in the great work he is doing all across the world.

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How To Achieve Dynamic Meditation

A lot of people think they cannot meditate. This is not true.

As I said in a previous post, if you can sit in a quiet place and focus on the area of your third eye for fifteen minutes, you can meditate. Heck, five minutes is good enough.

While that sort of meditation is beneficial, there are other types of meditation that are extremely powerful. These meditations enhance psychic receptivity, spiritual connection and facilitate our interactions within the world of Spirit. Basically, the deeper into the interior levels you can go, the more you are able to receive.

A brief note: meditation isn’t solely about receiving. Meditation is prescribed by sages and physicians alike for the calming of the bodily systems and the mind. Meditation is shown to reduce stress, decrease blood pressure and mitigate depression and anxiety. Meditation is just plain good for you. However, for purposes of this article, I am talking about the kind of meditation that leads to transcendent and dynamic interactive experiences.

Dynamic meditation speaks to a mental and spiritual state wherein we are more able to receive promptings from Spirit, be it in the form of visions, downloads, information, inspiration and motivation. Dynamic meditation typically gives birth to something outside of yourself — psychic or paranormal phenomena. Dynamic meditation can and should be used by astral travelers, channelers, precognitives, diviners and spiritual teachers. Dynamic meditation usually results in evidences pertaining specifically to spirit interaction and communication.

In order to have these experiences in my own life, I employ a few techniques that might also be useful to you:

1. Tom Kenyon’s Attunements

Tom Kenyon is a powerful channel. His method of channeling is certainly unique; he tones or sings according to the promptings of his guides, called The Hathors. The Hathors are a group of beings concerned with the advancement and ascension of all mankind.

I encourage all of you to visit Tom’s website and check him out. In particular, go to the sound gift section of his website and look up the instructions and downloadable meditations for the pituitary and pineal glands, respectively. The pituitary and pineal both help facilitate psychic ability and spirit interaction.

These meditations have been extremely effective in my own practice. Follow the instructions to the letter to the best of your ability for optimum results.

2. Essential Oils & Incense

Essential oils can be rubbed just beneath the nose or at the area of the third eye to aid in meditation. Visit your local metaphysical store and see if they have an expert there who can offer you a blend of oils to facilitate your experience. Look for the following oils in particular: frankincense, orange/mandarin, sandalwood, rosewood, patchouli, cedarwood, vetiver and bergamot.

Incense operates in much the same way, though should preferably be burned before meditation to set the space and so as not to be distracting. Many of the essential oil scents translate well into incense form and can be used to prepare for your meditation experience.

3. The Solfeggio Frequencies

The Solgeggio Frequencies were used  in ancient Gregorian chanting and imparted blessings when sung in harmony — and in Latin — during masses. The tones and frequencies used were transformative and, many say, miraculous.

The six Solfeggio Frequencies are:

UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
FA – 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships
SOL – 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition
LA – 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order

Personally, I have purchased meditation CDs which lay specific Solfeggio frequencies beneath music or sounds or tones. These frequencies have the ability to put me right into an altered state, and it’s in this state that I typically create, channel, receive or impart. These are powerful frequencies that can aid any meditative or spiritual practice.

4. Binaural Beats

Binaural beats come about when two different sound waves or frequencies are placed into each ear. This results in the brain creating an audible “beat” as it receives and incorporates both frequencies. Binaural beats basically harmonize the brain hemispheres and allow for easier access to alpha, beta, delta and theta waves, the latter of which is known to facilitate deep meditation.

The Monroe Institute puts out a series of meditation and altered state media based on binaural beat technology called Hemi-Sync.  In my experience these put me directly into a deeper, more profound state of meditation than if I were to meditate on my own.  Additionally, The Monroe Institute’s Gateway Experience is probably the most powerful tool I’ve come across to enable out of body experiences and interaction with the other side. Anyone seriously interested in these subjects ought to look long and hard into acquiring these CDs or audio downloads.

5. Light & Sound Machines

Light and sound machines utilize just that — both light and sound, at the same time — to induce various brain states.

When the brain receives the light and sound stimuli it does not initially recognize it. It tries to analyze it for recognition for approximately one minute before ceasing all attempts entirely and essentially shutting down (or really, opening up), or becoming supremely receptive.  At the point the brain opens, the light pulsation and sound frequencies penetrate to deliver what sometimes can be astounding episodes  — some akin to those experienced on hallucinogenics.

There are many different experiences to be had using a light and sound machine, not simply meditative ones. Light and sound machines can help calm or energize you; they can help you become alert  and attentive, and they can also help you fall asleep. These machines can help with a lot of things.

However, as it pertains to meditation, light and sound machines can be extremely powerful. I was part of a group of light-and-sounders for a period of time. We called ourselves “psychonauts”and were for the most part interested in dynamic, transcendent experiences.We employed the machines for longer than a person normally would, given the machine’s instructions. What resulted, at least for me, were supremely transformative experiences that led to visions, epiphanies, downloaded information and much more.

A word of caution, however: be careful when using  the light and sound machines on your own. My psychonaut group employed the expertise of a trained light and sound technician and hypnoterapist, and, at least in the beginning, I would recommend this for you, too. If you administer the machine on yourself for too long, or improperly, it can put you in an altered state for longer than anticipated, and some say can change your brain patterns long-term.

6. Toning

Toning is essentially a form of singing. An individual should tone along to specific sounds, frequencies or music to match said frequency and, in effect, bring the frequency into the body. When the body houses and runs the frequency, new heights (or depths) of meditation are achieved, causing them to be dynamic.

Toning with the Solfeggio Frequencies, for example, can greatly amplify the affects of the frequencies and accentuate the meditation experience.


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Tips To Help With Channeling

At this time, Spirit is attempting to work with all receptive people in order to aid with the shift in consciousness that is presently occurring on this planet. People who never before channeled are finding themselves suddenly working with high level guides and energies in order to bring forward information pertaining to love, consciousness, ascension and much more.

Channeling is a process that involves putting yourself into a state of receptivity in order to allow divinely inspired messages to come forth. Channeling can occur in a variety of ways, from automatic writing to direct voice communication. Some people hear words mentally and convey them in their own way, other people are given large blocks of information at one time, or downloads, before passing on the information to others.

There are many ways Spirit will use your gifts, if you are open to being an instrument of the light.

If you are a channeler or want to be, there are a few things I can recommend to help you along in your process:

1. Invite Spirit To Work With You

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: If you want to work with the higher realms and spheres, you must first invite Spirit to work with you.

Angels and guides need your permission in order to intercede on your behalf and also to work directly with you. Otherwise, without permission, the angels and guides stand on the sidelines waiting to be called in. If you would like to channel, call them in now and give them the permission they need to start working with you today.

2. Meditate

Meditation is absolutely vital to any spiritual practice. If we do not quiet the mind we do not give Spirit an opportunity to speak to us in a way that we can hear. I have had many spontaneous interactions with Spirit simply by quieting my monkey mind and making myself available. Many times I didn’t even undertake a specific meditation — such as a chakra meditation or guided meditation — I simply sat down, shut up and let Spirit know I was available. Spirit always showed up.

Anyone can meditate. Even if all you do is sit down in a quiet space and focus on the area of your third eye for fifteen minutes, it is enough. It is still meditation. However, if you do not take the time to meditate consistently you will absolutely miss out on receiving from Spirit as much as you could.

Every channeler or student of spirituality needs a disciplined, developed meditation practice.

3. Adjust Your Diet

Nutrition is essential to providing the “tuning fork” alignment necessary to become receptive to Spirit.

Humans are made up of mostly water, and water is a conductive. The first thing to do to get yourself in a place of receptivity is to make sure you are drinking enough water. The rule here is to take at least half your body weight in ounces in pure, fresh water. Water replenishes the body and conducts all energy, so make sure you’re getting your fill.

You must eat high vibration food. Take my word for it: the more of these foods you eat, the more dynamic your work with Spirit will be. High vibration foods are typically raw, therefore all fruits and vegetables are desirable. These foods are as close to the life force as we can get and this life force, which comes straight from Mother Earth, vibrates at a similar rate as the higher realms. Take in this life force and you are essentially taking in the higher frequencies of Spirit, which in turn accommodates Spirit. Additionally, foods with high water content are extremely good for spiritual receptivity. Therefore pineapple, greens, melons, papaya, mango and the like are greatly beneficial.

Last, you must begin to eliminate all toxins from your diet. This includes processed foods (such as “white foods”, which are white breads, white rice, potatoes and white pasta) and foods packed with nitrates, preservatives and chemicals. These foods attack the body. Since it is the physical body that runs the spiritual energy, it is important to keep the body as healthy and pristine as possible. For this reason caffeine is not advised, nor too much alcohol, though red wine (organic and nitrate free) is acceptable in moderation.

4. Create A High Vibration Environment

Foods aren’t the only high vibration items to focus upon. There are many things you can do in your home to create high frequencies that accommodate and even attract good spiritual activity. Some of these are:

Crystals and Stones — many of these are known to aid in channeling and other metaphysical pursuits. Study which crystals will benefit you the most and populate your environment with these.

Fragrances — Many fragrances are known to promote spiritual states as well as put us into calm, peaceful and even trance states. Visit your local metaphysical store or research online to determine which fragrance is best for you. Place aromatherapy pots around the home to create a highly charged spiritual environment and to call in your friends in Spirit.

Colors — Colors vibrate uniquely according to their position on the color spectrum. Violet is known to have a very high vibration and so I often recommend that channelers place the color violet in their environment in the form of artwork, flowers, cloth, etc. Wearing high vibration colors also helps match the body’s vibration to that of the color’s. I find yellow and orange to be extremely high vibration, as well.

Sounds — Music, beats, frequencies and tones all emanate at a specific frequency. Choose those sounds that are high vibration, such as meditative music layered atop angelic frequencies or background sounds that include binaural beats. Find sounds which incorporate the higher Solfeggio Frequencies and have them in the background as often as possible. Play songs that uplift you and bring you joy; these are the ones that cause you to sing along or dance in delight. This will aid in creating a high vibration space.

Renderings and Objet D’art  – Pictures of ascended masters, angels, saints and other inspired beings are good to have around your home, especially in the area you meditate or do your work. Statues, symbols and inspired artwork also help to raise the vibration of a space. Essentially, anything that brings you delight or joy is beneficial.

5. Eliminate Negative Energy

Just as you are being asked to incorporate high vibration things into your life and environment, you are also being asked to eliminate low vibration, or negative energy, influences. These would include negative or hostile music; television in general, though particularly news programs and those shows which feature aggression and violence; white noise; excessive talking; toxic and oppressive relationships; loud and aggravating noises.

Any item or influence that causes you to become noticeably lower or darker in energy should be eliminated. Common sense should be used to determine what these influences might be.

6. Pray

You must keep an open line of communication with Spirit at all times. Talk to God and your friends in Spirit constantly, every day. Interact with them as if they are walking beside you. Write letters to them, include them in mundane events and ask them simple questions when you are so inclined.

The more you reach out to Spirit in any way, the more Spirit will reach out to you.

7. Immerse Yourself In The Things of Spirit

A channeler is a messenger bringing forth news from Spirit. In order to bring these messages forth you need to be acquainted with the things of Spirit. Therefore it is important to study as deeply as possible important spiritual texts. Surround yourself with spiritual people who share your metaphysical interests. Get out into nature and align your energy with Mother Nature’s. Jump into the ocean and feel the energy of the planet. Visit sacred places and meditate there.

All of these things promote intimacy with Spirit and will encourage your spiritual work.

8. Eradicate Fear

Last but not least, you must eradicate all fear from your work.

Fear is unnecessary and toxic. If you are channeling or hope to at some time, you must not be afraid of the process or what will come through. If you are afraid, you will attract entities that match your fear frequency. This will potentially lead to an unpleasant experience.

Practice psychic protection astutely but also make sure you are “vibrating” at a high or enlightened rate as much as possible. Psychic protection is certainly good, but nothing is as good to keep negative energies and entities away as living a high vibration lifestyle.

Light scatters darkness every time. The frequency of light is so dissimilar to that of darkness that darkness cannot abide it. You do not have to be worried about being harassed by unwanted spirits when you are vibrating in the light. Many successful mediums say they are not troubled by dark energies because they never even think about those energies. This is the right way of things. Focus your endeavors on the light and you will encounter only those beings that dwell there with you.

In the light, there is nothing to fear.


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Vacation, Changes and the New Pace of Life

I’ll be leaving on vacation the day after tomorrow and expect to be gone until the middle of July. I will not be doing readings while away, so please make note of that.

I will, however, be writing, including in my two books, Eating For Ascension and The Symptomology Of Ascension. These books should have been done already; I was hoping they would be finished by April. Life happened, though, as it so often does, throwing a huge curve ball into everything I knew and switching up my course almost entirely.

To be specific: I fell in love with a gorgeous, delightful, intelligent and beautiful man. We are presently planning our life together, to include rehabbing a house (an endless endeavor, I might add). To say the least, things are quite busy and I am running around according to a very busy schedule.

But I am happy. I will be meeting more of his family while on vacation and am looking forward to it. Who knew a year ago that this would be my life, today!

It all goes back to that moment on the mountaintop, New Year’s Eve. It was about surrendering. Admitting that I didn’t know best, yet even so I would create space for a new life and maybe even a new love. I gave it over to those that know far better than I.

Wow did it happen fast.

Know what I did finally do? Well, I didn’t tell the angels exactly what I wanted: “a good man, a lot of money, a rocking house,” nor did I tell them how to deliver it to me: “he should be 6’4″ with blue eyes, I’d like to get the money via check no later than May 2012, I want my house to be all brick and located on a mountain …” etc. etc.

You get the picture.

All I asked for was to feel a certain way when the changes occurred. I said I wanted to feel peace, satisfaction, joy, purpose, success — and I wanted to truly feel loved. I didn’t care how they saw fit to deliver it, perhaps for the first time ever. I just cared that I felt the changes in my heart.

I know now that the angels and all helpers in spirit really are far more clever than I. They know how to do their own job and always have.

Five months later, I really do have exactly what I asked for.

I am blessed. I am busy. And I’m going on vacation!

And life does go on.


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As you speak, so you are

There are things we tell ourselves about ourselves that are wholly untrue. Many of us even know it as we do it; we know we are not ugly yet we say we are. We know we are not stupid but we say we are. We know we are valuable but we say we are not. Why do we do this?

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. — Proverbs 23:7

The reality is that we are the creators of our own experience. If you feel unloved it is essentially because you believe, on some level, that you are unlovable. This is a lie: we are all exactly where we are supposed to be, as we are supposed to be, in each and every moment. This is not a statement to absolve us from our bad behavior or transgressions — it is a statement encouraging us to live to our full potential in each moment. We can only do this if we affirm this potential in the first place.

We cause our own misery. We are alone because there is a piece of us somewhere that believes we ought to be. We are victims because somewhere deep down we believe that being a victim is what we deserve, or want.

Stop it. You really can just … stop it. Change the things you allow your brain to think about yourself. When you notice a negative or judgmental thought — just stop it. Stop it and then supplant it with a positive, affirming thought. Have one or several at the ready, like mantras, and say them often. Do this as a spiritual discipline. Do it until you see for yourself how your life can transform if you only change how you think and speak. Because it will.

You can have joy instead of misery, love instead of pain. You can create exactly what it is you want by first seeing it within yourself.


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Angels Among Us: Archangel Jophiel

“Are they [angels] not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?”  – Hebrews 1:13-14 (NIV)

Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel is depicted historically in the Judaic and Christian religions as both male and female. Her name literally means “beauty of God”.

Jophiel is said to have guarded the Tree of Life and was the angel who escorted Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden with her flaming sword. This fiery sword cuts through confusion, despair and illusion of all sorts. Jophiel should be called upon when we want to see clearly so that we can make good decisions and reap good results. Because she is an angel of illumination, Jophiel can even be consulted when we are studying for and needing to pass exams.

If you are depressed, despairing or dejected, call upon Jophiel. She will help clear away the muck and mire of our dark thoughts and replace them with beautiful, joyful and optimistic ones. If you are not living your best life and you know it, or if you wish to manifest that which you most want, Jophiel is most definitely the angel to call. She reminds us that life truly is beautiful. Around every corner there is something for which to rejoice: be it nature, our children, our spirituality, our mates or our path. It is easy to forget what we actually have, and all that can be ours if only we reach out for it. This is Jophiel’s job: reminding you that you are good, life is good and that God is good!

Need to perk up? Feel better? Clear your muddled mind? Get centered and get grateful? Call upon Jophiel!

Archangel Jophiel is said to sing in the choir of cherubim. She is associated with the color yellow/gold, which is a warm, high vibration color. If you wish to work with her, infuse this color into your home and particularly your spiritual spaces. Yellow candles, cloth and crystals are good to have around when working with Jophiel. When she comes you will most likely find her ministrations subtle, gentle and somewhat slow moving, but they are very profound and she will change your life for the better, if you let her.

Call upon Jophiel when:

  • You desire to beautify your life, home, relationships, spaces
  • You want to infuse your creative endeavor with love and beauty
  • You need help with studying or exams
  • You  need to laugh again, and experience joy and a lightness of being
  • You need divine inspiration and motivation in order to manifest what you desire
  • You seek to go deeper in your spiritual practices and explore a deeper connection to God
  • You need to energetically clear a space, situation or person
  • You have lost the “sweetness of life” and need to see the beauty in your surroundings and life
  • You are depressed, dejected, downtrodden or despairing
  • You want to take your artistic pursuits to another level

How To Call Upon Archangel Jophiel

A fiat is a call, decree or dictate. When dealing with angels a fiat is a type of invocation or summoning. It’s important to know that there is no particular order of words that you need to recite in order to call your angelic friends. Simply name who you are calling and ask them to come, and then, as stated above, give them permission to intercede and work on your behalf.

However, the more you recite words from memory and infuse them with power and intention, the more potent they become. Therefore fiats can be helpful and powerful and are recommended when working with any angel. You can create your own fiat or use well known fiats — the choice is yours.

There are many fiats one could use to call upon Jophiel, such as:

Archangel Jophiel, please help me to see the beauty and joy in [this situation/my life] . Please infuse a spirit of sweetness, goodness and joy into my life and rid me of all fears, depression and despair. Help me to experience more completely the love of God and the sweetness of life!

In the above prayer you have both named the angel you wish to help you, as well as provided her the permission to do so. Very simple! Take time to write out your own fiat, making sure to include all the situations you wish to improve and infuse with love and light.

Archangel Jophiel needs only to be asked in order to help improve all aspects of your life.  Call upon her — she will come!


**If you are interested in invoking any of the angels effectively and immediately, please listen to my audio teaching on the subject.  It contains a very powerful angel invocation that actually works.

***Also, if you are interested in discovering the identity of your own angel, please view the Readings section of this website and see how I can help! 

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On God, hell and a heaven we make ourselves

Obviously this planet is filled with billions of people of varying beliefs and religions.  While much of Christianity, for example, is exclusive, does it truly make sense that over the ages the entire non-Christian population has been condemned to hell? How could God condemn billions upon billions of His children to hell if in fact He is a God of love?

The answer is: He doesn’t. The answer also is: there is no hell.  I realize that’s a controversial idea but it is true. Jesus himself said that if we, being flawed, knew how to give good gifts, it stood to reason that God himself would far surpass our own goodness. (Matthew 7:11) As a parent I can tell you that there is nothing my child could do — ever — to make me decide to send her to hell.  That is true of every parent I know and I am sure you will agree. Therefore if it is right and reasonable to us as parents that our child would never go to hell — how much more is it right and reasonable to God?

Hell provides a real conundrum to those who reason as God calls us to. (Isaiah 1:18) But conundrums are okay. We have brains and God wants us to use them.

In my way of thinking, what people call hell is simply a space created for them based upon the condition of their spirits at the time of their passing. The next dimension is one of pure thought form where we create what we experience.  This earthly world is also a world of thought forms, though earthly thought forms are not as potent (in terms of manifestation) as those existing in the after life. What we are experiencing in this world is a result of the condition or mindset of humankind altogether, and were we to enlighten, so too would the entire planet. This is even more true once we pass on.

People will see what they expect to see when they pass; they will also see according to what they are.  This is how near death experiences involving hell actually occur: the person experiencing this, upon dying, expected on some level that hell waited for them, therefore that’s what they got. If we enter the afterlife evil or unenlightened, we will experience more evil. However if we enter that dimension loving and enlightened we will continue to be so and experience such — the dimension itself will rise up to accommodate our inner conditions. The latter is obviously what we want, but that requires us to give ourselves over to the process of ascension or enlightenment. This is how we ensure positive growth and evolution on the other side, as well as a positive experience, generally.

If one were to pass into the next life in love and with no fear, no preconceived notions, no need for religious comfort and no confusion, they would experience a pathway from this world to the higher spheres. There would be a life review, a period of rest and then the process of moving to the next stage of spiritual evolution. This may or may not involve returning to another human life but it can also involve learning and growing on other dimensional levels. The possibilities are as infinite as God himself. They are also contingent on the quality of a person’s spirit, which ultimately directly correlates to the quality of their relationship with God (or Source).

For this reason it behooves us all to commit to the process of enlightenment, to attempt to encounter God with as little ego as possible and with open hearts. When we do this — when we do not need God to be a certain way according to our own thoughts — we are open to experiencing Him as He really is, and this is a better and truer transaction on all levels.

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Angels Among Us: Archangel Raphael

“For he shall give his angels charge over thee.  To guard thee in all thy ways.” — Psalms 91:11

Angels are available to assist us in all areas of our life. In order to work with the angels we must first give them permission to intercede on our behalf.  There are a wide variety of angels to choose from to help with all manner of issues, angels who deal with things like manifestation, protection, the dispensation of knowledge and much, much more.

Archangel Raphael

Archangel (or Saint) Raphael is an archangel concerned mainly with healing of all kinds, from physical to spiritual to emotional.  His name literally means “God cures” or “God heals”.  He is the angel that comforted Abraham after his circumcision, who healed Jacob of his thigh injury and who gave Noah a “medical book” after the floods subsided.  For this reason Raphael is the patron saint of all medical workers.

He is also one of seven angels that stand before the Lord (Tobit 12:15) and who are given dominion over the earth. In the Deuterocanonical The Book of Tobit, Raphael escorts Tobit’s blind son, Tobias, from Nineveh to Media, protecting him along the way. He is therefore also associated with travel of all kinds and is said to protect all those on holy pilgrimages or who seek in this life to achieve spiritual transformation and enlightenment.

In The Book of Tobit Raphael also assisted young Tobias in his marriage to the beautiful Sarah, making him the patron saint of singles and happy meetings.

Raphael is identified in New Age circles with the fifth ray, which is the ray of truth, science, vision and prosperity, and is associated with the third eye chakra. The color of the fifth ray (and therefore Raphael) is emerald green and the energies of this ray are sent down to earth most strongly on Wednesdays. Raphael’s  energies as well as the energies of his affiliate angels are said to be focused and located over Fatima, Portugal, the area of his “retreat”.

Raphael, like Archangel Michael, carries a large sword, his cutting through all manner of illusion.  Yet despite his powerful sword,  Raphael’s energies, when encountered, are often described as calming, gentle, comforting and healing. Raphael is an angel of love and peace and he will help us find the most peaceable way through any and all of our individual journeys.

When To Call Upon Archangel Raphael: 

Raphael and his affiliate angels can assist in the healing of any situation.  Call upon Raphael when:

  • a physical healing of any kind is needed
  • seeking spiritual enlightenment, understanding or transformation
  • you are seeking a mate or spouse
  • you are seeking healing or peace within a love/romantic relationship
  • you are a healer and desire divine inspiration, intervention and protection
  • a troubled relationship (of any kind) needs healing
  • undergoing a medical procedure
  • recovering from a medical procedure
  • in need of an energetic clearing of people, spaces and situations
  • peace is needed in order to settle problematic situations

How To Call Upon Archangel Raphael

A fiat is a call, decree or dictate. When dealing with angels a fiat is a type of invocation or summoning. It’s important to know that there is no particular order of words that you need to recite in order to call your angelic friends. Simply name who you are calling and ask them to come, and then, as stated above, give them permission to intercede and work on your behalf.

However, the more you recite words from memory and infuse them with power and intention, the more potent they become. Therefore fiats can be helpful and powerful and are recommended when working with any angel. You can create your own fiat or use well known fiats — the choice is yours.

Because Raphael is the patron over many matters, there are a variety of prayers to choose from when calling upon him. To start, however, know that you can utilize a simple prayer or fiat to call upon Raphael, such as:

Archangel Raphael, please heal this situation now!

In the above prayer you have both named the angel you wish to help you, as well as give him the permission to do so. Very simple!

However, you can also craft your own fiats detailing your specific situation or need. The following are some examples of prayers to Saint Raphael (link) which you can utilize or modify for your own use:

Prayer to Saint Raphael the Archangel

Glorious Archangel Saint Raphael, great prince of the heavenly court, you are illustrious for your gifts of wisdom and grace. You are a guide of those who journey by land or sea or air, consoler of the afflicted, and refuge of sinners. I beg you, assist me in all my needs and in all the sufferings of this life, as once you helped the young Tobias on his travels. Because you are the “medicine of God,” I humbly pray you to heal the many infirmities of my soul and the ills that afflict my body. I especially ask of you the favor {mention your petition} and the great grace of purity of prepare me to be the temple of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

St. Raphael Prayer for Healing

Glorious Archangel St. Raphael, great prince of the heavenly court, you are illustrious for your gifts of wisdom and grace. You are a guide of those who journey by land or sea or air, consoler of the afflicted, and refuge of sinners.

I beg you, assist me in all my needs and in all the sufferings of this life, as once you helped the young Tobias on his travels. Because you are the “medicine of God” I humbly pray you to heal the many infirmities of my soul and the ills that afflict my body. I especially ask of you the favor (here mention your special intention), and the great grace of purity to prepare me to be the temple of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Raphael Before a Trip

Dear St. Raphael, your lovely name means “God heals.” The Lord sent you to young Tobias to guide him throughout a long journey. Upon his return you taught him how to cure his father’s blindness. How natural, therefore, for Christians to pray for your powerful help for safe travel and a happy return. This is what we ask for ourselves as well as for all who are far from home. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Raphael, Angel of Happy Meetings

O Raphael, lead us towards those we are waiting for, those who are
waiting for us! Raphael, Angel of Happy Meetings, lead us by the hand
towards those we are looking for! May all our movements, all their
movements, be guided by your Light and transfigured by your joy.

Angel guide of Tobias, lay the request we now address to you at the feet
of Him on whose unveiled Face you are privileged to gaze. Lonely and
tired, crushed by the separations and sorrows of earth, we feel the need
of calling to you and of pleading for the protection of your wings, so
that we may not be as strangers in the Province of Joy, all ignorant of
the concerns of our country.

Remember the weak, you who are strong–you whose home lies beyond the
region of thunder, in a land that is always peaceful, always serene, and
bright with the resplendent glory of God.

St Raphael Prayer: Patron of Travelers & Bearers Good News

St. Raphael, archangel, you protected young Tobias as he journeyed to a distant land. Protect all travelers and most especially those who go about near and far preaching the Gospel. Guide and inspire modern apostles who use the communications media to bring the Good News of Christ to many souls. You also brought healing and joy to all you met. Help those who bring the Word of God to souls, that they may be as instruments in God’s Hands to draw many to lives of Christian holiness. We ask this through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

Prayer to St. Raphael: For the Choice of a Good Spouse

St. Raphael, you were sent by God to guide young Tobiah in choosing a good and virtuous spouse. Please help me in this important choice which will affect my whole future. You not only directed Tobiah in finding a wife, but you also gave him guidelines which should be foremost in every Christian marriage: “Pray together before making important decisions.” If through prayer we keep God as the “third Partner” in our marriage, we will have the strength and grace we need to always accept and do His will. Amen.

Last, if you are interested in invoking any of the angels effectively and immediately, please listen to my audio teaching on the subject.  It contains a very powerful angel invocation that actually works.

Saint Raphael the archangel is responsible for healing, safe travel and the facilitation of spiritual transformations as well as love relationships. Raphael wants to work with us in these and many other areas and will do so as soon as you call upon him.  If you need him, do so today.

He will come!


 **If you’re interested in discovering the identity of your own angel, please view the Readings section of this website and see how Crystal can help! 

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A promise to keep

Be kind to yourself. You are loved and you are not alone. You are perfect right in this moment, exactly as and where you are, in whatever state.

Don’t subscribe to the lies others tell you about who you should be and how you should appear in this world. You are here as you are for a very important reason, even if you are smaller or bigger, richer or poorer, quieter or louder. Just as you are is just as you should be.

Be the last person to judge yourself. Make this a promise to keep.

Be the first person to love yourself. Keep that promise, too.

People need to experience others who know how to do this. They need to see that it’s okay to be as they are in this moment, perfect, just like you are perfect. They need to know they are loved for exactly who they are, on this planet, for these reasons, right now. This world needs so much love. You are in a unique position to give it. You are made of it. You are lit up with it. And so let your light shine before men.

You cannot help others to feel this unless you teach yourself to feel this. So learn to see yourself as God sees you, which is through the veil of love, without spot or stain, because the eternal bears no stain and you are loved, because you come from Love.

This life is a coffee break, folks. So quick. It passes before you know it, in the blink of an eye. Use up these moments, every one. Set out today to love whomever it is you see, be it with a prayer for their safety, a smile, a kind word or a donation. Be an instrument of peace, bless someone who needs a blessing, as you have been blessed.

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Angels Among Us: Archangel Michael

Angels can and will help us in all areas of our life.

Angels are ever working behind the scenes, especially in times of danger and potential catastrophe, but in order to get them to work proactively in your everyday life and to interact with you on a more profound and intimate basis, you must first give them permission to do so.  This is very important as most people do not do this.  The same applies to spirit guides.

Invoke your angels and when they come greet them and thank them for attending to you. Once this is done give them very specific permission to work proactively in your life on a daily basis. If you want or need something specific from them, ask for it but do not tell them how to achieve the desired result for you. They know how to do this far better than you!

Also, if you are making requests, make sure they are purely intended and as selfless as possible.  While our desired happiness and joy may be considered selfish by some, it  is in fact not, as we are all here to live lives of purpose and joy.  The angels are here to specifically help us achieve just that, and in every way possible.

Archangel Michael:

Saint Michael is quite possibly the most well known of all the angels.  His name means “Who is God” or “He who is like God” and in religious mythology he is considered the master of all other angels.  Michael is the angel who, with his troops, battled Lucifer and cast him and one third of the angels from heaven (Revelations 12:7).  In Joshua 5:13-15 Michael appears to Joshua with a sword and calls himself the captain of the Lord’s host.

Michael is a potent and extremely effective warrior angel, which is why he serves as the patron saint of both police officers and soldiers, among other patron roles.  He is associated with the colors blue and gold.

Michael is often depicted in artistic renderings holding the sword referenced in the book of Joshua, and with good reason.  With this sword he can cut through any negative energy, entity or environment that might be troubling you or your loved ones.  Upon being called and given the proper permissions, Michael will swiftly banish all traces of darkness and negativity.  Although an archangel and therefore tasked with a wide variety of roles and responsibilities, Michael is available to and accessible by all and should be turned to when protection, defense and strong action is needed.

When To Call Upon Archangel Michael:

Michael is pure light in potent form.  His appearance will immediately scatter or cut through all lower energies and restore positive “light energy” to the situation or space he has entered.  Call upon Michael when:


  • You need to clear negative energies from your home, body or loved ones
  • You are in a potentially dangerous situation and need protection and strong companionship
  • You need to be focused, strong and free from distraction
  • You need strength of will and courage
  • You are feeling fearful for any reason
  • You are feeling vulnerable for any reason
  • You need to clean and organize your environment for positive energy and flow
  • You need to correct the dynamics of troubled relationships

Just know that you cannot ask Michael for a wrong thing, nor will you ever be troubling him.  If you are unsure which angel best suits your needs Michael is always a good choice. As the master of all angels, if your need is not in his direct purview he will assign it to other angels specifically tasked with the responsibilities and abilities you require.

How To Call Upon Archangel Michael:

A fiat is a call, decree or dictate.  When dealing with angels a fiat is a type of invocation or summoning.  It’s important to know that there is no particular order of words that you need to recite in order to call your angelic friends.  Simply name who you are calling and ask them to come, and then, as stated above, give them permission to intercede and work on your behalf.

However, the more you recite words from memory and infuse them with power and intention, the more potent they become. Therefore fiats can be helpful and powerful and are recommended when working with any angel.  You can create your own fiat or use well known fiats — the choice is yours.

Here is a simple and easy fiat to summon Saint Michael:

Archangel Michael, help me now!

Doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?  In that simple fiat you are naming the angel you need and you are giving him permission to help you immediately.  That’s truly all it takes!

The official Catholic fiat:

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle; be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray. And do thou, O prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.

Last, if you are interested in invoking angels effectively and immediately, please listen to my audio teaching on the subject.  It contains a very powerful angel invocation that actually works.

Saint Michael the archangel is responsible for the protection of the entire world.  While that sounds lofty and perhaps makes us think that we’re not important enough to call upon Michael, that is hardly the case.  The angels want to work with us and they also want us to work with them.  If you need Michael for any reason, call upon him today.

He will come!


 **If you’re interested in discovering the identity of your own angel, please view the Readings section of this website and see how I can help! 

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The Click In

It’s right when you do not have to force it. This concerns all things, be they mates, friendships, career paths or even just this day.

If you’re chasing, pushing, shaping or controlling — whatever it is you’re trying to attain is likely wrong for you.

The universe involves flow and rhythm and this flow is divine.  Resisting divine flow in order to make your own way results in creating a rocky path that is much harder than it needs to be.  This isn’t to say that hard work doesn’t pay off, because it certainly does, and often actualizing a dream takes persistence and deep effort.  But know that it shouldn’t be too hard, too painful, too awful.

If it is, something is probably out of alignment.  Something somewhere hasn’t clicked in to its proper place.

I knew all along that life involved the click-in: heck, I’ve taught about it and written about it and God knows I’ve talked endlessly to friends and clients about it. Even with the knowledge and the knowing I still tried to make certain puzzle pieces fit…pushing and pushing until the whole jigsaw landscape tipped out onto the proverbial floor. Yet endlessly did I pick up those pieces, fruitlessly pushing into spaces never meant for me, push, push, what a loop life had become. 

Sometimes you have to loop for awhile to realize how futile looping really is, because a circle never becomes a line to anywhere, and without fit it will never be right. It’s about the click-in. You can’t make fit out of bad pieces or bad boards, bad people or bad places. The line is the road and the road opens before you when you determine to take the step. I should know that by now — we all should.

Seems life is about learning certain lessons over and over again until you get it right, until you make the circle into a line, into a road, into your ticket to the next level. And I’m walking.

Divine flow should dictate all these things and should feel like a good journey on a hopeful path.

If you feel you know your purpose but cannot seem to get it started, or if everything is all starts and stops without clear sailing in any direction — take time to reevaluate. You’re probably not clicked in somewhere, maybe even out of alignment by just a degree in either direction. But there should be flow.

When it’s right it will do just that — when it’s good it’s seamless, when it’s divine, you just know.

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The Hypocrisy of Certain Hawaiian Mystics

Spirituality is not proprietary.

Nobody has a corner on the God market. There is nothing new under the sun, not one thing.  All your brilliant metaphysical thoughts and practices have already been thought by minds far greater than yours, and many times over, at that. Lording the possession of “secret” knowledge over others does not make you better or special, it makes you arrogant.  It also makes you egotistical, and ego runs counter to true spirituality, without fail.

I’m from Hawaii, born and raised.  My father was born on the island of Molokai and my grandfather was a legislator from Hawaii. Though not Hawaiian by blood, I am most definitely local. Hawaii is where my roots are and I am just as much a part of that land and history as any full blooded Hawaiian (though let’s face it, there are hardly any of those left). And insofar as I understand, celebrate and practice the Hawaiian way, I maintain that I am in fact entitled to do so and have just as much right as anybody else, be they blooded Hawaiians or not.

I say this because I find that there is still much arrogance among some native Hawaiians, particularly as it concerns their perception of those practicing Hawaiian spirituality, or Huna. Many native Hawaiians feel that only they are the real kahu (or kahuna) because, as far as they see it, only native Hawaiians can truly understand the higher spiritual principles of the Hawaiian way, or have access to these principles. This is patently false.

Huna (or ancient Hawaiian mysticism, which, by the way, is not necessarily Huna) is an expression or style of spirituality, just as Sikhism is an expression or Catholicism is an expression. You do not have to be of Hawaiian descent to understand and practice (or officiate from the paradigm of) the universal concepts contained in Huna or any of these other religions — you simply have to be open to enlightenment and interested in this particular type of expression.

There is room for everybody.

I am writing this because I have friends in Hawaii being ostracized by a particular native Hawaiian group because these friends are practicing ministers but not, apparently, in possession of enough Hawaiian blood. They are told they cannot conduct ceremonies on sacred land or visit certain heiau because of this perceived blood lack, even though these ministers absolutely revere and venerate the pure Hawaiian way. It angers me that these good people are being intimidated by others more interested in status and power than the spreading of real Aloha. This is nothing more than bullying and bullying is ugly. All kahu should be above exclusivity, intimidation and racism. Anything less is hypocrisy and the opposite of Aloha.

Secret societies feed only themselves. Real spirituality includes everybody at all times, without question. Anything less than full inclusion is simply egoism masquerading as “love”, and we must beware of those that practice Aloha in this way. Because it is not Aloha.

Aloha, at its heart, is love.

And love really is all that we need.

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The comfort of not knowing

Resistance to change is the root of all suffering. — Buddhist teaching

I have been thinking about our tendency to remain in patterns and ruts irrespective of what God wants for us.

We do this all the time, largely unthinkingly. We say we want this or that, intending to draw into our lives certain conditions or people, and yet when the universe steps up to give us these very things we do not accept them, if we even see them at all. We are too entrenched in our behaviors — or what I like to call “scripts” — to see anything clearly at all.

We want change but refuse to change within ourselves. We expect change to be some sort of dispensation originating from another entity outside ourselves, this idea of God or angels or what have you. Yet in order to draw change we must first create the space for it, which requires creating change within ourselves.

This lesson hits home with me because for so long I lamented the quality of certain relationships in my life. They were dysfunctional, damaging and borderline (or completely on-the-line) abusive.  I wanted better and I certainly wanted more, but I still wanted it with the people already in my life, making it virtually impossible for the universe to give me what I wanted — love. I said I wanted change but was in fact completely unwilling to allow that this change might come in the form of the release of these people, or even in the form of other people and conditions entirely.

On New Year’s Eve I believe I finally got it.  I stood atop a mountain in Boulder and stared out at the blinking stars.  One by one I released people I had lost and acknowledged the ones I had clung to for far too long, prolonging my own suffering.  I released them too, immediately feeling untethered and unanchored.  I allowed myself to be with this feeling, however.  I knew I needed to experience it; to sit in the vast un-knowing and to trust the higher Source that perceived and understood all the things I did not.

I allowed myself to create space for something new and far better to come into my life. I did not name it or tell God what it must look like.  I did not dictate when it should come or the manner in which it should change me. I did nothing at all but make a home in myself for the change and release all else, knowing that whatever came would be good, because God is good.

Friends, we cannot be wed to outcomes. Asking God for something and then telling him how to give it, or imposing patterns or parameters upon how it ought to be delivered, nearly negates entirely the potency of the prayer in the first place. It is better to hold to a position of hopeful expectancy, which is the sure knowledge that whatever comes will in fact be good (as this is what God wants for us), yet without a need to know what it looks like or how it will come. This allows us into the greater flow of things and releases outmoded notions or circumstances that no longer serve us (and perhaps never have).

Have the courage to create the space.  Have the courage to change.  And have the courage to live your best life.


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Creating A Psychic Diet

All that you need to know is accessible via Spirit.

This ranges from disciplines to paths to career.  It also, however, includes health and wellness and in specific, weight loss or weight gain.

Do you need to lose weight?  Are you tired of arbitrarily choosing a diet based on some random infomercial you saw in the middle of the night, only to find out that it doesn’t even remotely work for you? There’s a reason for that. It wasn’t made for you. These plans don’t even know who you are!

Believe me, I get it.  Heck, I’ve done it.  I’ve been up, I’ve been down, and it wasn’t until I learned to listen to my guides and my body that I shed the unwanted weight (or put on needed weight) and regained my lust for life as well as an attractive, healthy body.  I know how disillusioning it is to depend on a person or an exercise system (the latter of which is usually punitive) that  promises success, only to fail in the end.  Are you tired yet of all the failures?  Because I remember how tired I was.  How perpetually ill.  How energy depleted, depressed and uncertain.

Are you ready to find the key to success?

Psychic Dieting is different.  Psychic Dieting is based on the notion that everyone is unique and has certain needs.  It acknowledges that many people are completely out of touch with what those needs might be, and that they have to find their own way back to personal health, body joy, ideal weight and most importantly: happiness.  Psychic Dieting is about listening to your spirit and following that advice.

I have a unique ability to help you do that: not only do I channel what I call my “Health and Wellness Guides“, but I’ve also lived a life of bodily imbalance — to include more than one eating disorder — and know how truly horrible it can feel.  So I changed it for myself.  I am proof that this method absolutely works. I have also channeled this sort of information for countless others, and it has worked exceedingly well for them, too.

How much weight do you want to lose?  How much do you want to gain?  How are you approaching energy management or your exhaustion levels? These things affect our quality of life, do they not?  Being over-or-under weight is not only uncomfortable, it is unhealthy. Spirit wants us to be healthy, balanced, vital, prosperous and happy.  And we can be.  We simply need to listen!

If you are interested in a personalized diet plan directly channeled from Spirit  to you, please see the Psychic Dieting section of this website.


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How Alcohol and Drug Use Make You Vulnerable To Spiritual Attack

Almost every adult enjoys a cocktail now and then, and this is okay.

As a spiritual practitioner I have found it is best for me to stay away from substances like alcohol because it alters my energy and promptly scatters my spiritual focus.  I’ve enacted a policy, therefore: during the week when I give readings I do not allow myself to drink any alcohol whatsoever.  I keep my body clean and pure and also attempt to eat as immaculately as possible.  This allows me to be a clear channel for Spirit and also enables me to be as present as possible for my clients.  On the weekends, however, I will let myself have cocktails with friends or a glass of wine at night before bed.  I will not, however, drink to excess, or to the point where I lose possession of my faculties.  Because it is when I lose control of my faculties that I know I am most vulnerable to spiritual attack.

I’ve seen it happen to others many times.   People who are the most agreeable and nice when sober are suddenly awful and even monstrous when they drink. We often think this is because the truth comes out when we drink (in vino veritas), and perhaps that is partly true, but it is also because some of these people, when they drink, literally begin exhibiting the personality of the entity (or entities) controlling them.

When we are intoxicated we are unclear, unaware and our guards are down.  We are vulnerable.  If we are like this too much, spirits can not only enter our field and our space but also our body.  I do not want to frighten anybody, but do want to be as clear as possible:  if you are drinking too much (or abusing drugs) and also exhibiting anomalous behavior (particularly negative/destructive) while under the influence, it is possible that you are under the influence of not only the substance but also an entity that seeks to use you for their own benefit.

I know of a person who, when intoxicated, literally saw through the eyes of the entity attached to her.  She gave herself over to the alcohol to such a degree that the spirit literally controlled her actions and even her perception.  Had she continued abusing alcohol, the entity could very well have found a way to possess her during her sober moments as well.  Luckily she identified the issue and sought help from a spiritual practitioner who could clear the unwanted spirit from her. She also got help for her addiction, which is of vital importance.

We must remember that spirits are with us at all times, everywhere.  They simply vibrate at a different rate of speed, placing them in a state we cannot observe with the naked eye (usually). But they are always there, and some of these entities are dysfunctional, angry, disoriented, addiction oriented, vengeful and so on.  These spirits share our space and the worst among them would love the chance to feed off our energy in order to fuel their own pursuits. When they identify a person with a problem, a person who willingly and constantly places themselves in a vulnerable state — they identify an opportunity.

Spirits can be very clever.  They slip in through gaps in the auric field, into wounds, into unfocused energy, into weaknesses.  It is up to us to be vigilant, to make sure we are conducting ourselves with as much clarity and intention as possible.  We want to be as healthy, happy and strong as we can be, and at all times.  When we are strong and healthy and practicing spiritual self-care, entities cannot and will not affect us.

(One last note: if you are a spiritual practitioner of any kind, be it psychic or healer or teacher, consider strongly whether you should drink any alcohol or partake of any recreational substances.  It is my opinion that lightworkers are particularly vulnerable to attack; it is our very light that draws attention to us from the spirit realms, and not all of the attention is good.  Those energies or entities that are dissimilar watch us, and if we let ourselves become affected or intoxicated we render ourselves targets.  Be careful.)

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Q and A: Do People Incarnate For Purposes Of Revenge?



When our spirits/soul move into our new physical bodies do they bring the desire for revenge with them? I was told that by a medium and if you want I can go into more detail but that really did not make sense to me.




I think the medium probably emphasized things incorrectly.


I previously uploaded a lesson on the difference between twin souls and soul mates; please listen to it when you have a chance, simply because it discusses the idea of soul groups.  We incarnate life after life with a fairly regular bunch of people Edgar Cayce referred to as our soul group.  For instance, in this life my daughter is my daughter, whereas in another life she could have been my brother or my mother or even my mortal enemy.  Members of each soul group agree to fill key roles for one another from lifetime to lifetime so that members of that group can learn specific and vital lessons.


So in this way, in a past life you may have perpetrated something against a particular soul in your soul group in order for them to learn a specific lesson (and you as well, as the perpetrator).  And then in this life you and this same soul might have agreed to have the other perpetrate something against you so that you can learn a lesson.  It’s not so much “revenge” as it is lesson learning and/or lesson swapping. None of this happens arbitrarily: these are sacred contracts we enter into with these souls in order to progress in our own path of enlightenment. Remember: pain is the greatest teacher.  Some of our closest friends within our soul group play the role of our enemies and tormentors in this life.  Therefore, even when difficult, in all ways say thank you, because beneath the pain a great lesson waits.


Having said that, yes, I do believe there can be residual karmic baggage carried from one life to another; stuff that we did horribly wrong before which comes back in this life and with which we now must deal. Lessons may not have been sufficiently learned in previous incarnations, or difficulties may have been experienced, therefore this karma continues on with us into new lives until we finally work it all out. This is not bad. It’s simply sowing and reaping, and it is the normal way of things.


Finally, if a medium told you that there is someone on this planet who incarnated for the specific purpose of seeking revenge on you — I’d caution you to be highly dubious.  I’d also recommend that you not return to that medium, because any psychic that frightens you or allows you to feel tracked and/or cursed is not doing his or her job. Psychics are here to give you insight and to equip you spiritually in a positive and productive fashion. Any psychic who scares you by telling you that someone has incarnated to take revenge on you will also most likely offer to remove this dynamic or curse from your life — for a high price. Avoid these types of psychics. They are usually charlatans.






(If you have a metaphysical question you’d like answered, please contact me.  Thanks!)
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Q & A: Inner Work, Manifestation and Momentum

Question (submitted by KJ, 10/19/11):

I have so much inner work to do. Do I have to do all this work before I get to manifest the good things I want in my life?


Keep in mind that we are all doing inner work, all the time (or ought to be).

If things have come into focus that you need to address, simply remain aware of them and be open to change and transformation. If the universe has shined a light on an area of your life you need to work on — say thank you!  Working on these things changes our lives and moves us forward.  These are always opportunities and never obstacles.  Do not be discouraged.

Truly the most important thing for us all to do is to follow our bliss — or persistently do that which lights us up and gives us  joy. What are those things?  What turns you on?  Do those things more. That’s not hard work, that’s delightful life-building. It will also lead us forward and open doors.

It’s how manifestation works.

In order to receive good you have to feel good and intend good. If you see an opportunity for growth and complain about it or feel negatively because of it — you’ll simply force the universe to put the lesson in front of you in another way, and most likely a way that vibrates along with the negativity you feel.  In other words … you’ll draw more lessons to you in the form of trials and pain. You do not want this.

All lessons need to be met with joy and optimism, so as to create the correct vibration by which “good” manifestation occurs.  Don’t be discouraged by the work before you — be motivated and inspired!  Don’t sulk, whine or wallow.  Instead find hope and at all times be grateful that the universe is interacting with you in this way.

In order to manifest consistently in your life, even while doing important inner work, you must see to it that you feel happy as much as possible, no matter what.  You can do this by simply doing the kinds of things that put you in a contented, peaceful and joyful frame of mind.  These can be mundane, basic things like cooking, walking, dancing, writing, walking, singing — anything you really dig doing.

Me, I love to put on some music and cook.  I sing along, hum, taste, prepare, decorate, share, chat…and I love every minute of it.  Even though it’s a simple thing, the very act of doing it makes my spirit sing.  It makes me happy.  And it’s precisely that singing spirit (which emits a vibration, which draws back upon it manifestation existing within the same vibration) that will create more happy experiences in my life!

And we all have those simple things we can do, it’s just that so many of us are too busy or too over-calendared to do them.  But for those of us who seek actively to manifest, we need to consider doing these things as a spiritual practice or discipline.  Unless we are happy we will not manifest more happiness in our lives.

Last, always be mindful of what you are thinking and saying — be ever diligent in this regard. Make sure to root out any negative thoughts as soon as you become aware of them.  Replace those negative thoughts with positive, affirming ones — write them down if you have to, and memorize them. While on its face it may seem like a lot of work, it really is just conditioning: once you get the hang of it, it will be automatic, and once it is automatic, so will the changes be.

You can’t have growth without change.  As you travel your path you will change, move, grow, progress, shift, transcend, stretch, become.  These are good things, and also the very nature and result of enlightenment.



(For more information on how to manifest the conditions you want, please see my audio lesson, Why The Law Of Attraction Might Not Be Working For You. Additionally, check out my article, Frequency X.)

(If you have a metaphysical question you’d like answered, please contact me.  Thanks!)

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Physical Issues Surrounding Ascension

My sensitivity continues to increase. It’s bordering on downright troublesome. From food to sunlight to people to medicine … if it’s even the least bit toxic, I am hurt by it. This requires more aggressive psychic protection, which I am practicing — but even so, it’s been a difficult road of late.

I was given some medicine and took it as prescribed. I’ve taken this medicine before, in fact, without incident. Irrespective, I soon became so disoriented and affected that I barely knew what day it was, or who was around. Needless to say it was frightening. I am better now, but here again I have to make adjustments: new meds (or no meds), a very streamlined diet and a ramped up hyper-vigilance toward everything I do and consume.

I love my life and I love what I do. But the yang often derails the yin — this is the downside of spiritual work.

Recently written in my new book:

As the light body increases it separates from the physical body, that which consists of the denser matter. As a person’s enlightenment progresses, their thoughts become as the light, clashing more and more with the patterns generated by the physical body, which are of the lower order.

Light thoughts and physical thoughts are incongruent. Thoughts borne of the physical cannot withstand those borne of the light, as the vibration is entirely dissimilar. Once the momentum of enlightenment is secured there is no limiting the flight of the light body, and the physical — which is the anchor and root of the Self — seeks to remain static in known comfort. This static nature limits the experience of the Self in entirety, if  indulged.  

The physical conveys its discomfort with the shifting energies through disharmony within the body itself, resulting in things such as allergic reactions, sensitivities in general, and those systems involved in the running of energy being shorted or burned out,  and so on.

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Colorado Ministry Of Psychics

The Colorado Ministry Of Psychics, of which I am a proud member, seeks to help those in need of intuitive readings or guidance but who cannot afford to obtain same.  If you or someone you know has a pressing life issue for which they need advice, encouragement or guidance, please direct them to our page or visit the contact section of this website.  Please include the words “Colorado Ministry Of Psychics” in the subject line of your query.

We will consider all requests submitted and provide readings to those that need them the most.

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Why I Think James Randi Is Absurd

Randi is a professional skeptic, and one of the only skeptics out there that actually riles me.

For a psychic, I am actually quite skeptical myself. I have thrown out countless New Age books by popular philosophers and gurus, and left dozens of lectures without ever giving the subject matter another thought because it struck me as so much disingenuous spiritual pap.  I truly think skepticism is healthy when meted out in proper doses; we should never simply believe something because another person tells us it is so, or because we’ve read it in a book. We should explore for ourselves, study, experience, and then render an educated opinion.

However, it is my opinion that James Randi does not look at spiritual or psychic phenomena with an eye for analysis without bias. No, instead he appears to want to discredit psychic phenomenon at all costs, no matter how compelling the evidence might be. And believe me, there are literal volumes of compelling evidence and proofs, as well as many, many credible psychics and scholarly proponents of psychic phenomena. Yet Randi appears to consider none of this fairly, if at all, appearing as nothing but a leering, mocking caricature of a skeptic on various talk shows and programs on the paranormal.

To rabidly set about debunking something without considering it fairly does not make you a truth-teller — it makes you a hypocrite. Without going into too much (deeply aggravating) detail, consider these links that touch upon the sheer wrongheadedness of Randi:

The Relentless Hypocrisy of James Randi

Randi Backs Out Of Challenge With Homeopath

Legal Issues between Uri Geller and James Randi (Randi Issues Apology)

As is detailed in the first linked article, the quote that surely sums up Randi’s arrogance and ignorance was generated by Randi himself, and came when Randi dismissed an applicant to his so-called Million Dollar Challenge:

Mr. Kolodzey (a “breatharian” who applied to the challenge and was not allowed to even be preliminarily analyzed — C): Don’t treat us like children. We only respond to responsible claims. Are you actually claiming that you have not consumed any food products except water, since the end of 1998? If this is what you are saying, did you think for one moment that we would believe it? If this is actually your claim, you’re a liar and a fraud. We are not interested in pursuing this further, nor will we exchange correspondence with you on the matter.  Signed, James Randi”

As you can see, Randi refused to even look further into Kolodzey’s claims, irrespective of the fact that there have been historical accounts of certain mystics going for long periods of time without food or water.  How can he call his approach credible and fair when he discounts applicants out of hand based on his own judgments?

In my mind, psychic phenomenon is at the very least a scientific possibility and should be considered as such.  Psychics, mediums, telepathy, energies, clairvoyance — there is credible information out there on all of it, from the work produced by The Monroe Institute to Gary Schwartz to physicist Michiu Kaku. None of this should be dismissed out of hand and certainly credible psychics like John Edward and James van Praagh deserve a bit more respect than to be mocked systematically and without due consideration, as Randi does by showing up as a “counterpoint” on shows and in various periodicals.  As soon as he arrives, I turn off the set or close the mag.  I’m just as inclined to throw out the ridiculousness of skeptics and scientists as I am New Age gurus.  Nonsense is nonsense.

Yes, psychic phenomenon is most assuredly controversial, yet wasn’t the notion of a heliocentric universe in Galileo’s time also controversial?  Or the idea of a round earth?

And how is someone like Randi able to call himself a credible counterpoint to anything?  To be skeptical is to doubt the truth of something, and perhaps even be inclined to do so.  On its face, this is okay, until such time as your skepticism becomes your bias and your bias becomes your perpetual soapbox.  Once a skeptic crosses into the arena of red-faced discrediting without looking at all the information, all credibility is lost.  Randi has entered this realm.

I refuse to even listen to him anymore, and in my opinion, neither should you.

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Why The Law Of Attraction Might Not Be Working For You

A lot of people purchased books on manifestation, for example The Secret or books by Abraham-Hicks. They’ve been told that the Law of Attraction is immutable, that it will work no matter what, and yet they themselves have not been able to manifest the conditions or opportunities they desired.  Why is this?  If the Law of Attraction truly is a law, why doesn’t it work for everybody?

The answer is that many people are forgetting one key component to manifestation — a component that, if disregarded or unused, will render the whole process of attraction unsuccessful.

The following is an audio lesson explaining why you might not be having success in your attempts to manifest, and what you can do to change that:

Why The Law Of Attraction Might Not Be Working For You

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Book Review: Edgar Cayce Returns, by Robert Leichtman, M.D.

This review is from: Edgar Cayce Returns (From Heaven to Earth) (From Heaven to Earth/Robert Leichtman) (Paperback)

It strikes me as odd that throughout this book the “words” of Edgar Cayce often describe things that take place in the life of the medium as well as the author, Leichtman. I am dubious at the many times Cayce identifies his own process with that of David’s (the medium); to paraphrase, he describes his mediumship (via trance) as similar to David’s, said he and David shared lives in Atlantis, talked about thoughts that David had or things that David did. At some point the reader must ask herself: If Cayce’s examples include many of David’s own personal experiences — doesn’t it make sense that what we’re reading are DAVID’S words, not Cayce’s?

For years now, people have been claiming to channel Cayce, or even to be Cayce’s reincarnation. In this way, Cayce appears to be one of the most popular “gets” (or scapegoat) for any medium or channel.  Who wouldn’t want to say that they channel Cayce?  Who wouldn’t feel proud if they had a mainline to present-day Cayce information?  It’s similar to those who claim to be the reincarnation of historical figures like Cleopatra or Jesus.  The observer has no choice but to ask themselves…really? Due to sheer odds alone, the likelihood that any of us were Jesus or Cayce borders on nil.

As a psychic myself, I should note that I do not doubt that mediumship is a valid phenomenon, nor do I doubt (overmuch) that Cayce himself, after crossing, might have reached out (or perhaps still does) to psychics/mediums in order to provide channeled information. Having said that, it’s critical that the tone asserted by the medium is in alignment with the tone asserted by Cayce during his lifetime. Specifically, Cayce, while alive, never asserted himself as above or better than anyone else (in terms of abilities).  Which is why, upon reading this book, I found myself wondering, Huh?  Would Cayce ever think or say that he was special in any way?  

I do not think so.

One other thing that bothered me in this book is “Cayce’s” assertion that only very special people can be mediums. Huge red flag. Egotistical mediums and psychics constantly assert that they are “gifted” and in receipt of some divine dispensation that the rest of us lowly humans are not. While it’s true that mediumship is not as common as psychic ability (the latter of which we all possess to some degree), mediumship is not  dispensed to only those most worthy among us.  No, mediumship is simply a sub-category within a greater genre, much like science fiction is a subcategory of film. It’s a specialized form of psychic ability, something you hone and build and grow. True, some are born with automatic abilities, but many others work very hard to develop this skill and they are in fact very good at what they do.

Unfortunately, what I believe this book shows us is how ego can truly get in the way of psychic phenomenon and even pure spiritual thought. I don’t care to hear about how gifted David, Cayce and of course Leichtman (and his wife!) are. Apparently they roundly believe this to be true and that’s just fine. However, in my experience, any truly enlightened spiritual practitioner (medium, author, whomever) simply wouldn’t present themselves as such…they would know better. Ego is greatly distasteful to the truly spiritual.

That, first and last, is why I have to doubt that these are the words of Cayce at all. Of all of the psychics in history, he was quite possibly the most genuine and humble.

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Paths are solitary adventures.

Yes, you can walk a portion of the road with another, but at some point a bend will arrive and you will have to take it.  Do not be surprised when your path-partner does not follow.  He was never meant to in the first place, for the road was never his, but yours.  He simply possessed a path that intersected with yours for a short period of time.

So now release him to his journey and be about the business of your own.

Do not go chasing people down foreign paths meant for them; do not grab people by collars and hoist them back to you.  They will only leave again, and worse yet, they will not understand your footfalls.  They will be disoriented and they will grow to antagonize you.

You cannot force a partner to keep time with you.  You cannot make them love you or see you for who and what you are.  You cannot make anyone claim your path as their own, because it never was nor could it ever be.  To do so is to impose your will upon another person, in a land where freewill is the law.

Paths are solitary.  Friends and lovers will come and go, yet your road persists, your lamp the only that lights it.

And so walk.

It’s what you are here to do.

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How To Get A Good Psychic Reading

As a professional intuitive or psychic, I know what creates an optimum reading experience.  I know the conditions necessary to open a large, clear channel in order to gain access to higher information, and I also know what conditions and attitudes can completely close that channel.

I cannot tell you the amount of times I have seen a client get in his or her own way when getting a reading.  As a psychic, I’d like to offer a few things to remember in order to obtain an optimum psychic reading:

1. The client should not be there to test the psychic, but rather to seek guidance and spiritual information.

I’ve never quite understood why a client would want to pay hard earned dollars to sit in front of a psychic with arms crossed, mouth pulled down in a frown and their entire body seemingly ready to pounce as soon as the psychic gets something wrong.  What’s the point? Why do anything if you do not want to do it right?

The reality is that a client with that kind of attitude is almost guaranteed to receive a compromised reading, and sometimes no reading at all.

Let’s not forget that psychics are real people.  We are not circus performers or magicians.  Real psychics will not cold-read or make things up on the fly; we want to use our abilities to help you in a real and productive way. We want you to leave feeling better, feeling equipped, feeling hopeful and energized.  In other words, our intentions are good, and you ought to treat us accordingly because of that.

The way a psychic gets any kind of sixth-sense information is by tuning into your energetic and spiritual field. This field allows us access to all sorts of things, such as patterns and trends currently in your life, spirit guides, past life information, angels, future information, discarnate entities, and much more. Yet what happens when you, the client, sits there frowning with your arms crossed? Or provides no feedback? Or scoffs? It closes not only your physical energy but also your entire psychic field. When your field is closed the psychic is also closed. If the psychic is closed he or she will not be able to read you adequately, if at all. Clearly, this does nothing but waste both your time and the time of the psychic.

Therefore, when you go for a psychic reading, do so with a good attitude and an open heart.  Your results will be far better.

2. Future information is fluid, therefore changeable.  This means there is no psychic who will get it right, all of the time. 

Too many clients think that if a psychic’s future prediction doesn’t come to pass it means the psychic isn’t real or good at what he or she does.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The future is constrained by time, and time is ever changing, ever fluid.  When Edgar Cayce gave his world predictions, for example, he was basing them on patterns and trends currently in play at the time he tapped into that particular psychic information.  In other words, based on what humanity was doing at the time of Cayce’s reading, and based on the impact of humanity on the planet at that time, etc., Cayce saw what was likely to happen in the future.  Did all of his predictions come true?  To date, they have not.  While many have certainly come to pass, no one can deny that Cayce missed on certain dates and events.  Yet does that make Cayce a “fake psychic” or a bad psychic?

Hardly!  He’s regarded as the most talented, legitimate, ethical American psychic of the 20th century, and for good reason. Because he was.

Cayce himself said that we alter our future by simply changing ourselves and the things that we do. In fact he encouraged people to change their attitudes and behavior for the express purpose of changing the predictions he himself gave. Any psychic worth his or her salt, if they see something negative approaching in your future, will not only provide you with this information but also information as to how to change the outcome. In other words, we give you the tools to render our own future predictions unrealized!

The future — how it will look, who will be in it, what will happen or even if a future will happen — is promised to no one. No psychic can change the fact of that.

3. Psychics are not more talented, more gifted, or more “anything” than their clients. 

Though I have used it, I don’t much like the word “gifted”. A gift implies something was given, or provided — something a person did not have previously. We give gifts when we seek to honor another person, or to make them feel special.  Yet psychics aren’t special, at least compared to anybody else. We are not rock stars.  We are not Important People. We are just People, like you.

I have sat across many a client who looked upon me as if I was some kind of celebrity simply because I do what I do.  As if my words and advice ought to somehow trump or outweigh theirs. That should never be the case!  A psychic is never more important than you just because we use our abilities. We are only people who do a particular type of work, work you as the client can choose to take or to leave, and work you could actually do for yourself if you put the time and energy into enhancing your own abilities.

Although some of us were born with extreme talents, the rest of us have had to work very hard at strengthening our abilities in order to use them for the benefit of ourselves and others. What makes a psychic different than a client is that psychism (and, typically, spirituality) is the psychic’s primary focus, and we use what we learn to help others. But different doesn’t equal better.

So, in conclusion, psychics do their best work when they are treated as equals, without cynicism and negativity, by people with open hearts and reasonable expectations.  The best way to get good information is to show up with a good attitude. Simply put, the client has just as much affect on a psychic reading as the psychic…if not more.

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New Readings Offered

I have made some changes to my Psychic Readings page, specifically adding Channeled Angel Readings and Telephone Readings. There is a description provided for each new reading offered, so make sure to look into it.

I should also note that my availability is diminishing as demands for readings rise.  In the last couple of months I have gratefully noted an increase in clientele and find myself quite busy with my work.  This is truly a good thing and I am exceedingly thankful! However, due to the number of bookings and my limited availability, I will possibly be increasing my rates at the end of the year.  Not by an obnoxious amount, so not to worry — but the prices listed now may last a few months only, so take advantage if you’re interested.


  • Email readings, at present, take about 10 – 14 days to receive.
  • Telephone readings tend to take place within 2 weeks of scheduling.

Order A Psychic Reading Now


Thanks, all!  

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Powerful Angel Invocation

As a professional intuitive, I have been giving a variety of readings to clients for years.  At first I offered tarot and clairvoyant readings and have since added different sorts of channeled readings as well.  It wasn’t until recently, however, that I actually became interested in working with angels within my own life and within the channeled readings I provided to my clients.  This interaction has changed the dynamic of my life and my readings almost completely.  Angelic energy is the strongest, most heightened vibration or frequency with which I’ve ever come into contact, and I encourage all people to make contact with their own angels. Angels can work in our lives on every level, providing us with the much needed information and positive guidance we need, when we need it the most.

In order to help you make contact with your angels, below I’ve provided an instructional (audio) video which will equip you with a highly powerful invocation used to summon and bring in your personal angels.  Please know that it works and when you do this invocation, something will happen.

Make sure to follow the instructions as closely to the letter as possible and then get ready to change the course of your life.


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How I Went From Fundamentalist to Psychic

"Come, let us reason together," says the Lord." -- Isaiah 1:18

I am often asked how it was that I went from life as a Fundamentalist Christian to that of a metaphysical seeker and professional psychic.

Progress is usually never easy and this is particularly true as it concerns spiritual growth.  My personal story, as discussed in the following audio/video, illustrates as much, though I am certainly deeply grateful for everything I have been given.


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